Garden of Life Raw Protein Review !

I work out a lot I'm talking about seven days a week and the most important thing you need after a workout is protein and what better way to refuel than with Garden of Life Raw Protein!

What I love is that you can use protein powder in anything from smoothies, pancakes and much more!

I was ecstatic when I found out I was going to be featuring Garden of Life on my blog for review and I also got to choose what I wanted to review!

Here are the items I chose for this review and what I made with the protein powders so far!

Chocolate cacao:

I've tried many chocolate protein powders and some don't taste chocolaty and have a chalky taste to them and smell like chemicals well not this one from garden of life. It's simply amazingly delicious in many recipes whether in a post workout shake or baking. I've been seeing all of these delicious s'mores pancakes recipes spreading like wildfire on Instagram and Pinterest and I just had to make them being that s'mores are ooey gooey and full of yummy good stuff such as chocolate, marshmallows and can't forget the graham crackers. So I was on a mission and went to the store for some marshmallows since I ran out of them at home. Then the next morning I whipped up my pancake mixture which consisted of a half cup of bobs red milk organic rolled oats with 2 organic eggs, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. I ran out of the extract of course but I did have some madhava vanilla agave syrup on hand which worked perfectly! I then blended the mixture in the blender then with a spatula carefully spooned the pancake mixture into a small bowl then tossed in some all natural chocolate chips and the marshmallows of course. Then I spooned them onto the heated pan on the stove and watched them sizzle away until it was time to eat. To top them off when I plated the pancakes I added a bit more chocolate chips and marshmallows and it was then time to dig in!  To me the pancakes made from the oats worked as a graham cracker. It was beyond delicious! It was a great start to a long day!

Marley coffee:

I added the Marley coffee protein powder to my smoothie this morning for breakfast and it gave me the extra boost I needed to start my day off right! For breakfast I had blended up a frozen organic banana, a table spoon of smooth operator peanut butter from peanut butter and company and coffee I had brewed the night before. I then tossed in the powder along with it's contents and watched patiently as the blender did it's magic!


Great in a post workout smoothie with some frozen strawberries, almond milk and a bit of vanilla extract tastes like a strawberries n cream milkshake only more healthier!

Check them out on the web and see where their products are sold!







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