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Charmin Freshmates

How clean is clean?!

Melt's Spreads

I'm a member of Swaggable, and I was invited to try the Melt's spreads for free! 
 What's Melt's spreads? It's a healthier alternative to butter! The flavors that I received was honey and original. 
 I am all for it trying out new products, especially when it's healthy and tastes good! I haven't tried these yet, but have heard great rumors about them!

Blast Flip Stick

I am so excited to be a part of this campaign through Bzzagent!
 I absolutely love Cover Girl products! I love the new shades that come in the Blastflipstick!
 Most of all I love how it's a two shades on one lipstick! So creative and you don't have to buy more than one lipstick if you want more than one color!

Fruit That's It!

I recently received these treats as part of the Healthy Surprise box. In the box it had a bunch of treats that are organic and healthy, which is good! 
 These days lately I am all about healthy! Whether it's eating healthy, exercising or drinking water. So before I go to work everyday I pack a snack or a lunch. I packed one of the That's It Fruit Bars.
 As I started getting hungry in the middle of the day I grabbed it and thought this sounds pretty good because it's packed with fruit and healthy too. 
 So I carefully opened the wrapper and took my first bite! It comes across as a granola bar, but taste like a healthy fruit by the foot! I am so in love with them!
 I was disappointed that in the box they only offered two flavors! So I looked on the That's It website and I saw that they had them on the locator at Whole Foods, I go there a lot! I went to Whole Foods and looked for them and couldn't find them. 
 Maybe they were sold out who knows, All I know…

Spin Pin

Being a Blogger, I received the Beauty Blogger Vox Box courtesy of Influenster. In the box I received the spin pin hair accessory from Goody. I loved how you could twirl your hair up into any kind of style and go about your day. It's great for all hair types short or long.

Kiss Ever Pro Lashes

I received Kiss eye lashes in my Beauty Blogger Vox Box courtesy of Influenster. I love how the eye lashes stay on and don't fall off upon wearing them. They were so easy to put on. I love how they make my lashes more fuller looking!

Droid Perk

This afternoon I had a surprise waiting for me on my doorstep. I was so excited when I found out that it was a box from Klout. I was so anxious to open the box to see what was inside. So I went to get my scissors to cut the box open. I was ecstatic to find the Galaxy cell phone from Verizon! I can not wait to use this and share my review! Thanks so much @Klout and Verizon!

Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream

I got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago and wanted to maintain the new cut look. So I grabbed my hair product from Influenster for testing purposes only which was the Not My Mother's Kinky Moves hair cream. 
I was thinking to myself why not give it a shot. So I read the directions and ran it through my hair. From the moment I ran it through my scalp I knew I loved it. I loved the Grape seed and Jasmine smell. To me it smells like grape vines, which I love the smell of! Love how it eliminates frizz and gives your hair the extra oomph that it needs.
 So when your going out for a girls night run it through your hair and go! Not only will it make your hair smell great but it will look great too! If you are interested at all in trying out this product check them out here.

Fabulous eyes

I received a compact eye color from Influenster to test for being a Blogger. I love using eye shadow to add a little extra color to my fair skin complexion. I love how it came in a compact rather than in separate containers with many colors. I've always been a fan of this brand of makeup also! They have the most amazing colors and they last all day too! I love how you can control the amount of color you want on. I also love that it's cheap as well and that it comes in many shades of color for everyone's taste.

Soft Silky Skin

I was so excited to get the No.7 cleansing Balm and night cream for Dry/Very Dry skin in the Beauty Blogger Vox Box from Influenster. I have very dry irritated skin and I am always trying out different lotions. Love how the cleansing balm removes makeup to make your skin healthier looking and very soft instead of drying it out! Then I applied the night cream and it works very well! My skin has never been so soft in it's life and I love how I could feel it working right away.

Cider Lane

I was chosen for the Beauty Blogger Vox Box from Influenster. Inside it was a candle from Bath and Body works called Cider Lane. I am totally in love with it! It is the perfect scent for Fall. Smells just like Apple Cider, and I love it because I would always drink it growing up and it reminds me of my child hood when we went apple picking as a family.