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Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash Review and Giveaway !

Here in Rhode Island I don't know which is worse the snow fall we've been having lately or the frigid temperatures. 
Don't get me wrong snow is very pretty but the freezing cold has done a number on my skin this winter leaving it cracked ,dried out and itchy.
To relieve the dry skin I'm always lathering up with lotion and making sure I wear gloves when I go outside to keep my hands from getting dried out from the cold. No matter how many times I'm lathering up with lotion it just doesn't seem to help  until  I received the new Dial miracle oil body wash from PurexInsider ! 
What's so great about Dial miracle oil body wash is that it's infused with caring Marula oil giving you beautifully soft skin each time you lather up when showering. The body wash is formulated with micro wash technology for a luxurious, clean rinsing lather that leaves not only you happy but your skin as well by being soft and smooth! 
When the Dial Miracle oil body wash arrived I hopped …

Baking Got a whole lot sweeter in the kitchen with Splenda !

Eating healthy shouldn't mean that you can't treat yourself to foods that you enjoy every now and then especially when it comes to dessert so swap out your traditional sugar and make the sweet switch with Splenda! 
Splenda is used a sugar substitute whether you use it for your coffee, tea or even baking and tastes just like sugar.

I'm always in the kitchen cooking and trying out new recipes and couldn't wait to whip up healthy and delicious desserts with my friends and family.I was selected to host a party through Crowdtap to make the sweet switch with Splenda and cook up all kinds of tasty creations with my loved ones and here is what they sent me! 
Splenda sweetener sugar blend Splenda no calorie sweetener granulated sugar Splenda brown sugar blend  Splenda aprons Splenda spatulas Splenda cutting boards Splenda jump ropes Splenda measuring cups 
My friends and I got busy in the kitchen the other night and whipped up some desserts with Splenda, we had so much fun not…

Elli Quark fresh cheese review!

Elli Quark is a delicious yet spoonable fresh cheese that offers a creamy texture which is similar to greek yogurt but offers a less sour taste and is richer. Did you know that Elli Quark has a better protein to carb ratio than Greek yogurt, with high protein and no added sugars? 
Elli Quark contains only 80 calories a cup and comes in both fruity and decadent flavors for you to choose from so grab a spoon today and dig in, but before you do here are some healthy facts! 
Elli Quark Health stats-
Vegetarian friendly  Non GMO & all natural ingredients Milk from cows not treated with rBST Safe for corn, nut and soy allergies Live and active cultures with probiotics UD Kosher certified 
Did you know that Elli Quark has almost half the calories of greek yogurt? 

Elli Quark is free from-
Gluten  Gelatin Starchy fillers Artificial sweeteners Added sugars Preservatives 

Elli Quark has 3X the protein than traditional yogurt which only contains 5 grams where Elli contains a whopping total of…

D's Naturals No Cow protein bars review!

It all began with founder of D's Naturals Daniel "D" Katz on a mission to create a healthy snack that wasn't loaded with added sugars as well as artificial ingredients as you find in other snacks on the market. 
While most people at the age of 18 were off to college Daniel had a different approach on life being the health and fitness fanatic that he was throughout his adolescent years.
He became a serial entrepreneur at the age of 18 and so it began where he was on a mission to create a natural food snack that was not only good for you but tasted good and didn't contain added sugar or artificial ingredients and that's when D's Naturals was born! 
Daniel was born with a passion to innovate beginning starting out at the age of 12 by selling electronics on eBay. 
Then in high school he ventured out on numerous business ventures such as introducing a zero calorie amino acids beverage company, opening up shop in a local ATV snow plowing company as well as buy…

Fancy Feast ENJOYABOWL Broths Klout Perk

Being a cat just got more ENJOYABOWL thanks to Fancy Feast and their all new product! 
New Fancy Feast broths are made with real ingredients with no fillers or by products that are portioned for your feline purrfectly in each ready to pour pouch. 
Fancy Feast broths come in silky smooth or creamy which are are made with seafood, vegetables and even chicken for a lickable, lapoable taste and texture your cat is sure to love! 
Disclosure: I was given a free sample of Fancy Feast broths because I'm a Klout influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


Graindrops Powered by Koji probiotic drink review!

Some foods that we consume are hard for our bodies to digest properly which causes us to lose the so called good bacteria in our body such as after taking antibiotics  probiotics such as yogurt can help replace them or if you don't consume dairy or prefer probiotics in drinkable form then Graindrops is they way to go! 
Graindrops is a tasty probiotic non dairy drink that's made with a total of five gluten free organic whole grains that are rich in nutrients and milky sweetness through the power of Koji (Ko-jee), which is a centuries old Japanese culturing process.
Graindrops is made extra special with their triple cultured process to produce the worlds best gluten-free non dairy probiotic beverage on the market.
1. They create Koji by culturing biodynamic rice through a centuries old Japanese process.
2.They then use Koji releasing the rich flavor and nutrition of their five gluten-free organic whole grains.
3. Once their whole grains are all liquified and naturally sweetened…

Making a Touchdown in the Kitchen with Weight Watchers!

Wherever there's a celebration for some kind of event there's food involved which more than likely it's unhealthy especially when it comes to something as big as the Super Bowl! Whether you celebrate the big game at home with friends and family in front of the tv rooting on your team or at a local bar there's all sorts of food from chips and dip, sandwiches and wings we tend to overdo it and eat a lot more than we really should.
When it comes to events like these it can be hard to stay away from these foods especially when you have been watching what you eat, don't you wish there was a way that you could still enjoy your traditional game day favorites without sacrificing your diet and the flavor ?
Well you can with these game day recipes from Weight Watchers that are bursting with flavor and best of all can feed a crowd! 
I was selected to host the Big Game Weight Watchers party through Crowdtap to celebrate the Super Bowl game and serve up all sorts of delicious …

ProTing Protein chips Review!

It all began in 2009 when Krik creator of Protings was relaxing on the couch after a workout in his college gym just snacking on a boring old protein bar. He got to thinking why aren't there many protein snacks on the market besides protein shakes and bars? 
Then in 2011 the time came to graduate college. Krik and his roommate friend of two years Ryan set off to the Big Apple (New York) to start jobs in the world of finance with not only big dreams but high hopes as well.
Krik and Ryan are both very active and go to the gym daily. Years of staying active and working out and snacking on countless protein shakes as well as bars they began conversing about the lack of protein based snacks.
After living in New York for over a year they began thinking about their life as well as careers and just like in 2009 sitting on the couch is when the idea of Protein chips came to mind and that's when ProTings were born! 
Though Krik and Ryan had no experience in food industry they began exp…