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Daiya Foods Review

Whether you have a food allergy such as dairy, gluten or just watching that figure  Daiya Foods are right up your alley!
I've seen their products in stores before and have wanted to try them for quite some time now because as you may know I've been on a mission to get healthier and lose weight!

I then checked them out on the web to learn more about them and their products and here's what I learned.
Cheesy Melty Facts:
Dairy Free Gluten Free Soy Free Free of Artificial ingredients and preservatives Free of Hormones

I loved the cheese lovers pizza ! Offered the right amount of sauce and was super cheesy! Loved it!

Products: Pizza Cheese Lovers Fire Roasted Vegetable Margherita Mushroom and Roasted Garlic
Cheese Slices Provolone Cheddar Swiss
Cheese Shreds Cheddar Pepper jack Mozzarella 

Cream Cheese Style Spreads Chive and Onion Strawberry Plain
Cheese Wedges Jalapeno Garlic Havarti Cheddar Jack
I was sent some coupons for free products of my choosing!

I bought the mozzarella shreds and the cheddar wedge s…

Purina Healthy Lifestyle Motivation

I'm on the road to making healthy changes within my lifestyle such as eating better and exercising a lot more!

I joined a local Curves gym and have lost a total of 87 1/2 pounds within a years time!

Whenever I get the chance to take a walk I grab my iPod, my water bottle and run out the door, especially since it's summer time and we've been having beautiful weather on the daily.

I don't know what it is about walking but I love it, maybe it's the weather or the scenery.

So since I took the step in finding a healthier lifestyle Purina sent me this wonderful package for my family and I to take the challenge together! 

Flip Camera 
Bandana Dog pedometer Leash Dog Bowl Dog water bottle Custom journal with fitness tips for the family nutritional information 

Purina Dog Chow Light and Healthy Review!

I was sent some samples through Purina for review of their new dog food of Dog Chow Light and Healthy to share with my family and friends!
I can't wait to see what they think of the product! 
The best thing of all is that they also sent along some coupons how awesome is that?
Especially if their dog likes it too!!

Tumbador Gourmet Chocolates Review!

I love to eat sweets whether it's caramel, chocolate, peanut butter you name it I like it!
When I came across these gourmet candies online I knew I had to review them!
They have some of the wackiest flavors such as chocolate mixed with chili and they also offer the familiar ones as well such as toffee bark, yum!
So let me get started because I bet I have your mouths watering now!
Tumbador Chocolate sent me an array of their products for review including their candies and also their sweet, nutty and flavorful energy bars!
Chocolate Toffee Brickle-
Sweet buttery toffee layered between luscious dark chocolate, this was outrageously delicious and did not last long in the house because it was that good!
Salted Peanut Crispy Rocher's- smooth and creamy chocolate with toffee clusters mixed with nuts and rice giving it a crispy texture, tastes like a riced crispy treat but better!
Chocolate Pretzel Nuggets-
-Fruit and Nut Bars-
These snacks are wonderful for a recovery treat after a workout or j…

Mamma Chia Squeeze Review!

I've tried Mamma Chia drinks before for review but when I saw their new products in a handy squeezable pouch I just knew I had to try them, they had different flavors as well than they did from their other delicious tasting drinks!
I was sent a case to review of each flavor and couldn't wait to try them, they are a quick and easy snack and made in these delicious flavors!
Blackberry Bliss Apple Cinnamon Green Magic Strawberry Banana
Squeezable Facts: made with chia, fruit and also vegetables Kids will love them good source of fiber Gluten and Vegan Free
My first flavor I chose to snack on was the strawberry banana and it was super delicious, went along perfectly with my peanut butter and jelly Lara Bar. YUM!
Second was the blackberry bliss and it was also yummy!

Apple Cinnamon to me tasted just like apple sauce but with chia seeds! yum!
Don't let these pouches fool you they are packed with fantastic flavor and you can chug it down after an intense workout to give you a little ex…

Eclos skin care Klout perk

I was sent some skin care products from Eclos skin care through Klout because I am an influencer and taking the challenge to go bare with flawless skin thanks to these wonderful products!
I was sent 3 products total for this perk and will tell you about each one of them!
Skin prep cleanser:
all you do is just squeeze a small amount of the face wash onto finger tips and rub onto your face then wash away with warm water.
Leaves a dry feeling but this was the first time I used it since I've received this perk so bare with me.
Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream:
Facial cream that puts the moisture right back into your skin!
It sort of had a stinging feeling at first but like I said before, it's my first time with these products.
What's great about these products is you can apply them morning and night.
Daily Hydraprimer :
Repairs, protects and primes your skin aka sunscreen!

Active Accessories USA Review!

Ever have too much to take along with you such as keys, cell phone, money or ipod when your going exercising whether it's to a gym, taking a walk or riding a bike?
Well Active Accessories USA has you covered!
It's a must have accessory for workouts!
Why? These cute little pouches are great for anything such as a place to put keys and such when working out and they are stylish as well so it will look great with any outfit!
Many of you know that I have chosen to go the healthy route and started blasting away fat with eating healthier and exercising intensely so I came across their site and thought I would love one of these because I'm either dropping my keys or have way too much to carry while walking.
They sent me one for review and I do have to say that I am in love with it!
There's a compartment for my keys so I won't have to keep them in hand, I can put my cellphone in there as well or even my itouch while walking to listen to music!
I love how they even sent along a hai…

CalifiaFarms iced coffee and almond milk review!

I thought this was so cool that they had this painted on the floor of the milk section of whole foods! 
How cool is this!?
Whether if it's a scorching hot day outside, rain or snow I am always with iced coffee in hand!
I've tried many coffees that come already made at the grocery store and they just didn't have what I was looking for until now that is!
I came across these almond milks and coffees at whole foods from Califia Farms and I just loved the design of the bottles   Especially with their logo on it and I just knew I had to try them out for review!
I love any kind of flavored coffee and couldn't wait to try them out to see how it differs from other brands. I was sent some coupons for me to purchase the products of my choice ! I decided to purchase mocha and cafe latte coffee 

Cafe Latte: loved the flavor and it was creamy and sweet!
Mocha: I absolutely loved the mocha flavor in the coffee it wasn't too sweet at all it was just right .
It's perfect with some ice and …

Mary Kay Influenster vox box

I was sent mary Kay makeup products through Influenster which is a site where you can take surveys to unlock badges and can test and keep products.
I've been a member for quite some time now and have been sent some really cool stuff to test.
Anyway this time I was sent makeup and products of Mary Kay's makeup line!
I've heard of the products before but have never tried them till now and I have to say I am in love!
I was sent a mascara, purple eyeshadow which I love!
Also the brush to apply the eye shadow, lipstick and mascara primer.
I am in love with the lash lengthening mascara it makes my lashes look more fuller and the eye shadow is not powdery which is good it's creamy and goes on pretty good and looked so good on me!
I am a huge fan of this makeup!
Here's a shot of me wearing it!

Jimmy Bar energy Bar Review !

Since I made a change to my life which is eating healthier and exercising more I look for snacks that are healthy and will keep me full throughout the day and with that in mind, I came across these snack bars that are all natural and made with fruits and I just had to review them they sounded oh so delicious!! 

I was sent some of these delicious all natural snack bars for review and couldn't wait to try!

Jimmy bars  are packed with nutrients such as dates which are used as a base and their high in fiber. 

Mothers and fathers won't be dissatisfied in giving their kids a jimmy bar as a snack because their healthy and delicious giving them the energy they need rather than chips! 

You can eat it as a quick snack on the go with some fruit or even crumbled on top of yogurt which can make a healthy breakfast as well! 

Jimmy bar facts:

All natural
Vegan( super hip chocolate chip and no bluffin banana muffin)
Gluten free
Dairy free
No added sugars or sweeteners 
No additives or preservatives 


Q soda review!

Hot weather got you parched and need a cold drink to cool down with!?
Quench your thirst with these refreshingly delicious hand crafted sodas from Q sodas .
I was sent some for review and the flavors they sent were: Kola:

Refreshing kola taste that will help you beat the summer heat
Ginger:  I'm not really much of a ginger type of person when it comes to drinks but this soda really did taste good! Tastes like a ginger ale!! 
What I love about this is you can mix it with any drink such as alcoholic beverages or orange juice and even cranberry!
Other flavors they have are :


I have seen them at whole foods market! 

I love the old fashioned classy look of the bottles!  Be sure to check them out on the web here. Website:
Also like them on Facebook