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PunkRawkLabs Dairy Free Cashew Milk Cheeses Review!

It all began in Minnesota the year of 2010 by women who created gourmet cheeses free from dairy but offers the same taste and creamy texture as real cheese.

Their nutmilk cheeses are created by hand in small batches that are available in these four flavors.

Cashew smoked
Cashew herb
Cashew original

Whether you are dairy free , looking to try something try something new PunkRawkLabs cashew milk cheeses are for you they provide an unbelievably creamy texture with phenomenal flavor that makes them unique in their own special way.

PunkRawkLabs cheeses creamy texture makes it easier to spread onto crackers even fruit!

PunkRawkLabs cheeses are made with organic ingredients and are also dairy free.

Just recently I've gone dairyfree and came across PunkRawkLabs cheeses online and their creamy spreadable texture piqued my interest especially with their flavors they had to offer.

I was then provided with samples of PunkRawkLabs cheeses to review and couldn't wait to see how they were like r…

Honey Acres Review

It all began with Christian Friedrich Diehnelt the year 1852 who shared a passion for beekeeping in Rosswein Germany who later brought it all the way to Wisconsin.

Christian fell in love with the atmosphere in Wisconsin from the fresh clovers and beautiful wildflowers so Breathtaking and sweet smelling which landed a delicious honey!

Christian passed down his area of expertise to his son August where he soon realized just how much work goes into making honey.

Honey Acres offers a variety of products that are made with their honey .

Honey Acres products are free from

●added sugars

Honey Acres products include

☆Dark Chocolate honey truffles
☆Honey straws
☆honey mustards

Honey is a great substitute to add a touch of sweetness to tea and even baked goods .

I was provided with samples of Honey Acres products to review and I couldn't wait to try them especially those chocolate truffles!

I absolutely love chocolate truffles especially mint I stock up on them all the time when …

Evolve Paleo Pantry Chef Review

What began as a tiny home personal chef service expanded into a growing company in Kansas City by founders Caleb Summers Dr. Jason Fechter.

Evolve Paleo Chef is a meal delivery service company that offers nutrient rich foods made from high quality ingredients prepared by top chefs and then delivered straight to your door.

Evolve Paleo Chef uses wild caught fish, grass finished beef and all natural chicken with extraordinary flavor so there's no running to the grocery store!

If you aren't familiar with the Paleo diet it's diet or lifestyle if you will that has been stripped of dairy, grains, legumes, processed sugars and soy.

When you rid your diet of these foods and replace them with lean meats, non starchy vegetables and nuts your body will perform better giving you more energy.

People who have an autoimmune illness will notice a difference in how they feel when on the Paleo diet.

Evolve Paleo Chef products are free from


Evolve Paleo Chef provided me with…

Healthy Baking, Happy nibbling with Nibblee Bits cookie mix

Nibblee Bits cookie mix was founded by nutrionist Michaela and chef Delyn where they conjured up a cookie packed with healthy yet simple ingredients that didn't sacrifice flavor or texture.

Nibblee cookie mix is made up of a unique blend of almond and tiger nut flour, chocolate chips, raw crunchy cacao nibs to provide one tasty decadent cookie!

Tiger nut flour isn't a nut it's a tuber from Africa which is a great source of resistant starch and a healthy prebiotic fiber that helps feed prebiotics in our guts.

Nibblee bit cookies offer a total of

*4 grams fiber
*5 grams of protein
*5 grams of sugar

Nibblee Bits cookie mix contains no


Nibblee Bits is Non-Gmo

Whether you lead a Paleo, Vegan, gluten or grain free lifestyle Nibblee Bits chocolate chip cookies are the perfect healthy treat when craving something sweet they provide great texture that is unbelievably soft with crunchy cacao nibs and smooth and creamy melt in your mouth chocolate chips!

I was provided with a sam…

Wellness Bakeries Glutenfree & Grain Free baking mixes Review

With Wellness Bakeries you can have your cake and be well too !
Jon and Kelly Herring started Wellness Bakeries in 2006 with gluten and grain free baking mixes that are low glycemic without ever sacrificing flavor and texture due to their expertise in nutritional biochemistry, health research and recipe development they conjured up recipes with simple ingredients that were high in protein, fiber and antioxidants. 
Wellness bakeries uses only the finest of ingredients in their mixes without any
Gluten Grains the proper ingredients they whipped up treats that were not just healthy but tasted good as well. 

It took them over a year to perfect their chocolate cake with the right amount of sweetness and moist texture. 
Behold their chocolate Bliss Cake!
It's creamy, it's sweet, it's chocolaty and hello it's cake! 
Wellness Bakeries chocolate Bliss Cake become so popular that people from around the country started ordering it as a special treat and I can understand why too it tastes …

DNX Daily Nutrition Excellent Taste grass fed bison bars review

Dnx protein bars offer daily nutrition and excellent taste made by culinary artisans, fitness experts and nutritionists that selected only the highest quality of healthy ingredients that tastes good too which we can savor before or after a workout to feed our inner beast.

Dnx bars offer up to a whopping 20 grams of protein without any


They are also low in sodium and don't contain anything artificial.

They are the perfect postworkout snack whether you are a runner, lift weights, a swimmer or even like to eat healthy.

Dnx bars are made with 100% grass-fed bison and are available in six different flavors to choose from.

●Jamaican style date bison bar
●Mexican Spice Bison bar
●Sweet Potato pecan bison bar
●Dark chocolate cherry coconut bison bar
●Jamaican style coconut bison bar
●Sweet potato fennel bison bar

DNX bars are chock full of nutrient dense foods that are needed to maintain active lifestyles with the following

Goji berries are full of vitamins and mineral…