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Kleenex Antiviral and lotion tissues Crowdtap sampling !

The Kleenex company began in 1924 and has expanded since then. Kleenex brand products are a known household staple across 150 countries. 
Kleenex had one goal in mind which was to help people meet their needs for not only high quality products but comfort, softness and cleanliness. 
What started off as a derivative to the cold cream towel has been experimental throughout the years to offer not only eye catching designs on their packaging but spectacular softness as well as added benefits such as Kleenex antivirals ability to kill viruses in the tissue.  

With winter here not only is it cold outside but your more prone to catching such germs such as the cold and flu viruses. Being sick is no fun at all whether your coughing, have a sore throat, even sneezing.  I don't know about you but when I catch a cold my nose gets red like Rudolph and all irritated from constantly blowing my nose! Not only do I feel horrible from being sick I look like it too! No fun at all. 
Don't you wi…

Ladies With Poise Crowdtap Sampling !

Did you know that one in three women experience light bladder leakage known as LBL which are leaks that are often caused by everyday occurrences such as exercise, laughing and even sneezing? 
So what causes light bladder leakage? 
Light bladder leakage is caused during pregnancy and even after the birth of a child being caused by pressure on the pelvic floor muscles that weakens the bladder.
To help with LBL many women look to feminine care products thinking their LBL will (Aachoo thank goodness for Poise) be solved but little do they know there are ways to manage leakage.
Ways to manage LBL:
Drink at least 1.5 litres of fluid a day 
Use the toilet only when needed (when you wake up and before you go to bed)
Eat healthy
Don't use laxatives 
Cut out or reduce caffeine, sweet drinks and alcohol 
You can also do pelvic floor exercises that will help strengthen your weakened bladder.

Concerned about your LBL?
Consult your doctor Keep a diary of when leaks happen 
I was selected on Cr…

Eli's Skinny Cheesecake Sampler Review and Giveaway!

Eli's Cheesecake company all began when Eli M. Schulman founder of Eli's Cheesecake Company got the reputation for serving up good food as well as providing spectacular service making each and every customer feel important. 
Eli loved helping others as well as those in his community and his motto was this in his own words "Charity Will Never Bust You" was symbolized during the great depression hanging on a sign in his restaurants window which read “if you are hungry and have no money we will feed you for free.” 
Eli himself then passed down the legacy to the president of Eli's Cheesecake Company which is his son Marc.
Eli's first restaurant opened up shop in 1940 which was the popular coffee shop named Eli's Ogden Huddle then followed by Eli's Stage Delicatessen, which happened to be a huge hangout for celebrities such as Barbara Streisand, and Woody Allen .
It wasn't until 1966 where he set up shop in Eli's The Place For Steak where he made chees…

Red Ape organic cinnamon Review !

Red Ape cinnamon company began in 2006 by kestrel Growth brands inc. Which is a company that looks for top of the line ingredients that happen to be run and grown by small family farmers from around the globe, in which they offer them to bakers, chefs and home gourmets. 
Before Kestrel Growth started entrepreneurs Marty Parisien and Bill Wiedmann worked as consultants of the agricultural community in the Hawaiian islands and throughout the pacific region where they taught family farmers how to add value to their crops as well as having access to higher price markets. 
They held conventions in Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, Micronesia and Northern Marianas. They worked with farmers one on one around the pacific to establish plans that would then increase the value of their crops to explore markets abroad. 
What Marty and Bill realized was that all of these farmers shared the love and passion for producing quality, lack of resources to brand, organically grown crops, as well as sell their products t…

Unwrap the Revolution with EatmeGuiltFree Brownies !

It all began with certified sports nutritionist and registered nurse Cristie Besu (AskCristie) when her clients demanded there be a snack they could both enjoy at night  and be something sweet but needed to be low in fat, low in carbs and be guilt free. That's when Eatmeguiltfree was born ! 

Disclosure: I was sent Eatmeguiltfree free samples of brownies to facilitate my review in exchange for my honest opinion however yours may differ. 
Eatmeguiltfree is just that a treat that you can eat without the guilt especially around the holidays! So why are Eatmeguiltfree brownies completely guilt free? They are completely guilt free because not only are they low in fat, low in carbs and they offer 22 grams of protein! Now how awesome is that? 
Eatmeguiltfree brownies are : Low fat Low carb Contain 22 grams of protein  Stevia All natural ingredients  Gluten free Non GMO 
I workout seven days a week and still love to enjoy something sweet every now and then but don't want to feel guilty when I hav…

Boursin Garlic and Fine Herbs Gournay Cheese Smiley360 mission !

The first ever Boursin cheese was created in Normandy in 1957 by Francois Boursin which is a fresh cheese that's mixed with fine herbs in a bowl and that's how Garlic and Fine Herbs Boursin cheese was born ! 
His first ever creation became a hit and was sold throughout France. 
Boursin is now sold in over 35 countries and across 5 continents today.
Boursin cheese is produced by Bel Brands USA which is an addition to Fromageries Bel which is a family owned cheese maker company that's stationed in Paris, France. Fromageries Bel has produced more than 30 local and international brands of cheese brands that are sold in more than 120 countries from around the globe. 
Bel Brands include other fan favorites in the USA from Wispride, mini baby bel, the laughing cow and more! 

As a member of smiley360 I was accepted for this mission in which I received a coupon redeemable for a free Boursin cheese of my choice.
I went to my local supermarket and found the Garlic and Fine Herb chees…