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Quest Nutrition Review !

Losing weight is not easy believe me when I tell you and the food made for weight loss doesn't taste all that great at all but with Quest Nutrition their products are nutritious and taste great while keeping you on track so cheat clean today with Quest!

I've reviewed Quest Nutrition products in the past and was super psyched when I was able to review some more protein bars !

They also sent me along their pastas that I couldn't wait to whip up for a guilt free, delicious and satisfying dinner.

So let me tell you about their pastas. Now if you've ever watched hungry girl you know that she makes the delicious fettucini Alfredo called hungry girl fredo and it's super creamy and delicious without all of the extra added fat! She uses these noodles that you can find in your local grocery store that's stored in a bag with water called shiritake noodles, sounds pretty weird I know but they are guilt free and you can add whatever your culinary heart desires to them such…

Garden of Life Raw Protein Review !

I work out a lot I'm talking about seven days a week and the most important thing you need after a workout is protein and what better way to refuel than with Garden of Life Raw Protein!

What I love is that you can use protein powder in anything from smoothies, pancakes and much more!

I was ecstatic when I found out I was going to be featuring Garden of Life on my blog for review and I also got to choose what I wanted to review!

Here are the items I chose for this review and what I made with the protein powders so far!

Chocolate cacao:

I've tried many chocolate protein powders and some don't taste chocolaty and have a chalky taste to them and smell like chemicals well not this one from garden of life. It's simply amazingly delicious in many recipes whether in a post workout shake or baking. I've been seeing all of these delicious s'mores pancakes recipes spreading like wildfire on Instagram and Pinterest and I just had to make them being that s'mores are oo…

Meal Measure Review !

Wife, mother of 3 children and former lunch room attendant Patty Cocchiarella designed Meal Measure which is a plate used for portion control whether you use it for weight loss or diabetes or for even eating healthy.

Did you know that many hospitals, clinics and stores around the country are selling this It cool product and it's been featured on the Today Show and is a 3x Editor's Pick on now how awesome is that?!

It's also used in many healthcare facilities for health and wellness programs around the country whether for weight loss challenges at clinics used by dietitians and nutritionists to help you get on the right track.

As I was growing up one thing I never thought about was portion control when it came to food.

You go to restaurants and they just serve you these plate piled high with food and we feel the need to eat it all.

Thank god for takeout containers in restaurants though to save half of your meal for later or even the next day.

When I started wit…

Coffee Blenders Review !

What makes Coffee Blenders different from the other leading coffee brands is that their made from 100% arabica beans which is cultivated in soil in South American mountain ranges from and they work with experienced sommeliers which are coffee experts that understand the coffee origin, compositions and flavors . 

Best of all their unique coffee blends are made with love for coffee lovers to enjoy as well as people who have a discerning palette. 

  The coffee is then slow roasted which allows the coffee beans to maintain their natural flavors.

With each sip of this delicious coffee it delivers health benefits to the mind, body and spirit.

Guaranteed your cup of coffee will never be the same! 

I was sent samples of Coffee Blenders coffee for my Keurig for review and being a coffee fanatic I couldn't wait to try them, especially with all the hot weather lately it's my go to drink when I need to cool off! 


Contains 400mg of svetol which is an all natural green coffee bean extract th…

McCormick Grillin' with Crowdtap !

It's summertime and you know what that means everybody, it's time to toast one another and celebrate life with good people and most importantly good food! 

What better way than to celebrate the start of summer than with McCormick grill mates party! 

Not to mention fireworks as an added bonus with delicious food ! 

That's right I was selected for the McCormick grill mates party from Crowdtap and I couldn't be more honored to host this party to kickoff summer! I absolutely love summer the weather is nice and you don't have to worry about shoveling snow and you get to go camping, go to the beach, go,on vacation and oh oh can't forget the food that's the best part especially when it's grilled because its bone sucking lip smacking good!

It would have been great to have the McCormick cookout on the Fourth of July because it was my moms birthday but with the storm it was not a good idea! I'm so glad we waited though because it gave us just enough time to go to…

Summertime clean care with Cottonelle and Crowdtap !

With the heat reaching it's all time high in the summer time means long road trips and packing up the car to go to the beach with the family.

Being in the car for a long time gets to be uncomfortable from sitting for a long period of time, like seriously your butt feels numb lol. 

Sorry I just had say that it's so true! 

What's even more uncomfortable is when you've been drinking coffee, water, tea or soda and you get the urge to use the potty and there's no rest room in sight until you reach an old looking gas station that you swear you once saw in a horror movie before, not to mention your totally freaked at the sigh of the place but really have to pee bad so you quickly walk into use the restroom to do your business and when you finish going you find out there's no toilet paper, mental head slap! 

Oh no what to do?! 

Times like this you'd be wishing you had packed Cottonelle fresh care flush able wet wipes to get the job done! 

I get to experience Summer time …

Big Slice Apples new flavors review!

A few months ago I had the honor of trying out Grandma Hoerner's Big Slice Apple pouches for a review and also hosted a giveaway for my readers of Losing Weight to enter to win their very own apple pouches. 

Let me tell you they are the most delicious on the go snacks ever!

It's like an apple sauce but with chunks of fruit throughout each bite!

You can either eat them out of the pouch for an on the go snack or:

On yogurt
Mixed in some hot oatmeal
Topped on pancakes or waffles
On frozen yogurt
In cottage cheese

Big Slice facts:
Shelf stable
Naturally gluten and fat free
Authentic heritage recipe
Most are under 100 calories 

I recently received a surprise package from Big Slice Apples of their two new flavors to try out and couldn't wait to tear them open and eat them!

Banana mango and hemp seed:

What do I have to say about this one other than the fact that it was full of flavor and went along great with vanilla bean yogurt oh my god was it tasty! 

Blueberry pomegranate:

Sweet and tart…

Defense Soap Review !

Defense soap is the largest ever natural soap company that's used for preventing skin infections as well as promoting a healthier alternative for our skin.

Over at Defense soap they feel strongly about their products and promote the benefits of the natural ingredients that are in their soap that prevent skin infections when engaging in contact sports.

So here it goes.

I'm always on the go from the minute I wake up I'm the morning I eat breakfast and out the door to the gym for my morning workout and then I'm off to work leaving no time to run home for a shower. 

So I go to work in sweaty clothing not even thinking about it and I sweat more because my job is physical I move around a lot all day.

By the time I get home I eat dinner go for a walk and then relax a bit before I know it it's getting late so it's time to shower. 

Last year I noticed changes in my skin which weren't that good due to sweating and not showering right away or even changing clothes after wor…

Buff Bakery Cinnamon raisin peanut butter review !

Meet cousins Brittany and Ashley founders of Buff Bakery

Ashley has a passion for living healthy and sting clean. Her lifestyle lead her to whip up delicious tasty satisfying pre and post workout snacks that we're not only healthy but delicious as well.

Brittany's passion started in the kitchen at a young age where she cooked for her family, as many people do she began craving foods that weren't healthy, so she got busy in the kitchen working on recipes that were made with nutrients and guilt free! 

Not long after that Buff Bakery rocked the nation!

Two years ago I decided to change my life around and really get serious about losing weight. 

I joined a gym and began working out a lot and cut back on a lot of the unhealthy foods as well.

I couldn't be more happy where I'm at today and don't know where I would be if I hadn't made those choices. 

It's not easy though at times I have cravings for foods that aren't healthy for me so I make my own sna…