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Victory Dance Foods Juiced Garden Granola!

It all began with Cofounders of Victory Dance Foods mother and daughter Jennifer and Madeline McCarthy in 2015 with their tasty superfood gluten-free granola and muesli that provides you with lasting energy for one delicious breakfast!

Garden Granola is the first in the world juiced granola that has been awarded a 2018 Sofi Bronze Award in the Granola/Cereal category, which they received at the Specialty Food Association's Summer Fancy Food Show, held June 30-July 2.

In conclusion to displaying their products at the sofi awards Meet 'N Greet event, they'll be in Incubator Village, River Pavilion, fellow members of the Hatchery Chicago.

Garden Granola is "the love child of fresh cold press juice and granola"- whereas Victory Dance Foods offers it's own take on muesli made with( ancient grains, superfood ,nuts, and  seeds) and Granuesli which is a hybrid of both granola and muesli that has been concocted for athletes .

What makes Victory Dance Foods so special from…

Sampler Everyday Families Sample Box !

I have been a member of the Everyday Families Community and have sampled all sorts of products ranging from beauty to snacks and here are the latest samples that I received!
OCuSOFT Baby Eyelid & Eyelash Cleanser:

when it comes to your baby they deserve special treatment with OCuSOFT eyelid and eyelash cleanser you can gently remove morning gunk and irritants that are likely to lead to discomfort linked to blocked tear ducts, pink eye, allergies and other eyelid related conditions. OcuSOFT are individually wrapped pre-moistened towelettes  that is the number one eyelid cleanser recommended by doctors . Directions: Unfold the OcuSOFT pre-moistened towelette then ever so gently cleanse eyelid and eyelashes using side-to-side strokes. no rinsing necessary. Repeat as needed.
Awaken your inner glow with Pukka turmeric tea :

Pukka Turmeric Glow tea is an organic blend of the finest turmeric, lemon fruit and whole leaf tea.
Made with Turmeric Root (40%) , Pin Ho Wild Jade Green Tea (20%) , li…

Pinchme Sample: Purina One True Instinct Trios Dog Treat

Purina One True Instinct Trios Dog Treats are tender, bite sized treats that are perfect for either training or treating

Treat your pups wild side by satisfying his or her natural instinct with juicy cuts of real chicken, turkey and duck that are rich in protein.

Purina One True Instinct Dog Treats are available in

Chicken, Beef and lamb recipe
Chicken, turkey and duck recipe

Made with real chicken, soy grits, glycerin, water, soy protein concentrate, turkey, duck, sugar, salt, sorbic acid ( a preservative) , malted barley flour, smoke flavor, calcium propionate, ( a preservative) naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols, natural flavor. A-4201

Consumption by dogs weight

5-10 lbs (2.3-4.5 kg) 1 treat
11-20 lbs (5.0-9.1 kg) 2 treats
21-30 lbs (9.5-13.6 kg) 3 treats
31-50 lbs (14.1-22.7 kg) 4 treats
over 50 lbs (22.7+kg) 5 treats

Under 3 calories per treat
Rich in ProteinContain no Artificial Flavors

Jack received a sample of Purina One True Instinct Dog Chicken, Turkey & Duck R…

SmartyPaws Daily Multi Supplement Social Nature Sampling!

It all began with Co Founders and Co CEO's of SmartyPants Vitamins Courtney and Gordon who are passionate about helping others lead a healthier lifestyle with their gummy vitamins which started off as an obsession to provide an all in one vitamin that is sold at a reasonable price made with nutrients like omega 3 EPA, and DHA fatty acids, along with vitamin D3 with a full multivitamin that helps save not only your time but peace of mind as well as money.
Smartypants are non-GMO , allergen free, and also made with eco friendly ingredients.  They don't contain any synthetic colors, artificial flavors or sweeteners, plus each batch is tested by a third party lab for purity and potency.

Smartypaws Daily Multi Supplement is free from the following
Wheat Beef Chicken Eggs Tree Nut Allergens Dairy Synthetic Colors or flavors Active Ingredients per 2 soft chews
Green Lipped Mussel 125mg Organic Kelp Powder 125mg Glucosamine HCI (Shellfish Source) 100mg Organic Chia Seed Powder 100mg Methylsulfonylme…

Enjoy bread again with Bake In A minute's low carb Bread Mix & More !

Makers of Bake In A Minute feel strongly about food that you can savor that is healthy as well.

Many of you may know that eating a diet low in carbs can be rather difficult but with Bake In A Minute it doesn't have to be along with a fitness plan and good food choices that are healthy for you to follow they can guide you to help reach those goals in providing you with not only better for you food but low in carbs as well that you can prepare in no time at all.

I'm a firm believer that food is medicine and your nutrition can effect  your health which is why it is key to read the nutrition labels on your food as well as research .

With Bake In A Minute-Bread Mix & more it's not only easy as well as convenient but versatile as well as it can be made into breads, muffins, pizza crust. Did I mention that you can use it in the microwave ?
Bake In A Minute is devoted to offering high quality, healthy and scrumptious bread mix and more made from balanced ingredients that you can b…

Adagio Gourmet Orchard Iced Teas !

Adagio Tea is a little but lively company run and owned by family that began with mom, which made a huge impact on the company's founders with the thought that tea was crucial, and delightful tea was an essential part of good life.
They grew up consuming their mother's tea which was a unique blend of both Indian and Chinese teas that she served proudly to guests in place of coffee.
Mom took her pleasant time making her love for tea a business after all she was mom raising kids, receiving guests and cooking. When her children were grown she began brewing teas for the public and envisioned launching a tearoom .
Michael her eldest Son offered a helping hand in her research that revealed a tearoom couldn't survive on just tea alone most tearooms offer a variety of sandwiches, soups, salads even pastries surrendering them as restaurants in all but name. No one in the family thought of the idea of owning a restaurant , yet offering gourmet tea to a country that scarcely knew it wa…