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Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Kefir Social Nature Sampling !

It all began with founder of Redwood Hill Farm Jennifer Bice who raised goats on her family's dairy farm a little over 50 years ago.

 Her mother Cynthia Bice and father Kenneth relocated the family in 1963  from urban Los Angeles to the redwoods of Sonoma County where they achieved their dream of going back to the land.

Then in 1964 Redwood Hill farm was born when they bought 2 acres of land on a once owned apple orchard where they established a homestead raising chickens, rabbits, ducks, pigs, goats and sheep.

In 1966 the Bice children began raising and showing goats through 4-H . Having a total of five or six gats each between them they found themselves with enough to lead a herd with an abundant of fresh goat's milk.

The oldest of the Bice children Jennifer was most passionate about raising goats taking an interest in their sweet and affectionate personalities where she then taught them tricks.

 Later in 1968 the Bice's built their very own milking parlor and bottling room o…

Natural Sins The Un-potato chip

It all began out of Costa Rica with major ideas to bring the world a healthier chip but with a unique twist of native fruits rather than potatoes .

Did you know that Costa Rica is named the "Happiest Country on Earth" not to mention one of the most extraordinary places in the universe !?

They welcome each beautiful day with open arms and take great pride in where they live that is when they aren't surfing the great sparkling oceans and touring the jungles they are crafting that unique crunch that you can find in each bag of natural sins that they make by hand!

Whether you are a fan of potato chips or eat healthy Natural Sins un-potato  chips are for you!

They start with their fruits and vegetables by depositing volcanoes searching for pineapples in their skirts, climbing to the tops of wild coconut trees to hunt the perfect fruit flourishing their machetes throughout the jungle looking out for two-pound mangoes.

When they have found their fruits and veggies that meet the requ…

Grandy Oats Chocolate Chunk Coconola Coconut Paleo Granola !

It all began in the lakes region in Western Maine, where a local enterprise was sustained with mountains of oats, nuts and honey with a passion that business is more than just making money like a way of life to help nourish others, the planet and the community as well and that is why Grandy Oats call themselves Real Granola's.

Sure we all know that granola is used as a breakfast cereal to most but some are devoted to loving a sustainable yet natural life style .

Nat Peirce began on the beach in his home state of Maine which led to an excursion of our nation's natural wonders that entailed work on small farms in Arcata, California. 

Not long after that Nat found himself heading back to Maine where he opened up shop in a vegetarian bakery and cafe, raised a family and then purchased the GrandyOats business from founders Sarah Carpenter and Penny Hood. 

Aaron Anker who was home-schooled in his Grandpa Lew's fish restaurant in upstate New York where he learned the true meaning of …

My Top 3 Trader Joe's Picks!

When it comes to shopping you can find me browsing the aisles of Trader Joe's for the newest and latest products not to mention their low prices, especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables how can you go wrong? 

I am going to start by showing my readers each week some of my favorite products from Trader Joe's whether it'd be food , beverages even household and beauty products!

Here are some of the products that I am loving lately from them and how I incorporate into my daily life.

Smoothies are my all time favorite they are filling, easy to make and great for on the go snacks and packed with nutrients.

Recently I came across Trader Joe's Organic Acai Puree packets that are perfect for smoothies it offers an intense berry flavor along with hints of creamy cacao.

Many cafe and juice shops you will find acai on their menus for smoothies even breakfast bowls but did you know that they are loaded with sugar not to mention it breaks the bank!

You can add the acai packet int…

Influenster's Finesse Voxbox !

Recently I received Influenster's Finesse VoxBox for testing and reviewing purposes I am so glad at that because it was packed with all sorts of products ranging from beauty to food to try out !
Here are the products that I received .

Not Your Mother's Naturals Blue Sea Kale & Pure Coconut Water weightless mousse - MSRP $9
Does winter  weather cause your hair to be dry and frizzy? Make it come to life with Not Your Mother's Naturals Blue Sea Kale & Pure Coconut water weightless mousse that offers shine but helps tame frizz and you can style as needed. It's made in the USA with ingredients found in plants and you can add to your everyday use whether at the beach , at work or a night out on the town plus it's never tested on animals. You can find it at Ulta Beauty for $9 !
Free from
•sulfates •Gluten •Silicones • Parabens •Dyes •Phthalates
Before using give the bottle a shake and apply 2-3 pumps and add evenly throughout hair and style
This winter has been rough on not o…

Cooking with Jeb Foods Plantain & Cassava Flour !

It all began living in the mid-western part of Nigeria, which is a country in West Africa where there was a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown naturally as well as tropical foods.

Meal time at home was prepped with numerous ingredients such as spices and seasonings that was from their garden or local market , not realizing that they could be genetically modified.

When Joy moved to the United States of America and homesick of the foods that she was brought up on were either canned or expensive which then sparked a drive to have the community have admission to foods that are naturally grown, high in quality and affordable.

She wanted to establish the seasoned meals she was brought up on across cultures and that is how Jeb Foods was born with the love and appetite to offer healthy as well as affordable foods with ingredients that are naturally grown which are made with simple ingredients.

Being a professional with over a decade of hands in experience in the drug dev…

Heart The Tart with Honestly Cranberry !

It all began in 2014 with a "Cran Do attitude" straight out of Wisconsin Rapids, WI straight from a 4th generation family farm run by women that have been cultivating cranberries since 1873 gathered around an array of wetlands , forests and wildlife.

Honestly Cranberry growers wanted to spread the tangy taste along with their nutritional benefits year round .

Honestly cranberries are like no other cranberries they aren't sweetened with added sugars , juices or oils and they are non GMO .

They are made from one ingredient only and that is cranberries that are processed in a Primus GFS certified cream of the crop licensed facility that is allergen free .

Honestly Cranberries come from Glacial Lake Cranberries which resides West of the Wisconsin Rapids where they were produced in 1873 rapidly growing, dikes and ditches were then built around the native stands of vines.

Cranberry vines are perennials and don't need to be planted every year and they adjust to well-drained sand…