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Secret Outlast Clear Gel Bzzagent Campaign

Your going out on a date with this hot guy so you slip into that little black dress that you've  bought the other day at the mall when you and your girlfriends went shopping.
so you do your hair all nice and pretty and apply your makeup then you notice it a girls worst nightmare! 
Those embarrassing white marks from your deodorant! Oh the horror! 
Sweating alone is embarrassing enough but when you find yourself doing the pit check every so often to see if your deodorant is doing it's job by keeping you fresh, clean and odor free can make you feel rather paranoid which only leads you to sweat more. 
I don't know how many times my deodorant has failed me, too many to count I can tell you that! 
It happens at the worst time too like on a hot summer day and you've been slaving away cutting the grass, planting flowers or even working out at the gym and you notice the unpleasant odor.
With Secret Outlast Clear Gel deodorant it goes on clear leaving you with a light clean sc…

Nightfood Midnight Chocolate Crunch Swaggable Sample

It's 8pm and your watching tv and all of a sudden a commercial comes on advertising the latest doughnut from Dunkindonuts and your mouth starts to water, but you don't want to undo your day of healthy choices.
You figure maybe a bite of it won't hurt, so you quickly grab your keys and run out to your nearest Dunkin to satisfy that sweet tooth.
Then later on the guilt hits you oh why did I eat that? So you toss and turn all night with the guilt having eaten it.
Believe me I've been there. 
Don't you wish there was a guilt free snack to satisfy those sweet cravings that you get after dinner ? 
Nightfood midnight chocolate crunch not only satisfies your craving for something chocolaty and sweet but it is completely guilt free with additional benefits! 
✅satisfies those after dinner cravings  ✅Great source of protein and fiber ✅Keeps your diet on track  ✅supports a better sleep 

I have to say this bar not only was chocolaty and delicious but cured my sweet tooth and I…

#SnackSmart with Coconut Almond #DetourBar !

As a Detour influencer I was sent a new product that I am so excited to be sharing with you all today and you too can buy them on their website listed below when you use the coupon code teamdetour .
Detour Smart bars make for the perfect snack after a workout, a treat when you get that craving for something sweet or as a quick grab and go breakfast when your on the run.
They are made with organic oats, are high in fiber and gluten free. 
Whey protein is added to nourish the body, a touch of sweetness is added with fruits and nuts that you can not only taste but see as well in each sinfully delicious bite ! 
Here are some facts about their bars 
❌No artificial flavors ❌No artificial colors ❌No artificial preservatives 
✅Gluten Free ✅Non GMO ✅ made with Organic whole Grain Oats ✅contains only 3grams of sugar ✅Great source of fiber ✅contains whey protein 
They come in scrumptious flavors like chocolate peanut butter, cranberry flax, blueberry, apple cinnamon and the newest addition coco…

#SwitchToSheba Vocalpoint sample

The Sheba brand is well aware of our love for cats and their distinguished palates, personalities and independent spirits which is why every single Sheba recipe begins with real seafood, beef, or poultry as it's main ingredient for an enticing flavor your cats will love ! 
Sheba is made without any corn, artificial flavors, soy and even wheat and made without any fillers. 
As a Vocalpoint member I was sent samples of Sheba's new products in perfect portions, premium cuts and premium pate. 

Perfect portions chicken and tuna entree- Your feline will savor every bite of slow roasted chicken and tuna in this delectable entree 
Premium cuts in gravy chicken entree- Sheba chicken entree offers succulent chicken in gravy that will leave your cat smacking it's chops for more ! 
Premium pate salmon entree-
Delectable, palatable salmon slow roasted to perfection in natural juices that your seafood loving cat will love ! 
You can find Sheba brand cat food at your local store ! 


Nightfood cookies n' dream dietary supplement swaggable review

It's after dinner and that craving for something sweet sets in but you don't want to ruin those healthy eating choices you've made all day, so  what do you do? 
I don't know how many times I've made a poor eating choice at night and regretted it later on.
What if I told you that there was a snack that you could have that satisfied those after dinner sweet cravings but didn't undo your diet? 
Nightfood cookies n' dream dietary supplant bar does just that satisfies your sweet tooth without the guilt and tastes just like cookies m cream ice cream mmm good ! It's so creamy and well dreamy! 
I loved the creaminess and the crunch of the cookie as you bite into this bar it was pure bliss! 
What I also love about this bar was that it 
*keeps your diet on track *contains 5grams of fiber  Contains 6 grams of protein  *supports better sleep  *satisfies those after dinner cravings 

Did you know that this bar contains less sugar than a cup of milk ? 
It's also …

Laurel's Butters Review !

Not only are nut butters delicious in all sorts of recipes from smoothies, oatmeal, pancakes even as a sandwich but they are a great source of protein as well. 
Nut butters contain healthy facts as well as protein that leave us feeling full throughout the day. Meet peanut butter addict Laurel founder of Laurel's Butters not only is she a Division I track athlete she's also an IFBB professional figure bodybuilder.
Laurel concocted her own nut butters making all sorts of delicious flavors with the purest ingredients. 
She believed that it's best to keep foods simple using only the finest of ingredients and that's when the saying no crap, just nuts was made ! 
I came across Laurel's Butters online through Instagram and couldn't believe all of the different flavors she's created to name a few banana bread, maple bacon, oatmeal cookie and much more! 
They sounded so delicious! 
Laurel then sent me some samples of her butters to try out and I wanted to try flavors of…

Sugar cookie vanilla milkshake frosted doughnut

Ever since #nationaldoughnutday I've been seeing all types of delicious looking doughnuts online and couldn't get the fluffy yet sugary deliciousness out of my mind I had to have one.
To satisfy my craving for a doughnut I kept it healthy by rolling out a sugar cookie Yupbrands protein bar and made my own frosting with a little yogurt and protein powder and colorful sprinkles on top ! 

Preheat your oven to 300 degrees 
While your oven is heating up get out a cookie sheet and cover it with aluminum foil.
Unwrap a yup brands sugar cookie protein bar and microwave for a few seconds
Then roll it out and shape into doughnut form.
How to make the frosting:
Vanilla icing:
1)Take 2 tablespoons of low fat yogurt preferably stony field  2)Mix in a teaspoon of quest vanilla milkshake protein powder 3) set aside 
Put the doughnut on the foil and pop it into the oven until golden brown on top and moist and fluffy on the inside, because you don't want a hard burnt doughnut ! 
Let it co…

Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Crowdtap Sampling !

Bumble Bee seafoods began in 1899 by a group of fishermen. Today Bumble Bee Seafoods is North Americas biggest brand shelf stable seafood company that offers a wide range of pouched as well as canned sardines, salmon and tuna. Their specialty seafood products are marketed in the U.S. under leading brands which include Wild Selections, Sweet Sue, Brunswick, Snow's, Beach Cliff, Bumble Bee super fresh and Bumble Bee whereas in Canada it's under the Clover Leaf brand.
Bumble Bee brand has accustomed remarkable consumer awareness as well as loyalty based upon their nutritional value, quality and affordability of their products. 
Summer is here, time to head to the beach! 
When going to the beach I usually pack snacks, cold drinks and lunches the night before and pop them in a cooler to keep cold. I like packing a variety of foods like fresh fruit, a delicious salad or a sandwich, maybe even some crackers to nibble on.  You know what makes for the perfect summer time meal is tuna …