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CoverGirl Influenster Voxbox

It all began in 1961 with the desire to make women look and feel their best.
Ever since I was a little girl I loved playing dressup it was when I felt the most beautiful to dress up and put on a touch of makeup, it made me feel like a grown up !

I was a huge covergirl product fan and owned just about anything of theird from their mascara to to foundation!

I was so psychded when I was sent their new Covergirl products through Influenster to try out for testing purposes and couldn't wait to Plumpify my lashes with the mascara and add a hint of color and moisture to my lips with their OhSugar lip balm !
The holidays can be fun and exciting what with all the parties to go to but we ladies like to look and feel our best am I right ladies? With a swipe of  mascara and a splash of color to the lips we are all set and ready to go !
Covergirl #Plumpify blast pro mascara:
Get more fuller darker lashes with a swipe of Covergirls plumpify mascara with BlastPRO that takes hold of those beauti…

#trynatural with SocialNature & GoodBelly Probiotic !

When you replace your daily glass of juice with GoodBelly your getting a dose of 20 billion probiotics making for a healthy yet happy gut!
GoodBelly offers a variety of fun deliciously fruity flavors to choose from and can be found in supplement form, super shot, straight shot, plus shot and even by the carton.
GoodBelly probiotic supplement offers 10 billion probiotics in each capsule which is free from gluten and sugar. They require no refrigeration at all and can be found  on amazon 
Plus Shot: Strawberry Blueberry acai Mango Pomegranate blackberry
GoodBelly plus shot contains 20 billion probiotics in each shot along with calcium and vitamins
Straight Shot:
Contains only 30 calories but packs a fruity punch with 20 billion probiotics  in one shot with no added sugar!

Super Shot: Lemon ginger  vanilla chamomile Contains no added sugar and offers 50 billion probiotics in one tasty shot ! 
Cartons: Flavors include  Pomegranate blackberry Blueberry acai  Tropical Green Cranberry Wate…

Engage Organics Pure Spices Review

It all began three decades ago when founder of Engage Organics then Parsley Patch, Pat Gage in Sonoma county made the decision to reinvent her salt-free spice recipes that she came up with. 
Parsley Patch was so popular that the global spice manufacturer of McCormick & Co. bought the business in 1987.
Gage and her family have revived recipes especially "Garlicsaltless" which is one of Parsley Patch's favorites! 
Their brand new company of two years Engage Organics has been bottling spices that are organic, non GMO, gluten free and sodium free.
Engage Organics products can be found in numerous stores across the Bay Area as well as online.
Engage Organics recommends the variety of their nine blends of salt free seasonings, soon to be eleven and its health benefits.
Whether your sprinting a little seasoning on chicken or breads it makes them so flavorful and delicious! 
Engage organics is a business run by family with Pat's husband Jon,  son Jason Sherwood and neph…

Easy Peasy breakfast quiche

Growing up as
as a kid mom would always make a quiche packed with sharp cheddar cheese and sausage it was the perfect breakfast on a cold winters day.

Quiches are fluffy, flavorful, filling, easy to make and oh so delicious plus it's a meal in itself!

Quiches can be made with numerous ingredients or perfect as is with a dash of salt and pepper. Or you can toss in vibrant vegetables for a pop of color.
I added in some diced peppers and tomatoes with sausage along with a smidgen of of Plain kitehill non dairy Cream cheese.
It was So fluffy, so colorful, so flavorful, so creamy and oh so delicious!

Preheat oven to 350 
on a skillet coat the pan with a scant amount of butter or coconut oil.
Slice your veggies of choice and put them on skillet until tender i used onion, peppers and tomatoes
On another pan cook your sausage, ham or bacon whichever you prefer till golden brown
Crack six eggs into a bowl
Then whisk eggs
Pour in your chopped veggies and meat into pie dish season how you l…

snowflake sweet potato cookie cutter pancakes with warm cranberry sauce

If you have sweet potato left over from the holidays your going to want to make these like right now!
Pancakes are my go to favorite breakfast food they are simple to make and can be be made with sweet or savory ingredients plus they can feed a crowd.
Not to mention they can
Pancakes aren't just a eaa breakfast food they can be eaten at lunch or dinner! 
These beautiful yet fluffy and delicious pancakes are made with 
1/2 cup of leftover sweet potatoes 2 eggs 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon 
Mix all the ingredients till well combined then carefully pour onto a heated skillet 
till golden brown 
Press your cookie cutter of choice onto your pancake and ever so carefully scrape away any edges then plate them
Drizzle on syrup or fresh fruit eat & Enjoy!
These sweet potato snowflake pancakes aren't just festive they are delicious whether sprinkled with a dusting of confectioners sugar, a drizzle of maple syrup or topped with fresh fruit!
I had leftover cranberry sauce on hand so I nuk…

Secret Outlast Xtend Bzzagent campaign

With the holidays here it can be a joyous time and also very stressful.
When there's stress, there's sweat and lots of it! 
Get ready to outlast your day with Secrets new deodorant Secret Outlast Xtend ! 
One swipe is all it takes to outlast your day to keep you going strong whether it be running after the kids or in the gym! 
I can't even begin to tell you how many shirts have been ruined due to deodorant leaving those nasty white marks! 
With secret outlast Xtend clear gel it goes on clear and stays on leaving your shirts free of deodorant streaks! 
Secret Outlast Xtend offers 48 hours of protection  keeping you dry and feeling confident !
With its PH balanced formula it helps stops odor before it starts leaving you feeling clean, dry and confident ! 
For as long as I can remember I've been a fan of Secret deodorant brand products they are a brand that I trust and I was so excited to be a part of this campaign through Bzzagent to try out their Secret Outlast Xtend !…

HNINA Gourmet is nuts about #chocolate!

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? 
Give the gift of hand crafted gourmet chocolates with crunchy nuts, coconuts, seeds and decadent dark chocolate from HNINA gourmet. 
I have a major sweet tooth and love all things chocolate whether it's dark, milk or white chocolate!
I've finally met my match HNINA Gourmet is nuts about chocolate just like I am!  
Artisanal chocolates are beautiful, almost to pretty to eat. Almost.. 
I treat myself once in awhile to something decadent and chocolate is my go to treat whether it's ice cream hot chocolate , or handcrafted chocolates like these decadent little treasures from HNINA Gourmet !

HNINA Gourmet makes their chocolates by hand with the finest of raw ingredients that are sweetened with honey and maple syrup along crunchy nuts, sprouted seeds and coconut! 
HNINA gourmet chocolates are free from
Gluten Dairy  Preservatives Palm oil free Free from refined sugars Pesticide free  High fructose and corn syrup 

Made with 

Kratosfoods High protein beef bars review

Meet the protein bar with a purpose from Kratosfoods !
Kratosfoods is real food that's made with real protein, clean ingredients and healthy!
It all began with a group of friends in 2012 that came from different backgrounds but worked as a team to offer quarter share gourmet beef sticks to organizations and teams where they could profit from a nutritious snack. 
With the profits they made up to 52% which is a lot more than most any fundraising for team travel, group expenses and uniforms for events that were planned to attend.
Quartershare beef sticks has been going strong and continues to blossom as they launch for Hunger Buster Beef Cuts as well as Ktatos high protein beef bars.
Numerous athletes and health enthusiasts alike discussed with Ktatos team their dream to provide a simple yet clean protein packed snack made from beef.
So they developed a bar without the casing, along with super berries and healthier without it being high in sodium and chewy texture, and Kratos high p…