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Kyle's Farmstead Small Batch Mayonnaise

Kyle's Small batch Farmstead Mayonnaise based in Texas is sourced from the finest of ingredients organic eggs from hens on pasture, Non-GMO , expeller-pressed sunflower oil and sprinkled with French grey sea salt to taste. 
What makes Kyle's Mayonnaise so unique and sets them apart from those other mayo brands is not only their ingredients but that it's much more lighter and tastier plus it's healthier !
Kyle's small batch Mayonnaise is made from 
Organic Eggs from the hens on the pasture With Hens on pasture they spend the majority of the time outdoors where they are allowed to frolic, peck, and rummage to get their dose of nutrients that make them not only healthy but happy birds that provide an egg that's rich in nutrients , low in cholesterol, and high in vitamins.  Expeller Pressed High-Oleic Sunflower OilHi-Oleic Sunflower oil is high in monounsaturated fat and rather low in polyunsaturated fat having 0 grams of trans fats. Mono is known for it's shelf st…

Ketogenic & Paleo Brownie

It all began with Nick Founder of KetoBrownie who concocted the recipe for his KetoBrownies in October of 2016.
Nick is no stranger to the Keto Diet in fact he's used many times but fell short with Keto-Friendly snacks so he browsed the internet to look for desserts that shared the Ketogenic macros he was in need of with a high fat content, moderate protein and low in carbs which was only a disappointment so he created the ideal KetoBrownie where he then compiled a list of high fat and low carb ingredients that would pair well together for the taste of brownies we all know and love that chewy consistency and rich buttery chocolate flavor.
So he ended up at his local grocery store and then started baking recipes for weeks until he nailed the perfect brownie like consistency but that was healthy, paleo-friendly and made without any GMO's, Sugar Alcohols and is Gluten Free!
When it comes to snacking I want a snack that is not only healthy but delicious and is convenient when on the …