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Mint Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar Review!

No one thought it could be done but Quest perfected yet another delicious flavor, meet the new member of the Quest bar family Mint Chocolate Chunk ! 
When I heard that Quest was coming out with a new flavor I just had to try it so I ordered myself a box from their website. 
I couldn't wait to try it out being that I workout a lot and protein bars are my go to snack of choice because they are a great on the go snack, keep me going and packed with protein as well as delicious.  
The new protein bar from Quest Nutrition reminded me of one of my favorite Girl Scout cookies which is the thin mint and here's why.When you carefully tear open the wrapper you see the most beautiful protein bar seriously ever made with mint chocolate chunks throughout.
Before you take your first bite you smell the pungent mint aroma and then your mouth starts to water so then you take a bite first you get a mouthful of chocolaty creamy goodness with a refreshing mint flavor.
Mint chocolate chunk bar he…

Detour Simple Chocolate Chip Caramel Whey Protein bar review!

Snacking just got more, well simpler and healthier with Detour whey protein bar.
Did you know that eating healthy is the key to better health? It's not always easy though there are times when you get a hankering for those sort of foods we all love to eat but end up feeling guilty afterward such as candy, ice cream wait what am I talking about anything with chocolate is good to me! 
Detour simple was created with you and your health in mind using clean ingredients that aren't only healthy for you but taste good as well to fix any sweet tooth craving! Got a craving with chocolate? Detour simple has a bar with your name on it! How about Ooey gooey salted caramel with a cookie dough center? I bet I have you drooling now! Detour Bars are simply delicious and are the perfect post workout snack after any strenuous activity or even when you get a craving for something sweet.

Detour Bars are 
Non GMO  Rich in fiber Packed with protein Gluten free low in sugar made with no artificial s…

Angelicbakehouse review !

It all began 24 years ago when Jenny and James Mariano met in high school but wasn't until 2009 when they started making delicious bread together. In order to support not only their family but their passion for health food they purchased a sprouted bakery near Milwaukee that was in dire need of a makeover. Over the next few years they began promoting the benefits of their delicious products in their community and the word got out just as fast as the mouth watering aromas that were coming from their bakery. Their devoted local fans became national fans, the company that started out little began to blossom almost five-fold since they made it their own. 

Angelic bakehouse uses non gmo grains and bakes them to perfection in their dough giving them a nutritiously nutty taste and texture ! 
Health benefits:
Made with non GMO ingredients  Sweetened with pure honey sourced in the USA  Contains no artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners and fats 
Made with Simple ingredients 
Nut f…

Golden Girl Gourmet Granola Review

The Golden Girl Granola company began with the O'Kelly family who shares a passion for gourmet foods.
Catherine was driven to sell her hand sewn bags at the farmers market and brought along doughnuts that they fried up that morning. 
 At the end of the day they realized they would need a product that had a longer shelf life to be able to sell at the farmers market. 
Jacquie thought it was in their best interest to try making granola, so the next week they did just that and baked six deliciously crunchy varieties of granola and bagged them up into ziploc baggies with an image of a little blond girl which was a mix of Jacquie and her childhood idol Pippi Longstocking which they called " The Golden Girl".
During the summer of 2008 the farmers market expanded in which they added three more markets, Catherine and Jacquie came home during the summer to help with the baking. Catherine got busy in the kitchen and began to bake and also sell breads, scones and cookies in additio…

ips all natural egg white CH(ips) review !

It all began in Sean Olson's kitchen founder of ips (intelligent protein snacks)  When he was preparing  a morning breakfast for his children which  hatched the idea of making a healthier snack to feed not only his family but us health nuts as well all with crispy edges of eggs that his children loved so he took the idea and ran with it and created a tasty and crunchy snack made with wholesome egg white and non gmo corn! 

intelligent protein snacks healthy facts:

ips are snack chips that are made with egg whites, corn and other all natural ingredients they are crispy , delicious and contain a total of six grams of protein per serving! 
About:  Ips chips are created with a patent-pending Pressure-Puff process that's crispy, delicious and healthier than other chips.
Did you know that each ounce of ips contains six grams of protein which is the equivalent to an egg? They also contain half the fat of fried potato chips as well as less carbs as baked potato chips.
I'm a huge f…

Dial Miracle Oil hand-soap review and giveaway !

Got cracked, rough, or dry skin on your hands? 
This winter has been horrible with freezing cold temperatures which did a number on my skin leaving it itchy, not to mention dry especially on my hands.
Thanks to miracle oil hand-soap from  dial my hands have never felt this good, since I started using the soap I've noticed my hands aren't as dried out as they were and they are more softer and smoother!
Miracle oil hand soap isn't your ordinary hand soap not only does it remove dirt from your hands it leaves them feeling smooth and refreshed!
 Dial miracle oil hand soap is infused  with Marula oil using a micro oil technology which is then used to nourish and deeply hydrate your skin while protecting it from skin damaging free radicals .

Hooray for soft hands, it's giveaway time, good luck everyone! 
Don't forget to look for Dial Miracle oil hand soap at a store near you! 
  Disclosure: The Dial brand provided me with a sample of Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap in exchan…

Purex Crystals ScentSplash review and giveaway

The birds are chirping, flowers are starting to bloom you know what that means Spring is here! 
With Spring comes softball and you know what that means Eeek, grass stains and all of the washing you'll have to do from those stinky socks! Ah the horror not to mention smell. 
I've always been a fan of the Purex brand not only do they offer my clothing that long lasting freshness that I love they are tough on stains such as grass stains etc. 
I recently was sent Purex Crystals ScentSplash which is a new product that contains refreshing scent beads that release a burst of fragrance with unbelievable freshness that lasts even days after washing! 
Have you ever opened up your closet after hanging new clothing and just smelling the scent of new clothes? Well that's what it's like with ScentSplash! Each time I fold my laundry or open up the closet I get that  burst of freshness! 
What's great about Purex Crystals ScentSplash is its easy to use all you do is twist off the c…