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Goldbaum's Foods Review!

Whether your eating healthy or living a gluten free lifestyle then these flavorful foods from Goldbaum's are just what you need!

I came across their website and just had to try their products!

I was sent some of their delicious foods for review and was just waiting in anticipation of all the recipes to make with them!

Ice cream cones:

perfect size for dessert with some of your favorite ice cream
Sugar cones:  perfect for any kind of ice cream. Reminds me of the clown hats used for my favorite treat as a kid clown sundae! 
Brown rice pasta:

I love pasta dishes and this one right here makes a delicious and satisfying fulfilling meal whether it's Mac and cheese, macaroni and meatballs or in soups this brown rice pasta is so good and healthy as well! 
I've been dying to try this recipe I found on Pinterest and it's macaroni and cheese made with Greek yogurt!
Very creamy and super delicious!
The recipe called for spinach but I substituted for broccoli instead since I didn'…

Natasha's health nut cookies review

With the holidays approaching it can be tough to stay away from sweets especially if you want something sweet.
I'm bringing you a delicious review today that's sweet and healthy!
These cookies are scrumptious and I'll tell you what makes them so superb! 
I was sent Natasha's Health Nut Cookies for review and couldn't wait to try them out because they are health cookies!
Facts: All natural Gluten free Diabetic safe Low glycemic Celiac diets

I was sent these 3 flavors:
Raisin amaretto:

I loved that they are soft and chewy and not crunchy. Loved the juicy plump raisins and sweet amaretto taste. Worked well crumbled on top of some pumpkin ice cream.
Cranberry orange:
Haven't tried this flavor but I sure do love cranberry orange muffins and breads so I'm sure I'll love this!
Vanilla chocolate chip: Can't wait to try this one I'm sure it will go great with milk or ice cream!

Nature's Gate Review!

I couldn't wait to try out these products that I've received from Nature's Gate for review!

Some times all you need is to pamper yourself after a long day.

These all natural products are fantastic for that and sure do make you feel less stressed and radiant!

I've heard of their products before and was just dying to try them out!
Natural toothpaste cool mint gel :
Cool and refreshing mint flavor making my teeth shine and kissably clean!
Papaya moisturizing lotion:
Nice gentle fruity scent that doesn't leave my skin oily at all like some lotions do. Works great after a nice hot shower to put the moisture right back into your skin!

Chamomile and lemon verbena deodorant: 

In order for me to trust a deodorant brand it has to be able to last during my workouts plus all day, I have tried it on tonight since I received the review package earlier and so far so good! I do have to say though smells really good and went on smoothly too.
Lemon verbena face cleansing gel and moisturizer:


Two Fold Foods Review!

Lately I've been on a smoothie kick and have been blending up my own at home which is more healthier.
I add all kinds of toppings on top whether it's a Graham cracker or granola!
There's something about granola that I love it goes great on anything!
Two Fold foods sent me samples of their scrumptious granolas and savory nuts for a review !
What I love about their products is that they don't have any names in them that are hard to pronounce like some on the labels of our favorite foods.
They make their granola in small batches with the finest ingredients such as:
Coconut Black pepper Cashews Quinoa And so on
Classic granola:
I thought that this was just a plain old boring granola until I tasted coconut! With the delicious sweet taste of cinnamon and vanilla along with the nuttiness of the nuts the coconut flakes really kick it up a notch adding flavor! Worked perfectly on my breakfast consisting of a banana cheesecake smoothie! A little crunch was just what I needed on top!
Savory n…

Purex Ultrapacks Laundry Detergent Review and Giveaway!

Ah the change of the season brings all sorts of wonderful things such as hot chocolate, homecoming and Halloween! Which for parents also means stains on clothing especially if your kids play any type of sports like lacrosse, football or soccer!
So that means a lot of dirty and stinky laundry!
Ever have socks or any other type of clothing that the dirt and grime just doesn't seem to come off no matter how many times you wash it?
With purex ultra packs you just toss into the washer with the clothing and let it do their magic, dirt be gone!
No more stinky clothing from sports and all those stains have been lifted right off due to oxi!
I was sent a package of them for review for being a purex insider and I've tried other purex products before and love them! They make my clothing keep their colors from fading and smell fresh!
What I love also about this product is that you just toss it into the washer and you don't have to pour or measure anything which we all know can result in a bi…

Choccreate candy Review

Now I've done reviews for scrumptious candy bars before in the past and let me tell you I love chocolate!
The cool thing about this company I will be reviewing today is just awesome because the cool thing is that you get to design your own candy bar!
You start with milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate and get to add all kinds of delicious ingredients on them such as nuts, candies, fruit even cereal!
I know right pretty cool!
You can also order their best sellers too!
I couldn't wait for them to arrive to bite into them and see how they tasted! Just being on Choccreate website made me want to lick the screen!
Lol but don't worry, I didn't.
I chose:
Dark chocolate bar with: 
almonds, blueberries, caramel and granola it was so delicious!
Now I haven't tried the other two bars yet but I just know that they will be just as delicious as the first one I've tried!
Milk chocolate bar with:
M&ms, rice crispies and marshmallows 
White chocolate bar: This one looks to p…

Autumn food creations!

Since summer has come to an end I've been feeling very creative with recipes to cook up, not sure if it has to do with the change of season or what!
It all started with the popular website called Pinterest, I tell you it's addicting! 
You can spend all day on there looking at all kinds of recipes, crafts and all kinds of things!
I've been on a smoothie kick lately and have one each morning for breakfast, and holds me over till lunch.
Fall food finds:

Went to trader joes and such the other day hunting down the famous pumpkin Greek yogurt but couldn't find any, I found some other pumpkin products though!

Pumpkin patch cookies
Pumpkin butter
Pumpkin pie Lara bar
Pumpkin cream cheese
Pumpkin spice granola

Some of these products would go great in a smoothie or even on a bagel! I also have one for dessert or an after workout recovery!

They are simple to make and oh so delicious!

Apple pie smoothie:
All I did was dice up an apple and toss it in the blender along with a cup of almond m…

Polar insulated water bottle review!

The most important accessory during a workout is water because it rehydrates you and keeps you moving, am I right?
True there has been times I've exercised without water, which isn't good.
Now I can sweat at the gym in style with these two water bottles that I've received from Polar bottle .
I also got to pick my own designs that I wanted to review!
I chose the ergo flower candy and the purple big bear bottle , they are beautiful and the best thing about these water bottles is that they are insulated meaning you can use either hot or cold beverages in them!
Whether your a coffee, tea, soda or if you just want water in it then these bottles are for you!
They go along great at the gym or on a hike!
They are easy to grip onto for a quick drink!





Kashi Hummus Crisps Review!

I was so psyched to get this campaign on bzzagent to test out Kashi's hummus crisps!
I absolutely love hummus whether it's paired with veggies, on a sandwich or crackers it just brings out the flavor and can really spice up your food.
These crisps are great because their savory seasonings and seven whole grains make snacking guilt free and also the hummus is baked right into the chip!
How awesome is that!?
I received the sea salt and olive oil flavor and it was simply delicious!
Right amount of spices and the olive oil taste wasn't overpowering.
You can even dip them into a small bowl of your favorite hummus as well!

Tru Whip Review

Ever think something is missing when you have some ice cream or smoothie, especially to add a little more sweetness to it!

What's better on top of ice cream than a dollop of  Tru Whip !?

What is it!?

An all natural whipped topping for:


I was sent some coupons for review and couldn't wait to try it!

Banana cheesecake smoothie:

Wow I made a new recipe I came across on Pinterest and it tasted just like cheesecake!

Any who I topped it off with a dollop of tru whip and a graham cracker! 

It was heaven !

Peanut butter banana Smoothie:

I put some on top of a smoothie and wow was it delicious!

It was sweet and it didn't taste oily like other whipped toppings do which is great!




Mrs. Glee's Foods Review!

Easy to prepare instead of following all of those boring long directions on the back of the box!
Are you missing something in your daily diet such as fiber or protein?
These delicious prepared foods I was sent for review courtesy of Mrs. Glee's gluten free foods uses the navy bean for the base of their ingredient in their foods being high in fiber and nutritious as well!
Best part of all I got to pick what I wanted to review!
What I chose: Pizza crust Alfredo noodles Brownie mix Oatmeal cookie mix
Other products: Navy bean flour Rigatoni Elbow macaroni And more!
Alfredo noodles:
I can't remember when the last time I had Alfredo noodles was especially one that's more healthier for me.
The best thing about these noodles was that it didn't have the cheese added in just like they do in the pasta side mixes so you have to get those creative juices flowing and whip up your own cheese sauce or if your not a cheese eater you can use red sauce with meatballs!
I loved these noodles they were fan…

Eat Smart Bathroom Scale Review

 Let me just say for all of you out there that has struggled with weight loss you are not alone, I've been there and it's an everyday struggle.
Especially when you've been heavy or slightly your whole life it's not easy because maybe you've always wanted to be a runner, an athlete or cheerleader and it's holding you back because you just don't have it in you.
Thing is I've started dieting and exercising on and off practically my whole life and quit because I just wasn't ready, it's a lot of work and if you don't get out there and give it all you've got then you'll give up.
So that's why I'm here today with this review, I've received a bathroom scale for review  from Eat Smart so I could stay on track with my progress at home and not just at the gym!

I couldn't wait to test out the scale because I've recently started jogging while walking and I just knew it had to be doing something !

I've never felt better in my wh…

Puffs Fresh Faces Review!

I was super psyched when I saw this box waiting on my doorstep, especially when I saw the name puffs right on the box.
I had no idea what it was but just knew it had to be good!
So I carefully opened the box and I noticed the prettiest box tied with a blue bow on it so I unwrapped it and it offered tons of puffs goodies inside!
So heres what was inside the box: Travel compact mirror Water bottle Pedometer Puffs tote bag
Sweatband  Nose and face wipes (adult version of boogie wipes)
I can't wait to use the water bottle when I go to the gym and do my workouts!
The nose and face wipes will come in handy for removing makeup, cleaning the face and giving it a fresh clean feeling with a gentle scent of citrus, lavender, or fresh scent! Also in Vicks for those horrible colds we sometimes get during the winter!
The pedometer will come in handy for tracking how many steps I take throughout the day!
The compact mirror is small enough to pack in my purse which is great for applying lip glos…

Coffee cake Connection Review

Buttermilk coffee cakes baked to perfection for your enjoyment made by Coffee cake connection .
I have tried coffee cakes before and loved them especially when I would pack them in my lunch as a treat when I was a little girl!
Just waiting in anticipation for lunchtime to come around to unwrap the coffeecake and take the first bite.
Not sure if it had to do with the cinnamon crumbled on top of the cake that made me love them as a kid.
Over the years they've perfected the coffee cake by adding other ingredients such as luscious berries and  chocolate.
How awesome is that!?
When I came across Coffee Cakes Connections site online and saw the different varieties of coffee cakes they offered I just had to review them!
I couldn't wait to try them because I've only tried the plain old coffee cake many years ago and especially when I heard they had ones with chocolate in them! 
Serving suggestions: Pop the coffee cake in the oven for a bit giving you the fresh out of the oven experience! Re…