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My Magic Mud Whitening Tooth Powder Review!

It all began with Founder of My Magic Mud Jessica Arman entrepreneur and proud mother to four beautiful kidswhere she created after many months of trial and error to come up with the perfect and healthy solution to teeth whitening that was not only a  natural way to clean your teeth for adults but safe for children as well.
My Magic Mud first began as a simple home remedy and then sky rocketed to a tiny yet phenomenal business.

Do you like to drink coffee, tea or even soda?
Are your teeth not looking their whitest?
Or are you tired of finding unwanted chemicals in other toothpastes that are on the market?
I have a solution to your problem, it's a tooth whitening powder called My Magic Mud!
I know what you are thinking ew, there's no way you want me to scrub some mud on my teeth !
Well, get this it's not real mud!
Check the details below to find out more!
Believe me it sounds weird but if you are a health nut, or have sensitive teeth and gums, enjoy a cup of coffee, want whiter teet…

Yossi's Nostalgic Bakery Cookies Review!

It all began in the heart of Wellington, Florida with the love for real ingredients that delivers impeccable flavor in scrumptious handcrafted cookies that are free from Gluten for all to enjoy!

Yossi's Nostalgic Bakery Cookies are free from


They contain no artificial Preservatives 
 Non GMO

You can find Yossi's Nostalgic cookies in these delectable chewy creamy and crispy flavors to choose from wherever they are sold and online too!

Chocolate Vanilla Indulgence
Marvelous Apricot Linzer
Creamy Amaretto Limoncello
Kiwi Lychee Chocolaty Delights
Soft Honey Ginger
Pomegranate Hibiscus Pleasures
Tropical Mango Strawberry

and Traditional Raspberry Linzer

There's something about eating a cookie that makes me feel like a kid maybe it's that soft chewy center, or that rich buttery taste to it, or the fact that it was my favorite dessert to bake with mom.

Yossi's Nostalgic Cookie bakery provided me with some of their best selling flavors to review and here are the on…

Bubba's Fine Foods Review

It all began in 2014 with head chef Jared Menzel along with brother in law Jeff Schmidgal where they created their very own grain free snacks by hand in small batches.
As a child Jared's nickname was Bubba hence the name Bubba's find foods.
Jared taught himself how to cook and switched up his diet for more cleaner foods that were high in nutrients and low glycemic so he swapped out processed foods and realized that the healthy foods in stores were missing the most important part of snacking which was flavors well as crunch so he got to work in the kitchen developing his own healthy snack.
Crossfit trainer  and health coach Jeff adopted the paleo lifestyle and was blown away at how great Jared's crunchy grain free snack mixes were and thought it was a terrific idea that Jared should start his own little business to sell the product for others to enjoy and that's how Bubba's fine foods was born!
Before I began my journey to lead a Paleo lifestyle I  heard all about …

ThisPieIsNuts Granola Review

It all began 20 years ago when creator of ThisPieIsNuts Diana was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and she learned that there was no cure and other than medicine to keep it at a distance and nothing to do in stopping it in its tracks she took hold of her diet.
Not only did she want to eat foods that were flavorful but nutritious as well.
Her passion for food and health drove her to enroll in The Natural Gourmet Institute where all the knowledge she gained led her to a new outlook on life and what she was eating.
She then graduated and soon enough ThisPieIsNuts was born!
ThisPieIsNuts pies are made with the finest of ingredients that are the perfect little treat when craving something sweet!
Although I didn't have the pleasure of trying the pies which sound delectable I was provided with their sweet, crunchy and delicious granola!

This granola is outrageously delicious! It should be called This Granola is nuts!
This Pie is Nuts Granola is vegan, paleo and gluten free.
Their gran…

The Beet Lady

Founder of The Beet Lady Karen Dame concocted her recipe for organic beet ketchup for her son who suffers from food allergies and made it out of love where she then broadened her product to much more than ketchup like marinara sauce!
I love beets not only are they healthy for you but they work perfectly in so many recipes from soups, sandwiches and  even salads.
Beet Lady products are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
They are also  low in calories  Organic Vegetarian Vegan  Non GMO  And anti-inflammatory 
Beet Lady is free from
Night shades  Dairy Gluten Soy Nuts
I came across The Beet Lady products online and was quite interested in them being that they offer ketchup that is made from beets! 
Ketchup is the perfect topping for burgers, steak, eggs and so much more !
I have never tried ketchup before that was made with beets but I know one thing is that it sounded good !
Karen was kind enough and provided me with samples of her unique beet products to review and here'…

Reed's Ginger Brew & Virgil's natural soda review

It all began in the year 1989 by founder of Reed's Inc. Chris Reed where he learned that back in the old days pioneers didn't go out and buy a soft drink in fact they brewed their very own in their kitchens straight from the source of spices, roots, and fruits.

Their soft drinks that the pioneers created were not only natural but they were good for you and tasted good too in fact many used them as herbal tonics.

With every Reed's Ginger Brew is a glimpse back in time to their sodas that were created by hand.

Reed's Ginger Brew made in small batches where they are brewed ever so carefully and aged like wine using extraordinary spices, fruits, roots and herbs to be bottled.

Reed's Ginger Brew is free from preservatives and anything artificial to ensure you phenomenal flavor that's like no other soda!

Did you know that Reed's Ginger Brew was the first ever soda that was commercially brewed in the world ? They also  won a national and international gourmet foo…

Honey Mama's Cacao-nectar bars

Honey Mama's are crafted by hand Where they are made with the finest of ingredients.
Honey mama's bars are made with only five ingredients!
Sprouted nuts Raw local honey  Unrefined oils
Nutrient rich and alkalizing cacao
Honey mama's are free from grains, soy, egg, dairy and gluten as well as non GMO.
Honey mama's bars come in six delicious flavors.
Lavender red rose Oregon peppermint  Mayan spice  Dutch Cocononut Peruvian raw
I was provided with Honey Mama's bars to sample 
Oregon Peppermint:
So rich and creamy from luscious chocolate with the cooling sensation of peppermint.
This bar was insanely delicious from the moment I bit  into it I was in heaven that melt in your mouth chocolate so creamy with a kiss of peppermint.
It reminded me of one of my most favorite desserts from Hail Merry's their chocolate mint tart so rich, creamy, minty, luscious and delicious!
It was the perfect little treat!
Lavender Red Rose:
Luscious , sweet creamy cacao sweetened with …

Gopal's Health Foods Review & Recipe

It all began with Stefan Knueppel founder of Gopal's Health foods where he had a passion to share his spiritual journey that he had while in India.
It wasn't until he was back in the United States that he had taken an interest in making his way across country in an RV selling books about higher consciousness where he then learned that through food would be a better way to branch out to people.
He began in San Diego making hand crafted snack bars where he then brought them to health food shops in the area.
His handcrafted so called "spiritual snacks" were a hit and in the year of 2002 he began Gopal's Health Foods where he started a brand new line of raw and organic plant based snacks.
Gopal's health foods products are made with real raw ingredients that are certified organic, vegan, gluten free and also non GMO .

Their products include 
Rawnesan  Rawma bars Power wraps Sprouties Power munchies Nut & seed butters 
Coconut Butter:
Coconut butter goes great…