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Cynfully Delicious Healthy Fudge Treats

It all began with Cyndi founder of Cynfully Delicious when she was diagnosed with a number of autoimmune disorders and had digestive issues like candida, parasites, leaky gut, hypoglycemia which resulted in cravings for all things sugary. 

Cyndi then decided in 2014 it was time to make a change not only in her career but life as well so she began researching on nutrition to heal her body through food.

One of Cyndi's main goals was with sugar cravings so she then cut refined sugars out of her lifestyle and was in search for a snack that offered a touch of sweetness and free from the following dairy, grains, gluten, eggs and refined sugars as well. 

In her search to find such a treat she whipped up her own snacks from scratch and it resulted in to a creamy delicious fudge made from high quality chocolate, all natural and organic ingredients sweetened with dates and a touch of maple syrup that is how Cynfully Delicious Fudge was born!

Cyndi first shared her Cynfully Delicious fudge with …

Bricks Organic Protein Bars

It all began with Michael Buck & Michelle Anne Williams founders of Bricks bars with the passion to develop a bar that wasn't just a snack but a meal that was not only nutritious but delicious made for your convenience that are made with organic Grass Fed Meats, nuts, fruits and seeds that are slightly processed and GMO free! 

Brick's Organic Protein Bars are 

Grain FreeGluten FreeSoy FreeMilk FreeGMO FreePaleo Certified meal barsrich in omega 3 fatty acidspacked with protein

Organic Beef Uncured Bacon Cranberry & Sunflower Seed Bar:

Meet Brick's Bar original with 100% Grass Fed beef that is bursting with meaty goodness from tender cuts of beef, crispy bacon, tangy cranberries, with sunflower seeds for crunch all finished to perfection with a black pepper kick that'll knock your socks off! 

The Organic Beef bar made with uncured crispy bacon, tangy cranberries and earthy sunflower seeds reminded me of an Epic bar it offered the same flavor from the tart cranberries,…

Pure Growth Organic

It all began with the passion to provide wholesome snacking making it that much more delicious and fun for children that are budget friendly.

Pure Growth Organic Products are 

Certified KosherUSDA Organicbaked & popped in the USA Pure Growth Organic contains none of the bad stuff such as
No artificial FlavorsNo High Fructose Corn SyrupNo CholesterolNo Trans fat Pure Growth Organic products offer a variety of breakfast foods and snacks which include
Veggie ChipsBreakfast BiscuitsBreakfast BarsAnimal CrackersOatmealPopcornSuper ChipsSnack mixPretzelsWhen it comes to snacking I look for something that is not only healthy but tastes great as well and Pure Growth Organic products deliver wholesome ingredients that my family and I feel great about!
I was so excited when a box of Pure Growth Organic goodies showed up on my doorstep to review I couldn't wait to see what was inside !

Breakfast Foods-

Chocolate Breakfast Biscuits:
rich creamy chocolate with a satisfying crunch goes great with a …

MW Polar All Natural Chunk Light Tuna

It all began in 1976 with a passion to provide foods that weren't just healthy but shelf stable and that delivered impeccable taste. 
MW Polar is a company ran by family that has expanded their merchandise of vegetables, fruits, seafood, snacks, Asian  products and non-food products to wholesalers, food service , and major retailers with not only great value but high quality!
MW Polar products are
Gluten FreeAll NaturalBPI CertifiedKosher Certified

Polar Tuna is made without any chemicals or fillers which would be used to intensify the flavor, volume or even color. 
Polar Chunk light tuna is Sustainability caught being dolphin safe and is also Kosher Certified. 
I love tuna it's fresh , packed with tons of protein and can be added to so many dishes from tuna noodle casserole, to salads, even sandwiches or served with crackers for a light lunch! 
When it comes to seafood tuna is my favorite it's fresh, goes perfectly on sandwiches or even crackers even salads it's one of my mu…

Pickled Planet Sauerkraut

It all began in Ashland, Oregon the year of 2002 by founder of Pickled Planet Courtlandt Jennings where he was driven to make fantastic fermented vegetables where he started out concocting such delicious ferments that would be sold statewide by 2004. 

Courtlandt started off first by fermenting breads when he was in highschool then later he learned how ferment beer, kombucha, sprout water, rejuvelac and then pickles krauts followed shortly after.

At the tender age of nine years old he discovered a health problem and gave up eating white flour and sugar which later opened his eyes to various subcultures, self healing and also healing the body with healthy foods.

Pickled Planet products include

Organic Raw Great Plain SauerkrautKim CheeKorean KimchiDill E. GentBeat KrautLove KrautVeda KrautVelvet SeaDilly Beans Fermented PicklesTaqueria Mix PicklesFull Sour PicklesHerbal Aralia SauerkrautBurdock & BerriesNettle KrautSpring GreensSeasonal Fermented Flavors :
Mo' Rockin'Liberty Cabb…

Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea

It all began with alchemist Ahmed Rahim and his sister artist Reem Rahim in Oakland , California the year of 1999 where they were inspired by a Middle Eastern drink made up of dried limes and Numi Organic Tea was born!

Numi Tea is made by hand with real ingredients such as flowers, spices and fruits that are Fair Trade Certified and Organic.

When it comes to Numi Tea they chose organic tea because not only does it help the protection of our health as in the tea consumer or drinker if you will but the farmer as well because they carefully select the finest of ingredients from fruits, flowers and spices to add great flavor without any chemicals .

Although I am not much of a tea drinker I find myself fixing a cup when there's a slight chill in the weather to not only warm my senses but hands as well it's so relaxing and inviting especially on a cold snowy day!

I received a sample of Numi's Organic Jasmine Green tea to sample and couldn't wait to warm me up a cup! 

Green Tea Va…

Nivea In-Shower Cocoa Butter Body Lotion

Winter so far has done a number on my skin leaving it both cracked and dry so when I received my free sample of Nivea In-Shower body lotion infused with cocoa butter I couldn't wait to use it! 
Ever since I was a teenager I have been a fan of Nivea products and when I heard about their new In-Shower body lotion at first I thought was weird a lotion that you can use in the shower? Let me tell you though it works and I love it! I loved that it was easy to apply and didn't offer that sticky feel leaving my skin oily in fact it left it full of moisture and the dryness was gone working like magic! 
Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion is water activated which helps absorb down deep within the skin to provide long lasting moisture for silky smooth touchable skin!
Nivea In-Shower body lotion is available in 
Nivea In-Shower Body lotion hydrating 24hr moisture for normal to dry skinNivea In-Shower shea butter Body Lotion smoothing 24hr moisture for dry skinNivea In-Shower cocoa butter Body Lotion …

Old Orchard Brand's 20th Anniversary Bottle Bash Sweepstakes !

It all began with owner and proud founder of Old Orchard Juice company Mark Saur when he made the choice to go a different route with average frozen juices and concocted bottled shelf stable ones. 

Old Orchard Juice company today now offers more than 85 varieties of their bottled juices and has became the one of the most popular shelf-stable juice within the United States. 

Old Orchard juices have been a household staple since I was a little girl from apple to cranberry you name it we had it! I loved the taste of their juice it was like no other sweet but not too sweet, fruity, crisp and delicious available in many flavors to choose from!

I received an email to celebrate a very special event from my all time favorite juice company to celebrate their 20th Anniversary and how could I resist the crisp, sweet, and fruity taste of them?! I mean it's bursting with fruity flavor in each sip from apple cranberry to peach mango and classic lemonade on a hot Summer's day there's nothin…