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Pierre's ice cream review!

Serving good quality ice cream since 1932!

Being Halloween and all I had to treat myself to something indulgent and sweet and what's better than Pierre's ice cream
That's right I was sent some of Pierre's ice cream for review and it showed up on Halloween!! Perfect Halloween gift to me! 
I was ecstatic when I opened the box whoa, creamy goodness and I couldn't wait to crack open a pint and try it! 
They have a wide assortment of flavors such as:
Pierre's hola! fruta: (Premium all natural fruit sherbet) Black cherry lemon Piña colada:
Now I've tried a pineapple sherbet before but never piña colada and wow I'm glad I have because it's fruity, creamy, full of delicious flavor and you can blend it up in a smoothie!

Strawberry Pomegranate blueberry Peach Mango Margarita

Pierre's yovation: frozen yogurt with probiotics  Vanilla pomegranate blueberry Vanilla

I was sent these yummy flavors listed below that I will share my take on each on in yummy detail!!  Mocha mud pie…

Shakeology Review!

All of you may know that I have been on a mission to lose weight and have been very successful at it!
I was always overweight and almost two years ago I made a life changing choice and joined curves gym!
It was the best choice I've ever made because not only did it make me lose weight but it made me look and feel so much better about myself too.
I have lost a total of 94 pounds and I'm so proud, who would have thought that healthy eating and exercise could do so much!
Your probably thinking how does she do it?
Does she get sick of eating the same thing?
Truth is I change it up a bit so I'm not eating the same thing day after day, even with exercising!
I was ecstatic when I was contacted by Sheryl Plouffe because she is an extraordinary fitness business expert and sent me some of these delicious shakes by Shakeology to try out!

I absolutely love smoothies and for quite sometime I've been drinking them for breakfast, so when I was sent the samples I couldn't wait to try the…

Truvia Crowdtap Sampling

I absolutely love coffee and when I found out that I would be receiving Truvia samples from crowdtap I couldn't wait to give them a try because I don't take my coffee plain I love to  at least sweeten it up with just a bit of sugar, some milk or a drizzle of caramel. It makes the perfect cup of coffee!
Here's a shot of the Truvia samples I received from the crowdtap sampling! Time to replace sugar and make a #sweetswitch with Truvia!
Now for my mom though whom I shared my Truvia samples with takes her coffee with cream and no sugar substitutes in it at all but made her try some anyway!
Here's a shot of the coffee as soon as it started dripping from the Keurig!
Moms thoughts:
She thought it was surprisingly good not too sugary and offered the right amount of sweetness to the cup of coffee!
My thoughts: Not too sweet which was good because some sugar substitutes are either too sugary or have a weird metallic taste to them, will works great in my favorite drink which is smoothies,…

Green Mountain coffee fair trade bzzagent campaign!

I absolutely love coffee and was super psyched when I got into this bzzagent campaign!
You ever have a cup of coffee that just doesn't taste right!?
Just makes you want to pour it out and start all over, whether it be the sweetener you use for the coffee, cream or the flavor of the coffee itself it can make your cup of coffee dreadful!
Green Mountain coffee is the best ever and you don't have to go to a fancy coffee shop to get it either, you can make it in the comfort of your own home and enjoy it in front of the fireplace or even outside!
I was sent three continent blend for this campaign and couldn't wait to try it, hello it's coffee and I love it!

You can even add a dollop of whip cream and a swirl of caramel if you'd like or some cream or even milk! 

Great coffee, was a bit stronger than I'm used to but it tasted very good along with some vanilla almond milk and a dusting of Truvia!
Tastes great no matter what you use in it!
Facts: Fair trade certified Every coffee …

Old Orchard Juice Review and giveaway!

I don't know about you but when I have breakfast I want something sweet and delicious to drink and Old Orchard juices sure are yummy, and best of all kids love them too!
They come in many varieties such as:
Pineapple orange Berry blend Apple cherry  Apple Apple passion mango Blueberry pomegranate  Apple strawberry banana  Grape Pineapple  And more!
I was sent some coupons for review to try out their new fruit and veggie juices but silly me bought the wrong juice!
Oh no!
I will buy them myself and tell you how they taste!
They offer the fruit and veggie ones in these tasty flavors:
Strawberry banana Peach mango And blueberry pomegranate 
Sweet facts:
Full serving of vegetables and fruit No artificial preserver actives, colors or sweeteners  No added sugars 100% vitamin c
Enter below to try fruit and veggie frozen drinks for yourself!
Good luck on the giveaway!

Yves Rocher eyeshadows review!

Yves Rocher Whether your going out with a bunch of friends or with your honey you wear some sort of makeup whether it's blush, lipgloss, mascara or eye shadow to feel fancy, am I right?
Well I got a very colorful review from yves rocher makeup for you!
In the photo above I was wearing a purple eyeshadow and loved the color it wasn't too dark and shimmered on my eyelids making them look ever so beautiful!
I was sent an assortment of eye shadows for review and couldn't wait to swipe them on my eyelids and try them!
Was wearing a bronze color in this photo: Loved the color and went along great with the sweater I was wearing!
In this photo I'm wearing a light blue eyeshadow and absolutely love the color it looks fantastic on me and it's not too dark.

Some colors don't look right whether it's too dark of a color or too light.
I have a light skin complexion and love blue eyeshadow, brown or even purple. My eyes are brown  so they bring out the colors of my eyes and with …

Litlsquirts natural fruit juice review!

Ever wonder what's in your juices that you and your kids consume on a daily basis at breakfast time?
It's time to rethink your drink people, most drinks have an average of a days worth of sugar in them which we all could cut back on very easily by switching just one drink a day with litlsquirts whether it be soda or sports drink! Litlsquirts  sent me some of their flavorful spring waters for a review!
I couldn't wait to try them!
I opened them right away and took a taste from each one of them!
I couldn't believe how great they tasted, and it tasted just like one of those junk drinks we all secretly love!
Blueberry apple:  absolutely loved the taste, to me it tasted like a grape juice without all those nasty chemicals that our bodies don't need!great flavor and a juice that kids will love!
Raspberry apple:  great taste! Tasted just like juicy juice !
Blueberry lemonade:  delicious blueberry flavor with a hint of lemon on the tip of your tongue!
Less than 90 calories per b…

Starkist Tuna Creations Crowdtap Sampling

I have been a member of this site called crowdtap for quite sometime now and love it! 
For doing certain tasks we earn gift cards or even sampling opportunities to try out cool products from certain brands!
I was ecstatic when I got to sample starkist ranch flavored tuna through crowdtap, I just couldn't wait to give it a try.
I love ranch flavored products but never tried ranch tuna before so I was thinking up different ways that I could use the tuna from my sampling.
You can either use it on a sandwich, crackers, or on a salad like I did!
I loved the taste of it wasn't overall fishy or a strong ranch flavor which was fantastic and worked perfectly in my salad!
Of course I had to dish it up with some Mac and cheese!

SLIMFESSIONS klout perk !

The summer has come to an end and we are approaching the holidays again fast!
With that in mind we have all done it, and all it does is makes us feel guilty in the end after.
I'm taking about over eating all those sweets around the holidays whether it be cookies, brownies, pies or even cake!
I received the SLIMFESSIONS perk from klout and it came with a journal and a coupon redeemable for a free product of my choice.
So since I'm on a smoothie kick lately I grabbed the vanilla shakes in the slim fast line at my local stop and shop because they are quick and easy, plus they are sweet and helps with those sweet tooth cravings!

Ecotools lashes klout perk!

I've been a member on klout for quite some time now and have received really cool perks to try out!
Whatever topics your influential in such as beauty, food, pets, fitness etc. you'll get to try out products for free!
It's totally awesome and I love being a member!
Recently I received a perk from them that includes false eye lashes and the tools to use to make your lashes ever so fabulous!

Klout Wavy Lays Chips Perk !

I'm an influencer on this website called Klout and have tried out all kinds do awesome products from food to movies and love being a member!
I was recently perked with Lays potato chips the new wavy style!
I was sent these three flavors:
Roasted Garlic and sea salt: So yummy and tastes like garlic bread!
Ranch: I absolutely love ranch flavored foods especially chips!
Original: Great for dipping with salsa, cream cheese, dip or even hummus!

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Review and Giveaway!

Since I made changes to my lifestyle and am more active with working out and walking I need a product that will last through out the day or workouts.
We all do it while working out and at times it can be gross and a bit embarrassing especially when your deodorant doesn't last so you try out a different product to take care of the problem whether it be odor or wetness.
Have you ever heard the ingredients on the back of some deodorants ?
You might want to think of using one that's more safe especially without aluminum, they can penetrate the skin without even knowing it.
I've tried so many deodorants in my lifetime whether it's gel, roll on or a solid stick to prevent odor from liquid awesome sweat or to keep me fresh and dry, it can be a bit pricey but don't you want a decoder ant brand you can trust rather than wearing one that doesn't do it's job!?
I've found these wonderful products that are aluminum free from NaturallyFresh and was sent them for a review.

Dr. Scholls Active Series Insoles Influenster Voxbox

I love being a member on the website Influenster, I've tried out so many great products that I now use daily!
Just recently I was given a pair of the new insoles from Dr. Scholl's to test out being that I am a lot more active than I used to be and these work wonders on my feet Since I'm always on the go!
They provide comfort while walking or even running!
Being active has never felt so great!

Here is a photo I snapped after I inserted the soles into my nice running shoes before I went out the door for some fresh air!

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Review and Giveaway!

I've tried many chocolates throughout my lifetime but have never savored delicious artisanal chocolates from Belgium like these tasty creations from  Guylian chocolates . 
Guy Foubert passionate chocolatier making handmade chocolates in Sint-Niklaas Belgium and in 1958 Guy and his wife Liliane created chocolatier Guylian and today are sold in 100 countries across the world! 
So excited to be reviewing their chocolates!
First throughout before I ate one was that they are almost too pretty to eat!
I mean come on now they are shaped like sea a shells with designs on them and even sea horses!
They are both luscious and sweet and don't melt in your hand!
With the holidays approaching us these chocolates will make great gifts for our loved ones!
Hint hint!
Filled with smooth milk, white and dark Belgian chocolate and then has the most delectable hazelnut filling in each bite!
Since I was sent so much chocolates for review I am sharing them with my family, friends and co workers so they too c…

Element Bars Review!

Looking for a snack that is not only healthy packed with nutrients but keeps you fuller longer?
Especially when your on the go all day you need something to keep you going throughout the day, Element bars do just that.
Packed with all of the nutrients that our bodies need such as fruits and nuts.
I was sent two bars for review and couldn't wait to try them when they arrived!
You can actually make your own bar on their website too!
How cool is that!?
Banana repair:

Whoa, this bar was insanely delicious! To me it tasted like a banana chocolate chip muffin!
Good morning bar:
I brought this bar with me to work today for a snack to hold me over till lunch and I'm glad I did because this bar was so delicious! To me it tasted just like an oatmeal cookie with plump juicy raisins in it! 



Old London Foods Review!

This time of year it's getting cooler which means foods to warm us up such as soup and stews!

I don't know about you but I love a good topping on my soups whether it's some cheese grated up on top, a dollop of sour cream or crunchy and delicious crackers!

These snacks from Old London make the perfect topping for soups and even dipping!

Works great with:


They also carry these varieties as well.

Melba toasts:

Whole grain
Salt free
Sour dough
Rosemary and olive oil

Melba snacks:
Whole grain
White cheddar
Roasted garlic
Sea salt
Whole grain and healthy
Spicy 3 pepper

Bagel chips:

French onion
Sea salt
Spicy cheddar
Garlic and herb

JJ Flats: (new product) also received coupons for them, but couldn't find them at the store.

Seven grain flat bread
Everything flat bread
Sesame flat bread
Roasted garlic flat bread


All natural
Great for snacking
Tons of flavor

French onion bagel crisps:
Love the French onion flavor it's not too overpowering and works gr…

Peanut Principle Review!

Looking for a delicious snack that's not only good for you but is full of protein, especially after an intense workout!?
Peanut butter is nutty, full of flavor and a great source of protein and comes in many flavors!
I used to not eat it for a while due to high fat content but if you eat it in moderation it's not so bad and it's a healthy fat.
Anyways let's get on with the review!
When I saw all of the yummy different peanut butters that Peanut Principle had to offer I just had to try them out!
Shannon and joe have been in the nut business for 15 years and they make their nut butters with the highest quality of ingredients.
Dry roasted and oh so delicious!
They have all sorts of flavors and they go along great with anything imaginable!
Works well with: Rice cakes Smoothies As a frosting  Crackers Bagels Fruits such as bananas and apples And more!!
Totally psyched when I was sent some for review, they sent me these five flavors.
Razz it up:

I was looking for a snack to make after my work…