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GuiltFree Pastries

It all began with foodie and chef Brandon founder of GuiltFree Pastries when he discovered his lifestyle was far from healthy and was driven to lose weight.

Within 110 days he had lost a total of 125 pounds and later on in March of 2013 Brandon succumbed to an allergic reaction to gluten which resulted in him concocting recipes in which he could still satisfy his sweet tooth and remain healthy too so in the kitchen he went for a creation that was not only delicious but free from grains and gluten in which GuiltFree Pastires was born !

Brandon's first GuiltFree Pastries creation was a brownie that was made with avacado giving them that moist texture so rich yet so delicious without any processed sugar, grains, gluten or butter using both local and organic ingredients.

Since then Brandon added muffins, cookies and brownies to the GuiltFree pastries line!

Who can benefit from a gluten free diet ? 

A diet free of gluten is great for anyone studies have shown that it helps improve with all…

SweetNote Bakery Gluten Free & Allergen Free Bagels

It all began with Michelle and the "crazy bagelers" when their family members were diagnosed with food allergies and celiac disease . 
They wanted that authentic New York style bagel only without the gluten and other allergens and after many failed attempts sweetnote bagels was born ! 
SweetNote bagels aren't only free from gluten but other allergens 
*Dairy *Peanuts *Treenuts *Gluten *Eggs *Soy
SweetNote makes their authentic bagels with simple ingredients 
Flour blend Psyllium husk Molasses  Olive oil Water Yeast Salt Sugar 
Sweet note bagels are free from additives , certified kosher and non GMO 
Sweetnote  bagels offer that authentic New York style bagel feel and taste from their crispy flaky crust on the outside with that soft chewy center on the inside .

With SweetNote bagels you can find a variety of flavors ranging from sweet to savory which include 
Everything Plain Cinnamon raisin  French toast  Tomato basil Onion  Poppy Salt Garlic Garlic & Herb  Sunrise Unicorn 
There's nothing like …

Eva Ruth's Wheat & Gluten Free Specialty Bakery

It all began in the small town of Middletown, Rhode Island the during 2009 with a passion for baking not just any desserts but those that are free of both wheat and gluten by Ruth Flynn where she discovered just how hard it was in locating top notch gluten-free treats and made it into reality when she concocted her very own muffins, brownies, cakes and cookies.

Before Ruth started as a Gluten-Free chef she began as a New England cardiovascular 
sales representative for GE medical systems, then later in 2010 Ruth called it quits and opened the doors to Eva Ruth's gluten and wheat free bakery offering an array of decadent cakes, pastries, cupcakes plus full sized breads both fresh and frozen ! 

How could I have lived in Rhode Island practically all my life and not have known about Eva Ruth's bakery in Middletown let alone that you could find her baked goods in the frozen foods section at select grocery stores across both Massachusetts and Rhode Island !? 

Gluten and I are no longer …

Poland Spring brand Sparkling Waters 7 Day Challenge with smiley360

It all began when a glacier made it's way into the ocean nestling in Maine over 20,000 years ago where it was safely tucked into the land materializing into natural springs.
Before that let's go way back to a time before Poland Spring became a well known water brand it started as an inn owned and run by the Ricker family in 1797 who was the first person to ever take a sip of the fresh and clean water from it's natural source and noticed just how refreshing it was !
Hydration is so important especially when it's the summer time and super hot out, I can't stress that enough whether you are laying on the beach , riding a bike, jogging etc. drinking water is key it's refreshing and also quenches thirst! 
What better way to help beat the heat than with a burst of fun and fruity flavors from Poland Springs brand of sparkling waters?
I'm on the 7 day challenge with Poland Spring and smiley360 where I'm replenishing my my body with Poland Spring Sparkling water twi…

The Sanctuary At Soledad Goats Vegan cheese Review

It all began with Violet the goat who won over the hearts of Goat cheese farmer Carol and Julian Pearce being the very last baby to be born on their farm, they couldn't fathom the idea of bringing in anymore into the world with so many animals who are in desperate need of help and with that being said The Sanctuary Of Soledad is now the proud home to over 100 horses, pigs, dogs, chickens, turkeys and goats that have been rescued.

The Sanctuary at Soledad goat cheese is made without any animal products, gums, or carrageenan.

Their unique yet creamy blend of cheese is sourced from plants using the finest of ingredients that are all natural and non GMO.

What makes The Sanctuary at Soledad vegan cheese so unique is their unique blend of nuts that they are made with such as pine nuts, macadamia and cashews providing you with a rich and creamy texture like the real thing without the dairy!

The Sanctuary at Soledad offers 12 flavors of cheeses to choose from that add both great texture and f…

My Haagen-Dazs Aah moment with Crowdtap

It all began with Reuben Mattus where he turned his dream of providing the world with delicious ice cream made with high quality ingredients  starting off with the classic flavors of vanilla, coffee and decadent chocolate and that is how Haagen-Dazs was born !
Haagen-Dazs ice cream is made with cows milk that isn't treated with the growth hormone rBST .
Haagen-Dazs contains no GMO's 
Some flavors are free from gluten whereas others aren't. 

Ever since I was a kid my favorite treat has been ice cream whether it's on a hot summer day, a birthday or holiday feast it's the perfect little treat when craving something sweet plus who could resist the cool creaminess of ice cream ? 
Sure I've tried all sorts of brands and flavors of rich cool and creamy ice cream goodness but never Haagen-Dazs until now that is thanks to Crowdtap! 
I can't believe I've never tried Haagen-Dazs their ice cream provides a creamy consistency like no other ice cream I've tried …

Lovebean Dairy Free Super Food Chocolate and Caramel Spreads Review!

Spread on a little love with Lovebean Superfood fudge spread ! 

Lovebean superfood  fudge is a raw spread that is not only the perfect topping for any baked good but is also vegan, Paleo and raw!

 Lovebean Fudge spreads are made from organic ingredients and are based with coconut oil providing us with healthy fats plus rich in antioxidants.

:Lovebean is made without any of the following

*Refined Sugar

It all began with the intent to create the most delicious chocolate bar in Costa Rica where Mr. Lovebean was residing out by the breathtaking beaches, all of the ingredients were there but finding chocolate that was not only organic but healthy too was next to impossible at local retailers. 

He then realized just how much hard work went into making chocolate bars entailed so he chose a different route and concocted Lovebean Fudge ! 

Lovebean Fudge provides a creamy yet delectable texture and taste that any chocoholic is sure to love! It's thick, it's creamy,…