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American Flatbread Social Nature Sampling!

What's your all time favorite food? Mine is pizza from the sauce to the bubbly cheese that melts into your mouth with all the toppings that you desire whether vegetables , meat even seafood. Just recently I was given the opportunity from Social Nature to try out American Flatbread's pizza and jumped at it. I mean hello.. it's pizza!
When it comes to pizza I usually make it fresh at home but with the holidays and all it's been hectic but American Flatbread's was a life saver plus it took less than 10 minutes! 

I picked up American Flatbread's Vegan Harvest pizza up at my local Whole Food's market and couldn't wait to pop it into the oven when I got home after the cooking and preparing Christmas dinner along with the shopping this pizza was a special treat!
First let me tell you about American Flatbread's company first before I get into their cheesy goodness!
It all began with George Schenk founder of American Flatbread who believes that food is more than…

November 2018 Sampler Box Samples!

I have been a member of Sampler for quite sometime now and have reviewed all sorts of things from snacks to beauty products.

If you enjoy trying out free samples then join Sampler they have great products that you and the family will love!

Becoming  a Sampler member is easy all you have to do is join, plus it's free no credit card required. Then you will answer their survey based on your answers products will be chosen for you.

Every so often there are new products given to you so be sure to check when they are available to you via text or email.

Just recently in my November Sampler box I was given Trident Vibes spearmint rush gum and Clinere earwax cleaners.

Trident Vibes spearmint rush gum offers a crunchy outer shell with a refreshing minty taste with flavorful beads that pop as you chew. So freshen your breath today with Trident Vibes! 

Trident Vibes gum is available in

Spearmint Rush Tropical BeatOoh La Lemon

You can find Trident Vibes gum at a Walgreens nearest you.

Cotton swabs coul…

PinchMe: Purina Puppy Chow Healthy Start Nutrition

Jack received a sample from Pinchme of Purina's Puppy Chow Healthy Start Nutrition Complete with Real Chicken and Rice which he is beyond excited for, as a pup it was his favorite!

Purina Puppy Chow Healthy Start Nutrition is made with American Raised real chicken and rice.

Purina's Puppy Chow is made up of building blocks of nutrition with a total of 30% more protein compared to the leading adult dog food, it's highly digestible , DHA from fish oil and Vitamin C

Ideal Body Condition Chart:

Too thin- ribs are exceptionally visible. Up the amount you are feeding for 2-3 weeks and then reevaluate.

Ideal- if you feel the outline of the ribs. puppies that are at a healthy weight offer an hourglass like figure.

Too Heavy- A puppy that has no waist and rounded belly then decrease the amount you are feeding for 2-3 weeks and then reevaluate.

Here are the recommended daily feeding amounts using a standard 8oz measuring cup.

Breed Size/ Weight at Maturity1-1/2 - 3 Months4 - 5 Months6 - 8 …

Vita Fiber Wild Blueberry Cranberry Sauce (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving, now we all have that favorite dish that is a must at the table am I right? Well today I am going to talk about one of my favorites. It's tart, it's sweet, and makes for a great topping on any sandwich. I'm talking about Cranberry Sauce!

Ever since I was a kid I have always loved cranberry sauce it was what I looked forward to every Holiday especially for those leftovers sandwiches that is. Growing up we always bought the canned cranberry sauce but since then I've made my own and have never bought store bought again to me fresh is better. 

There is something about cranberry sauce that I love from the tart taste to health benefits and they are versatile from salads, to side dishes , baked goods like muffins, scones, even breads and make for the perfect spread to any sandwich.

For Thanksgiving I whipped up Medical Medium's Wild Blueberry Cranberry Sauce but switched it up a bit and used my vita fiber powder sweetener. 

I have made cr…

My Sleep Number in store experience with Smiley360!

How many times have you had a restless sleep leaving you feeling tired and achy the next morning? 
Did you know that it could be your pillow that is causing you to toss and turn all night long?
I am on the Sleep Number Bed and Pillow Solutions mission with Smiley360 and visited a sleep number store to not only learn about them but test out their beds and pillows. 
I don't know how many mornings I have woken up with a stiff back and or neck leaving me feeling tired.
I was super excited when I was selected for the Sleep Number mission because I have heard about their products before, I mean have you ever seen the commercials? The actors look like they are getting a good nights sleep and now I can too!
From the moment I walked into the Sleep Number store I was at ease it felt like home the employee that I spoke with was friendly and was more than happy to answer any questions that I had making the experience comfortable not to mention relaxing.
 As soon as I hopped up onto the bed I felt r…

BuckWhat! Foods Noshes !

It all began with Founder Leeann who was born and raised in Klev, Ukraine where buckwheat, also known as gretchka is a popular ingredient that is found in numerous dishes.

Leeann is a hard working mom  of two beautiful children with an abundance of energy and she feels passionate about not only providing herself with nutritious foods but children as well.

Leeann came to the realization when she was short on time the so called "healthy" convenient snacks were anything but containing loads of sugar which inspired her to create her very own nutritious snack using buckwheat finding it to be versatile which is how Buck What foods began!

Buck What! was created to share the great taste of buckwheat and numerous health benefits that all can enjoy!

So why is Buck What made with buckwheat? 

Buck what is made with buckwheat because it's a super food that is chock full of nutrients such as protein, fiber, zinc, and magnese plus it is low in glycemic index which makes you feel fuller for …

VitaFiber IMO Prebiotic Fiber Sweetener !

Who doesn't love the warm aroma of cinnamon wafting through the house on a crisp day, especially when they are cinnamon buns!? 

As a little girl each Christmas morning my mom would be in the kitchen baking up a batch of cinnamon buns with the sweet buttery icing on top you know which ones I'm talking about yup the one that woo hoo on the commercial when you poked his belly with the chef hat? Pillsbury dough boy baby that's who! 

The icing on top was literally my favorite part it was sweet, creamy and made Christmas morning extra special.

What I loved was the warm cinnamon sweetness paired with the gooey icing that made the buns chewy with a crispy flaky texture on the outside making them the perfect breakfast and or dessert now paired with coffee of course rather than an ice cold glass of milk.

When the air gets crisp I find myself craving sweets so in the kitchen it is to bake all things sweet especially my all time favorite breakfast food..yup you guessed it CINNAMON BUNS! W…

Smiley360 Sampling : Wipe Away grime with Kaboom! Tub, Tile and shower cleaner!

Got soap scum buildup in the bathroom? Wipe it away with Kaboom Shower, Tub & Tile which is a potent cleaning agent that can handle all of your bathroom's imperfections safely. Kaboom Shower, Tub & Tile also is a great cleaner to use on grout as well as sinks. 
You only need one product when it comes to cleaning which is Kaboom Shower, Tub & Tile because it's made with OxiClean to help fight stains that are potent enough to handle all sorts of stains on any surface such as soap scum, hard water buildup, calcium, lime stains, grease and grime which won't back down with Kaboom! 
All you have to do is spray on Kaboom Shower, Tub & Tile to any surface, stain etc. and it does the work for you all you've got to do is wipe away revealing an illuminating shine like you've never seen before!

Here is a before photo    Before I started cleaning with Kaboom the tub was disgusting to say the least with soap scum, dog hair etc. I have never used Kaboom so when I was …

The Sample Source : Fall 2018 samples!

I love this time of year with the crisp Autumn air and the beautiful colorful leaves that crunch beneath your feet as you bundle up in a sweatshirt all while sipping on pumpkin spice lattes of course not  to mention when The Sample Source samples that I get to try out!

Sample Source is a company where you get to try products before you buy ranging from beauty to snacks even for your fur baby! 

I have been a member of Sample Source for quite sometime now and have tried out all sorts of products that I love and have added them as a must in my household. 

Before I talk about the samples that I received in my Fall 2018 box I want to tell you more about the company.

The Sample Source is free and easy to join, if you like being able to try out products before you buy then I suggest you must! You will not be disappointed! With Sample Source you will try out all kinds of products for free such as beauty care, makeup, household cleaning and my favorite snacks of course! Who doesn't love trying…