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Coppersole Socks Bzzagent campaign

Not long ago I was selected on Bzzagent for the Copper Sole socks campaign and I was sent not one but three pairs of socks to get to try out for free! These socks aren't your ordinary socks either. 
So what's so important about Copper Sole socks and why are they different from any other sock brand out on the market? What makes Copper Sole socks so special is that they are the only socks with Cupron anti fungal fibers that help prevent and eliminate athletes foot as well as improve the elasticity of your skin and kills foot  odors.
If you have children that play sports you know it can get pretty stinky! I don't know what's worse grass stains or smelly dirty gym socks! Ugh they are both right up there when it comes to the big ole stink factor! 

My nephew whom I love so much is on his high school football team and they work hard between practices and games and they work up quite a sweat and they get pretty dirty from being knocked down and stinky from sweat. Have you eve…

Skinny and company coconut oil review !

It all began three years ago with two brothers by the names of Luke and Matt Geddie and took off on a journey to Laos, India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand with a strong need to see what nature had in store for them. 
They worked as consultants for Thai businesses and volunteering in orphanages in India where they met wonderful people whom they created relationships with but experienced all so much that they would remember forever and share with loved ones for a lifetime. 
Opportunity was knocking in the beautiful country of Vietnam where Luke and Matt had found a culture of humble and friendly people that were living along the rich ecosystems that were spread across Vietnam which showed no signs of war from the past only vibrant colorful fruits and vegetables and grains that grew in the fertile soil of the jungles. 
That's when they found an array of healthy foods and they had gained sight for Vietnam through an idea to support the local community. 
An idea came to them in Sout…

Great Low Carb Bread company Review !

Healthy foods shouldn't taste bad or have the consistency of a sponge when you bite into them. I've tried many foods throughout my weight loss journey and some offer a cardboard like taste and just are awful. Are you tired of eating healthy foods that lack flavor if so then you have got to check out this wonderful company by the name of Great Low Carb Bread Company that believes in healthy food that tastes good. They have all sorts of products from breads, bagels, muffins and much more! 
Great Low Carb products won't raise your blood sugar.
All natural Non GMO Low in carbs

I came across Great Low Carb on Instagram and just had to try them their products sounded so delicious from their breads to their desserts and much more ! 
Great Low Carb bread company sent me some of their products for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
I couldn't wait to try them all of the products out that I was sent. Here is what I received !

Everything bagel:

I absolutely love bagels plain, sesa…

Scott Naturals Toss The Tube Crowdtap Sampling !

It all began with brothers Clarence and E. Irvin Scott in 1879 when they founded the Scott paper company in Philadelphia.
They were the first ever company to market tissue rolls as toilet paper in 1890's where they met ones dire need for better hygiene while living in the Victorian-era let alone  being embarrassed about the topic. 
In 1907 Scott products introduced the good ole paper towel to help prevent the spread of cold and flu germs on cloth towels in bathrooms.
In 1931 Scott began selling paper towels for an easy sanitary solution in the kitchen such as when you clean after you've been slaving over a hot stove all day and need to wipe down the counters. 
Not long after they debuted paper napkins as well! 
In 1939 they were the biggest selling brand in the USA ! 
To this day Scott continues to grow their products on practical value and honest quality! 
In the 1960's Scott released the first ever towels with designer prints. It wasn't until the 1990's that Kimberly Cl…

Hidden Valley second annual Ranch feast with Crowdtap !

It all began over 50 years ago with Steve Henson a Nebraska-born cowboy who had visions of making it big. 
He and his high school sweetheart Gayle  headed out west.
Outside Santa Barbara Steve happened upon 120 acres of land that was tucked away between mountains, waterfalls, streams and a majestic view. Then in 1954 the family bought the land and then the Hidden Valley guest ranch was born ! 
At the ranch guests would enjoy the beautiful scenery by day and a delicious home cooked meal by night. 
What always brought the guests back wanting more was their famous homemade buttermilk salad dressing that was made with a special blend of herbs and spices. 
They loved it so much that they asked to take some home and soon enough there was a high demand for it because everybody raved about their dressing and not long after their business began ! 

Who would've thought that today ranch is the number one dressing of choice in America that's sold throughout the United States and also fou…

ZepCleansters Crowdtap Sampling !

With cold and flu season vastly approaching this product couldn't arrived at a better time! 
I was selected on Crowdtap to sample not one but two Zep cleaning products to help fight germs and combat messes with Zep Quick Clean disinfectant and Zep All-Around Oxy Cleaner and degreaser. 

The best part was that I received five samples to share along with my family and or friends. 
Did you know that everyday you and your family comes home they bring in germs? Such as cold and flu virus etc. You probably think well I clean with an antibacterial so I won't be catching any germs. Well what if I told you that anti bacterial cleaners take up to a whole ten minutes to disinfect the surface? Crazy right? 
You might want to rethink your anti bacterial cleaner.

With Zeps quick clean disinfectant all it takes is just 5 seconds to kill 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces such as countertops and more ! 
So what are you waiting for? Toss your antibacterial cleaner today and try Zeps quick clean dis…

Proud to be an Influenster member !

I've been a member on Influenster for quite sometime now and I do have to say I love it !  Let me tell you a little bit about their site first shall we.

On influenster you take surveys and based on your answers you'll receive a Voxbox which is filled with all sorts of products from makeup and more. 

I was selected for many voxboxes in the past and I do have to say my favorite one was the new Palmolive dish soap that came in three different scents that were amazing! They not only smelled good but they didn't dry my hands out when I washed the dishes and they made the dishes shine upon washing ! 

 I gotten all sorts of cool products to test out for free but I like how you get to interact with other Influenster members to share our thoughts about all kinds of products ranging from food to beauty and much more ! The site is so much fun and I highly recommend that you join today to become a member ! 

Ricola Lemon Zest Revitalizing herb drops crowdtap sampling !

Cold and flu got you feeling under the weather? Nothing to fear when you've got Ricola cough drops at your side! I don't know about you but whenever I'm suffering from a cough or cold there's just something about sucking on a cough drop that makes me feel better almost immediately. 
Today I am going to share a new product with you all from Ricola, I was selected for the Ricola revitalizing herb drops sampling on Crowdtap and was sent a bag of their new lemon zest herb drops! 
For as long as I could remember when I was sick lemon cough drops soothed my sore throat and suppressed my cough and felt better in no time with the proper care and rest of course. 
Revitalizing herb drops give you a natural boost of energy when that cough or cold gets in the way and knocks you down. Each revitalizing herb drop has an effervescent which is a powder filled center that contains B- Vitamins and a zesty lemon flavor! 
They are coated with the same mix of Swiss alpine herbs that Ricol…

Folgers Flavors Crowdtap Sampling !

Whether first thing in the morning with my breakfast or late in the afternoon I love to have is coffee! I don't know what it is maybe from the aroma of the beans that are wafting through the air on a crisp chilly morning or the warmth of the cup wrapped around my hands and the fact that it perks me right up to get ready for the day?
Or just maybe it's that first sip you get right out of a pot of freshly brewed coffee and the bold taste as you savor each and every sip to the last drop!
So how do you take your coffee? Black? Cream? Sugar? Well for me I love my coffee with almond milk and a bit of sugar sometimes and I absolutely love is flavored coffee.
You go to your local coffee shop and order your favorite coffee with a double shot of flavored syrup, sugar, whipped cream etc. and come to find out it's loaded with a ton of fat, sugar and calories. 
You say to yourself sure I can make it at home but it won't taste as good as the coffee shop where I get it from! 

Be Healthy Be Better Bup protein bars review !

Whether I'm working out in the gym or at home the most important thing after a workout is protein to nourish your body after a good workout. 
Especially when I'm on the run going to work after the gym or shopping etc. I like a snack that's easy to grab with no measuring involved so I grab a protein bar because it's easy and two some of them offer a lot more protein than yogurt.
When I came across Bup protein bars they caught my eye because not only are they all natural and offer 20 grams of protein but they make one flavor that I've never even heard of for a protein bar in my life and that my friends is sugar cookie !!! 

I knew right when I found them I just had to try them! 
One of my all time favorite cookies especially around the holidays is the sugar cookie because it's sweet and buttery and looks almost too pretty to eat with the sprinkles on top! 

Bup facts:
Offers a whopping 20 grams of protein  Low sodium Gluten free 
Bup sent me there bars for review in exchang…