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#HolidayGiftGuide 2015

The holidays are near and it's that special time of year to find the perfect gift for your loved one!

If you want your product reviewed please contact me  Next to Halloween Christmas is my favorite time of year from the first beautiful snowfall, the smell of pine trees, sipping on hot chocolate to keep warm on a cold winters night, the delicious smell of cookies baking in the oven, eggnog and the joy on my loved ones faces on Christmas morning as we all spend time together opening our gifts. 
It isn't the gifts that is the most important thing it's the time spent together, we all get together for a big breakfast on Christmas morning and cook together as a family.

Here are a few things that my family has been hinting at lately for the  upcoming holiday season. 
For the baker:

Practical Paleo cookbook because well who doesn't love to cook!?
Festive Pumpkin kitchen towels to add some festivity in the kitchen for Fall!   Pumpkin kitchen towels set so…

Apple Picking at Narrow Lane Orchard

My favorite past time has to be going apple picking with my family there was something about it that was just so exciting from the beautiful Fall colored leaves, the big bright orange pumpkins in the patch or the delicious sweet smell of the apples on their trees. 
There's something about Fall that I love the crisp air nipping at my nose, the way the leaves crunch beneath your feet as you walk, candy apples, apple cider, pumpkins I love it all its the most beautiful time of year when the leaves change colors it makes everything colorful and full of life. 
And how could I forget the apple cider after a long day at the orchard it was like the icing on the cake so crisp, sweet and delicious! 
Whether served hot or cold it's still a tasty treat! 
Ever since I was a kid my favorite fruit was apples.

The way they crunched when you took a bite, the way they made apple pies taste so sweet and delicious.
Tucked away in north Kingstown Rhode Island is Narrow Lane apple orchard where yo…

Homemade zucchini lasagna with Kite-Hill ricotta cheese

Kite-Hill started off with a dream for plant based food that would have all of the features that we rapture in the prime artisan dairy cheeses.
Kite-Hill products are for all food lovers from living a plant based diet or  seeking a more healthier lifestyle.
Kite-Hill offers more than just their artisanal almond milk products after all they are known for their  impeccable taste being a dairy free product. Their products are made with real simple ingredients  from an array of nut milk yogurts, cream cheese style spreads, entrees, artisanal delicacies and desserts.  With the crisp Fall weather here I've been not only in the mood to cook wholesome meals but have been craving lasagna lately and being that I've recently made changes within my diet it's been hard to say the least but  with a little research on Pinterest it hit me why not make lasagna with zucchini instead of lasagna noodles.
So as I was walking around WholeFoods I wandered into the cheese aisle and came across K…

Chomps 100% Grass Fed Beef Snack Sticks Review

It all began with Pete Maldonado when he realized that his favorite snack sticks were anything but healthy they were filled with preservatives as well as additives. He wanted something more cleaner to say the least but turned up empty handed. 
So he did what anybody else would do he concocted his own snack stick with clean ingredients where he used fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and lean protein in place of sugar and all that other icky stuff! 
Chomps snack sticks are free from synthetics, nitrites, gluten, soy, hormones, antibiotics, sugar and nitrates.
Chomps snack sticks are a great source of protein especially after a workout.
Did you know that Chomps snack sticks are infused with celery juice to extend their shelf life? Pretty nifty idea! 
Chomps Snack sticks come in three flavors such as original, crankin Cran and hoppin jalapeƱo. 
Chomps are rich in omega 3's as well as CLA. 
Chomps snack sticks are Paleo friendly and whole30 approved! 
They are perfect for a snack to ke…

Egg Muffin Cups recipe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and sometimes when we are so busy in our daily lives we might not get time to eat.
I have the perfect recipe for you that will save you time for those mornings that your in a rush and don't have time for a sit down meal whether your off to work, dropping the kids off at school, or headed to the gym.
As a kid I loved when mom would make english muffin breakfast sandwiches for my sister and I topped with eggs, bacon, cheese you name it they were insanely delicious and the perfect on the go breakfast! 
These breakfast muffin cups taste just like that only without the cheese and English muffin! 

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees 
While your waiting for the oven to heat up get out six eggs and crack them into a bowl.

Slice up any vegetables that you may like.
I added a colorful medley of yellow, red and orange bell peppers.
You can add whatever meat that you like or you don't have to I used a little bit of bacon which I had cooking on…

Play All Day Elmo crowdtap sampling !

Bring laughter into your home with Play All Day Elmo! 
As a kid I loved to play whether it was outside jumping in the pile of leaves that my mom had just raked, board games, video games, or with my Barbie dolls I was always playing! 
Children's imaginations are constantly growing
With Play all day Elmo your little one can do just he comes with activities, over eight games to choose from and he talks too with over 150 different responses! 
Your little one will be tired out from a day of play with Elmo good thing he's cuddly making him the perfect toy to cuddle up with for nap time. 
I was selected through crowdtap for the play all day Elmo toy and with Play all day Elmo he has two different modes of play toddler and preschool age.
Here are the different ways that your little one can play with Elmo 
You can move, play and touch Elmo in toddler mode and the sensors aid in responding in amusing ways! 
Toddler mode: Squeeze Elmo's nose  Kiss Elmo's face Turn Elmo upside do…

Wild Zora meat and veggie bars review

Ever eat jerky and it feels like your chewing on rubber? 
Some jerky can be too salty, too hard to chew and made with nitrites, additives as well as added sugar.
It all began in 2011 when founder of Wild Zora company Zora and her family became interested in learning about gluten free, primal food and Paleo since they became wary of the snacks out on the market that were full of sugar as well as filled with grains.
They wanted a snack that was made with simple ingredients, healthy and delicious. 
Jerky snacks provided them with false hope being filled with nitrites, added sugars, msg and nitrates that were tough to chew and way too salty. 
When hunger approaches we want something that will provide us with lasting energy as well as nutritious and nothing in stores provided them with that.
Then in 2013 in the comfort of their own home they came up with their own. They always thought of vegetables and meat to be a complete meal so they began to dehydrate 100% grass fed beef from their lo…

Silk Eggnog Bzzagent campaign!

As the air gets crisp that's when you know Fall is here and the Holidays are right around the corner.
The Silk milk company now makes their seasonal almond nog and egg nog in original, pumpkin spice and almond nog original.
I'm on the Silk Nog Bzzagent campaign and I found the nog drinks at my local stop&shop and since I'm a lover of all things pumpkin I chose pumpkin spice almond nog! 
Pumpkin spice silk almond nog offers a taste like no other holiday drink I've tried before with the perfect blend of spices of the holidays, the essence of pumpkin and toasty almonds.
I've tried many Silk products before and loved them they are always so creamy and versatile in many ways whether you bake with them, pour over cereal, add to oatmeal, in a smoothie or drink it out of a glass either way it's tasty.
It was sweet, creamy, nutty, offered the right amount of spice and so delicious.
Silk Pumpkin Spice almond nog only contains 50 calories per serving, contains no sat…

Arm&Hammer Super washing soda Household cleaner and Laundry Booster Smiley360 Mission

Don't you wish there was a product that you could use for more than just your laundry especially to clean with?
Well there is, and guess what it's from Arm&Hammer ! No really it is! 
I present to you Arm & Hammers household cleaner and Laundry booster super washing soda! 
 Household chores are anything but easy there's the laundry, the dishes and much more. 
When you've got the ever so powerful Arm&Hammer super washing soda household cleaner and laundry booster cleaning is much easier.
I don't know how many times I've washed the dishes and noticed my plastic containers that I store food in have become stained due to spaghetti sauce where it turns orange. No matter how many times you wash it never comes out you scrub and scrub and it's still orange! 
With Arm&Hammer super washing household cleaner and laundry booster it doesn't just clean it freshens too making your plastics squeaky clean without a stain in sight and freshens up your lau…

Raw Food Central product review !

Raw Food Central has a passion for leading a healthy lifestyle and isn't afraid to prove it they strongly believe in living their lives the healthy way which is consuming raw vegan foods and pure vegetable juices and no dairy or animal products.
Living a healthy lifestyle isn't only the food choices that you make but getting the right amount of sleep, exercise, sun, and fresh air.
Throughout their own findings and experience they've discovered that a raw food diet and lifestyle is the best way to eat as well as live.
It's been proven that living a raw foods lifestyle has lead to diseases disappearing and the studies have stated that it was true.
When being in a diseased state it's not good on the human body, we have to work hard at becoming sick, big and diseased but when you eliminate unhealthy foods from your daily life health is the answer.
I truly believe that in fact it's true I wasn't always thin in fact I was quite the opposite as a child I ate what…