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SweetNlow crowdtap sampling party!

Summer has finally arrived and you know what that means right? Not just the warm weather but it's time to fire up the grill and cook some tasty foods but that's not all there is to summer! You can't have a BBQ without some drinks! What better way to celebrate the start of Summer than with being selected from Crowdtap for the SweetNLow sampling party! 

For those of you who don't know what SweetNLow is it's a sugar substitute that you can put in your tea or coffee and even fruity drinks such as these recipes that I made that came with the party pack! 

Being that I don't drink alcohol because I choose not to I decided to make these tasty summer drink recipes that I've received from the SweetNlow party pack from Crowdtap.

I was amazed at how easy these drinks were to make even though you had to make juice from squeezing oranges and limes, I have to admit I've never done that before I've always used to make juices from the can at the grocery store you know …

Kleenex Brand Believers Crowdtap Sampling!

I was chosen to sample a Kleenex Brand tissue product through crowdtap recently and I was so excited to see what I would be trying out. 

The Kleenex brand has always been there for me for as long as I can remember when my mom wiped away my tears as a child, when I had a runny/ bloody nose and even for allergies.

So you see Kleenex tissues have become a part of my family because they haven't just been there for the sad stuff but the happy times in life like when my niece and nephew were born, and when he graduated from middle school. 

I couldn't wait for the sample to arrive to see what it was I would be sampling for Crowdtap and the Kleenex Brand.

It couldn't have arrived at a better time because lately every time I turn around I'm sneezing and when using a store brand tissue they tear easily when blowing your nose and then you've got snot hands, ewwww! With Kleenex brand they are strong and and soft on your nose without your nose getting all red and dry from the wipi…

Super eats kale and chia chips review !

Founder of Supereats Arron and Charlie were set on a mission to recreate a healthy chip that was made from healthy ingredients without sacrificing taste when Aaron's father was blindsided by heart disease. 

He then had to watch what he ate including snacks but at the time there wasn't a good healthy alternative to chips until now that is! 

They wanted their chips not only packed with real ingredients but great taste and good enough for dipping as well! 

They came up with kale and chia seeds to make sure there were no empty calories. 

Over at Supereats when it comes to snacking they sure do know what they are talking about! Have you ever had a snack that was healthy and just tasted like you were eating cardboard?! Well not these tasty chips ! They believe in real nutrition when it comes to snacking without sacrificing taste.

When I learned about their company I just had to try out their chips they sounded so tasty! 

Super eats facts:
Gluten free
Crunchy and delicious
High in antioxidant…

Earth Science Naturals Review!

Kenneth Grand founder of Earth Science Naturals for over thirty years has made a substantial amount of products ranging from hair care to body and much more that are made with all natural ingredients.

I've seen their products on shelves in the market before and just had to check them out!

It's been a tough long winter and it's done a number on my skin and hair as well. 

For my review I was sent the multi therapy sun defense lotion and the olive and avocado deep conditioning hair mask. 

Which to me is great because of my dry skin.

I know what your thinking wait it's a suntan lotion ?

Well it's not just a suntan lotion it's got moisturizer in it as well to make your skin feel silky smooth! 

Here's my thoughts on each product!

Multi therapy daily sun defense lotion: 

I couldn't have received this product for review at a better time because well everyone summer is finally here and you know what that means time for the beach! I don't know about you but when I'…

Teeccino herbal coffee review and giveaway!

Teeccino caffe was founded by Caroline MacDougall in 1994 and began selling their herbal coffees on shelves in stores in 1995. Did you know that Teeccino coffee is actually the top selling coffee alternative? They are sold in 19 delicious flavors whether in tea bag form or loose coffee grounds. 

You can find it at your local health food store and grocery stores across the USA and it's also exported to Japan, Canada, Australia and the UK.

 I'm a huge coffee fan and I've came across their products in stores and was sort of skeptical at first being that their herbal coffees and I'm not much of a tea drinker but when I saw all their delicious flavors I had to try them.

 I was sent a sampler pack of their products for review and couldn't wait to try them out especially the herbal coffee. I've been drinking them for awhile now and they so do not at all taste tea like they are smooth, creamy and delicious, it's like drinking coffee at an expensive noisy coffeehouse …

Coolway knotty girl hairbrush review!

Sometimes ladies our hair can become a tangled mess especially when on a hot summer day with the music bumping loud and the windows rolled down and our hair is out the window whipping around in the wind.

Then you try to brush it out and it gets to be a tangled mess like I'm talking all over the place full of tangles.

How many of you have ever gotten a brush stuck in your hair while brushing it?

It hurts right?! Believe me I've just recently had it happen to me not long ago from a malfunction at the hairdresser and I tried to redo my hair to the way it looked before and it didn't quite work out that way thanks to the hairbrush getting caught! I mean seriously it was stuck to the side of my head I was a hot mess! 

I got it out though whew!

I bet we've all had one of those brushing experiences where we just wanted to scream because it was unpleasant due to the hairbrush getting caught in our hair or even when the hairdresser is blow drying your hair and brushing at the same ti…

Royal Hawaiian orchards review!

Royal Hawaiian orchards macadamia nut company began with the growing of macadamia nuts in 1948 then progressed in the 1960s bringing health, wealth and aloha to all!

Over at Royal Hawaiian they believe in finding balance in this fast pace world we live in today. 

Honoring qualities like simplicity and balance.

Respecting the nature that provides the food that we consume.

And also the sharing of joyful sharing of life with your community and family.

Live long: 
Living a long healthy life starts off with eating a well balanced diet such as foods that are good for us that are all natural. 

Live well:
Reflects in the heart of the Hawaiian culture, striving to find balance in the hustle and bustle of life and the most important meals are those shared with friends and family. 

Live aloha:
The term aloha means more than goodbye or hello it also means compassion, grace, kindness and affection. It stands for the Hawaiian value of patience, tenderness and unity through harmony. Hawaiians live by the spir…

Bitsy's Brainfood review!

Whether your packing up the car for a road trip, picking up the kids from school or after school activities they usually want a snack for the ride and usually it's not always healthy because it's mo convenient. 

Wouldn't you feel good knowing your kids are not only eating a healthy snack made with real ingredients especially when made with fruits and veggies?

Look no further Maggie and Alex two new moms started their company called Bitsy's Brainfood which they believe that healthy minds and bodies are connected so learning to eat smart should be fun.

With that in mind their snacks are packed with all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff.

When I came across their products one day I just had to try them out, well it took quite a long time I'm taking months for them to be delivered but it was totally worth the wait. 

How many of you moms or dads out there have trouble getting your kids to eat their vegetables let alone fruit?

Here are some cereal facts:

USDA organic

The Vegan Garden Review!

The Vegan Garden is a Family run and owned business located in the San Francisco area that believes leading a healthy lifestyle with tasty and nutritious foods that are delivered straight to your door! 

They make dishes from parts all over the world giving not only you am experience but your taste buds as well. 

I came across their site online and their foods sounded so delicious I had to try them!

They offer all sorts of plans like the diet plan, breakfast options, desserts, smoothies and even cleanses which is quite popular these days. 

I was sent a box for review and couldn't wait to try out everything especially the smoothies! 

Here's what my box had in it:

Chocolate Muffin:

Made with earth balance which is a butter spread, flour, baking soda,salt, white sugar, brown sugar, egg replacer, chocolate chips, vanilla extract and coco powder.
Great chocolate flavor in every bite of this moist muffin! Great for breakfast or as a snack.

Monkey Bread:

Made with cinnamon, brown sugar, vegan m…