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Newman's Own Organics Review and Giveaway

And the winner is.....

Robin Davidman! I was sent a wonderful assortment of delicious foods for review from Newman's Own Organics.
If anyone has ever heard of their products I know your mouths are watering, but before I get started let me tell you about their company.
Newman's Own Organics was established as a division of Newman's Own in 1993, then in the late 2001 became their own individualized company.
Did you know since 1982 Paul Newman and the Newman's Own foundation have donated more than a whopping $350 million dollars to charitable and educational organizations world wide!
The ingredients to these tasty treats and snacks have grown on farms that are free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers.
I am amazed at how much snacks came in the package for review!
I haven't tried them all yet though.
They also have a wide selection from pretzels to dog food!

Products I received:
pretzels candy bars chocolate cups mints alphabet cookies Newman O's cookies licorice Dried fruits H…

Laptop Lunches Bento-Ware Review

As a kid I remember skipping to the bus stop each morning with my shoes tied tight and the best lunches ever from the most amazing woman, I call her mom!
I would remember the anticipation just waiting till lunch time to see what she had packed me!
With lunch box in hand I would dash through the hall to lunch in the cafeteria and carefully open my lunch box, ah the joy of finding a treat!
What was your favorite treat in your lunch box?
Mine was cookies!
The problem with some lunch boxes though they aren't big enough to store everything, especially containers and a thermos!
The thermos would leak at times because the lid wasn't on tight enough, then your sandwich gets all soggy!
Nobody wants a soggy lunch!

Be creative and have fun with your food with Laptop Lunches.

I received a bento ware lunch box for review and I am loving it!

Love the color, how it comes with containers so you don't have to spend all of that money buying them separately!

Most importantly I like how it's not so …

Alvarado Street Bakery Review

One thing I can never give up when eating sensible is baked goods such as breads, bagels or English muffins.
I just got to have them,but in moderation of course.
Most importantly is that they are not just satisfying taste wise but healthy as well.
I used to eat a lot of foods that are processed, but I am more aware now of products that are made with the best ingredients such as whole grains and real products not those fillers they use in other breads.
I was sent some coupons to try these wonderful products from Alvarado Street Bakery for review.
Started producing whole grain organic baked good for their local community in 1979, and can be traced back to Food For The People Not For The Profit organization in the
San Francisco Bay Area.

In 1981 five brigade workers decided to form a worker cooperative and then  purchased the bakery and formed Semper Virens Bakery Food Cooperative.

Which means Ever Green.

Botanical name from the areas largest treasures is how the company got their name was from  a…

Coffee Lens Mug Review

Tired of those little Styrofoamcups always making a mess when spilled?
Now you can drink your coffee in style with this creative camera lens cup from Mob Stub.
I know what you are thinking huh what?!
Is it a camera or is it a coffee cup?
I sure do love coffee as well as taking photos.
Ever since I can remember I would always have a camera strapped on me whether it was around my hand or in my bag.
I am blown away at how it really does look like a real camera, it even has a lens cap with rubber grip focus!
It's actually a camera lens coffee cup, no it's not a real camera but it sure does look like one!
It's easy to clean and you can reuse it!
You can even put tea or ice cream in it too as well as hot coffee!

Check out their other cool products they offer on their site!
Like their page and follow them on Twitter!

Boylan Bottling Company Review

I was sent Boylan Shirley Temple sodas for review.
First though let me tell you a little bit about the company and how it got the name.
In 1981 William Boylan developed an elixir in his Paterson, New Jersey apothecary. He named it Boylan's Birch being a derivative from birch trees.
Through out the years they were distributed in many forms and packages.
Marketed as a soda fountain beverage in the early days before it was bottled in the 1900's.
During the prohibition in the the 1920's it was actually contained in beer barrels!
The birch beer was sold primarily in kegs to taverns in New Jersey.
Their 12 ounce bottles that are creative by structure are well known.
Boylan still today can be found in soda fountains at restaurants. 
Not only do they have birch beer, they have a wide selection stemming from regular, club, seltzers, and diet!
Flavors: Cola Grape Orange Black Cherry Ginger Ale Creme Root Beer Shirley Temple Boylan's Creamy Red Birch Beer
Story: I absolutely loved drinking soda as a …

Juil's Sandals Review

I was sent a pair of these beautiful sandals from Juil for a review.
When I opened the box the wow factor was set!
I could not believe my eyes at how beautiful these looked and to add the perfect touch they added in a bag to put them in!
Above in the photo is the super cute bag!
They even have little toe inserts where your toes go right inside of the sandals!
How cute is that!?

When it comes to my feet I don't know about you but I need something that is comfortable and easy to walk in.
Especially in the Summer time!
Being at the beach is just enough sometimes walking on that hot sand all day without sandals or flip flops!
Am I right?
Your feet get burned and then you are uncomfortable and want to leave the beach which is no fun.
Or even when you go out somewhere fancy and you have to dress up just a bit, these are the perfect footwear for that!
They are pretty, comfortable and match just about any color or type of clothing you may have in your wardrobe!

They offer a wide selection from men'…

Soft Scrub All purpose cleaner review and giveaway

Congratulations to Angel Poling, Allison Downes and Sally!

Soft Scrub has provided me with a free sample of Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Bath and Kitchen Cleaner to review.
Don't you wish there was a cleaning product that cleans everything, instead of having different bottles for glassware, surfaces and tubs?
Well now there is!
Soft Scrub all Purpose bath and kitchen cleaner is tough on those stains you just can't seem to get rid of.
You scrub and scrub and it's still on the surface!
With this wonderful stain fighting cleaner it's also gentle on surfaces.
It's new and improved formula has a lot more whitening power with less residue for better rinsing.
Works oh so fantastic on tile,sinks, grout and even tubs!
Not only did the product get a makeover but the bottle did too!
It's new and improved cap has improved to prevent spills and makes your cleaning experience a lot better and easy too!
Time to get scrubbing with the new and improved Soft Scrub All purpose bath and kit…

Honey Bunches Of Oats:Tropical Blends Review and Giveaway

Congratulations to Elisabeth, Kelsey and  Elena! 

I'm a Purex insider and was sent this delicious cereal from Honey Bunches of Oats to review and host a giveaway with my readers!

With all of the snow and cold weather don't you wish you could just take a vacation?

With just one bite of Honey Bunches of Oats Tropical Blend cereal you will feel like you are on an island!

It's just that amazing!

This morning I made breakfast the healthy way.

I used some Vanilla Chobani Greek yogurt, some berries and a sprinkle of Tropical Blends Honey Bunches of Oats.

I was blown away by how good the cereal tasted!

Along with the berries, yogurt and the little Tropical Blend clusters it was all I needed for a delicious and healthy breakfast. 

I can hear the waves already and just smell the scent of suntan lotion!

Whether it's in a bowl or layered on top of some delicious yogurt you are sure to love it, your taste buds will too!

Ladies and gents, it's time for some tropical goodness because it…

Food Should Taste Good Review

What is it that you look for when it comes to snacking on chips?
Is it the healthy ingredients, the crunch, the saltiness or a certain kind of flavor?
These chips from Food Should Taste Good have all of that and more!
They are so delicious, crispy, bit salty and the flavor is outrageously good.
Did I mention they are addicting?
They are great dipped in salsa or right out of the bag!
They offer a wide variety of flavors ranging from multi grain to kettle.
They even have crackers!

Gluten free
zero grams trans fat
cholesterol free
kosher certified
I was sent these amazing chips for review and wow they are tasty.
Multi Grain:
Offers a great crispy nutty flavor.
So delicious.
Love the taste and the crunch you get when you bite into them!
Sprinkle some cheese on top and make some nachos!
Add salsa, black beans and sour cream if your feeling a little festive!

Keep in mind I haven't tried all of the flavors yet I was sent to review.

Blue Corn:

Original Sweet Potato:
Their kettle cooked flavors are:


Zensoy Review

When it comes to eating healthy sometimes it can be tough.
Especially with all of those late night cravings for something sweet!
Such as chocolate!
There will be obstacles in your way but you have to be strong and just try to change it up a bit.
Go for something sweet but guilt free.
When I have a hankering for something sweet I reach for my little pudding cup from Zensoy.
I was sent some coupons to review these wonderful tasty products.
So far though I've only found the puddings.
They are chocolaty, delicious, sweet, good for you and made from soy milk!
They are also organic which is awesome!

Gross, check this out.
Did you know that 97% of soybeans are sprayed with pesticides?! 
So 90% of soy milk on the shelves at markets contain pesticides in them!
Switch to Zen soy for pure delicious organic puddings and soy milk!
What they don't use: GMO's pesticides dairy chemical pesticides petroleum based fertilizers 
Chocolate pudding:
I have tried puddings and loved them, but not like this one!

Kevita: Delicious Vitality Review

Looking for a probiotic drink that's not dairy? 

You should give these wonderful tasty drinks a try from a sparkling company called Kevita.

What is Kevita?

It's a sparkling drink that has 4 strains of live probiotics in them, with delicious vitality in every sip.

It's created for optimum health to help support immune systems and health.

Did you know that they are on the move to end obesity in the United States?

Whoa, Did not not know at all!


low calorie
gluten free
non gmo

I was sent a bunch of coupons for me to review these wonderful bubbly drinks!

Now keep in mind, I haven't used all of them yet.

So I'm still testing them out.

Sparkling probiotic drinks:

Mango Coconut:

As you can tell by my reaction above, I am in love with this flavor!

I have an obsession with all things coconut and love when it's paired with fruits.

My first choice was the mango coconut to test out.

I loved it!

It's bubbly, sweet and has great mango coconut flavor!

Strawberry acai coconut…