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Buddha organic chocolates review!

Every now and then I love to enjoy something sweet especially to go with coffee, just the thought of coffee and chocolate paired together is absolutely divine and the perfect treat to keep me going! When I came across Buddha Chocolate i knew I had to try them, especially since their products are made from real ingredients and I do love chocolate with or without almond butter and these are completely guilt free! 
I couldn't wait to try out these chocolaty treats and share with you all my thoughts on them so I opened the box and dug right in! I do have to say some almond butter cups I've tried before weren't all that great some were too dry but not these oh no they were melt in your mouth delicious!
Below is a little about the company and how they got their name.

About the company: Buddha chocolates are made with love in Brooklyn New York which they are famous for none other than their almond butter Buddha cups!  Did you know that the name Buddha means awakened one? They believe…

Victoria's Kitchen Almond waters review!

David founder of Victorias Almond waters grandmother would whip up her almond water in the south of France and serve them as a refreshing treat to her grand kids and everyone loved them, due to the waters being sweetened with natural extracts and flavors with a touch of sweetness. 
Later on in life David and his wife moved to the USA and started serving the almond waters to guests and that's when a lightbulb went off and they got the idea to bottle their waters!
In 2012 Victorias kitchen was born! 
I've heard of almond milk before so when I came across these almond waters from Victoria's Kitchen at Wholefoods I became interested in them not only because they make their waters with unique flavors such as vanilla rose but because they looked refreshing. 
I was sent their almond waters for review and couldn't wait to crack open a bottle and try them! 
Here are some facts about their waters:
Gluten free All natural GMO free
Dairy free Vegan Kosher Non alcoholic Refreshing drinks made …

Twist clean company review!

Mom and I went on a trip to Wholefoods to get some household staples one day and paraded down into the cleaning aisle I came across these cleaning sponges called Twist by Twist Clean . What's so special about their sponges is that they are plant based making them more friendly on the environment. Their sponges you can use for all kinds of things such as washing the dishes, cleaning outdoor furniture, and scrubbing the bathroom as well. 
So when I got home I looked them up on the computer and saw that they had a whole bunch of other products not just their sponges and learning more about their company such as being environment friendly I just had to review their products!
What I didn't know was that they are in partner with Mr. Clean and Dawn as well!
I was ecstatic when I received the products that I would be reviewing, I was sent Twist sponges, Dawn sponge and cloth, Mr. Clean gloves, lint rollers, and a Dawn bottle brush, where you can read about in detail below! 
Facts about Tw…

The Bites Company Review!

My mom loves biscotti especially with her coffee, so when I came across these delightful biscotti cookie bites from The Bites Company while at whole foods one night I thought of her and thought she would love these! 
These aren't your average biscotti cookies either, they are softer and shaped like well a cookie! 
They come in almond, cocoa and lemon flavor which are all natural and handmade from scratch!
I was sent some of their cookies for review and couldn't wait to break open a bag and have some especially with coffee!
Did you know that these cookies have been put into the weight watchers database and only are a whopping 3 points for just 9 cookies. 
Not only do these tasty cookies go along great with coffee they pair well with jam!
Cocoa: Amazing chocolaty flavor!
Lemon: Sweet and light tasting cookie without an overpowering lemon flavor!
Almond: I thought this delightful cookie went along perfectly with some French  vanilla coffee and peach plum jam!
Website: http://www.thebitescompa…

Pearls Olives To go review and giveaway!

I can't even remember the last time we made some pizza in our household so when I received the olives for review in their handy snack container that's what came to my mind is a warm gooey pizza with the works on it such as cheese, sauce, veggies and of course the finishing touch olives!

I'd like to think a good pizza starts with the crust, but what makes a pizza extra special is the toppings! 

Olives have been a favorite of mine ever since I was a child eating them off my fingertips at the dinner table, you have to admit you've done so as a kid! 
All that liquid from the can made them drippy which because a big mess to clean up !
What makes these portable olives so great is that they contain no liquid in them so it means no mess and you can add them to so many dishes such as pizza, dips, salads or pair them along with veggies such as carrots!

They are great for lunches on the go!
Did you know that olives contain no saturated fats, less calories and less total fat than potato…

Keep It Real Foods Review!

Katie Coleman founder of Keep It Real Foods company at the age of 11 was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and instead of using sugars would use artificial Sweeteners as we know they don't taste good at all they have an aftertaste because of the chemicals used to sweeten them. Don't let labels fool us people just because something says low sugar or sugar free it still offers a ton of carbohydrates which isn't good especially if your watching your carb intake. 
So her and her mom were on a mission when they started baking with less sugar and low carb ingredients, later on in life she come to realize that foods claiming to be all natural, healthy etc. aren' t at all what their cracked up to be by having a long list of ingredients on their labels so she created foods with real ingredients that would make not only our 
bodies happy knowing we get proper nutrients but ourselves happy too! That's when. Keep It Real Foods company was born!

Grain free Seedy crackers:
Packed with …

Infused Spreads Review!

While browsing Pinterest one night I happened upon these tasty looking jams by a company called Infused Spreads handmade from scratch and that's famous for their not only their jams but fruit butters, marmalades and tons more! 
I just had to try them, they had all kinds of jams with a unique twist to each and every one of them! 
For this review I picked strawberry rhubarb, peach plum and strawberry vanilla bean. I've been dying to try out some new recipes to change it up just a bit instead of my average smoothie for breakfast as always. 
Peach plum:
Amazing peach flavor with a hint of plum, went along perfectly with almond biscotti cookies! 
Strawberry vanilla bean :
I've tried strawberry jams before but never infused with vanilla bean! I've been seeing a lot of recipes lately on Pinterest for three ingredient pancakes which you take a banana and mash it and whisk an egg together then add in fruits such as blueberries or even strawberries so I whipped them up and tossed in …

Detour Smart Bars Review!

When working out making sure my body gets the proper nutrients is key so I grab a snack that's quick and easy for on the go that keeps me full until lunch time which brought me to Detour Bar . I've seen their bars in stores and not only did they look mouthwatering but they are made with real ingredients and I just had to try their bars! I was sent their Smart bars for review which are made with organic oats with fruits such as apple cinnamon and blueberry along with a Greek yogurt drizzle on top!
I couldn't wait to try them so before I left for the gym I packed a bar in my purse to take with me as a post workout snack and it was delicious, filling and tasted like a dessert!
Smart facts: Great source of fiber Gluten free Made with organic whole grain oats No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives Sweetened naturally with stevia  Contains only 4 grams of sugar per bar which is fantastic because most bars contain a lot more! Made with whey protein which helps refuel your body and…

Celebrating Valentines day with Dante Confections candy review!

What better way to show your loved ones you care with a decadent box of gourmet chocolates from Dante Confections .
Dante confections was generous enough to send me an assortment of their chocolates, My mom means the world to me she has always been there and to show her my love and appreciation I gave her the chocolates as a gift. 
Dark chocolate nut oyster: Dark chocolate meets creamy caramel in this delectable yet tasty treat along with nuts and it goes great with a steaming cup of coffee!
Milk chocolate nut oyster: luxurious milk chocolate with silky caramel and peanuts what's not to love?! 
Raspberry truffle: I loved how this truffle melted in your mouth and didn't taste overly sugary like other truffles that I've tried and it was creamy in the center!
Cherry liquor truffle: Best ever cherry infused chocolate truffle that I've tried, tasted like a chocolate covered cherry without the white creamy filling. So good! My mom thought that this truffle was the best, it had amazi…

Celebrating my skin with Tone soft petals body wash Bzzagent Review!

You don't need a holiday to celebrate, with Tone body wash you celebrate your skin each time you turn on the shower. Your body will thank you with moisture due to spa infused ingredients such as   white clay,cocoa butter  and alpha-hydroxy fruit acids which helps in keeping your skin well nourished and moisturized. I couldn't wait to try out the Tone body wash that I received through Bzzagent. 
I love body washes because not only do they smell nice and the fact that I like to pamper myself every now and then but because I get dry skin during the winter and was blown away with the sweet aroma of petal soft and how the pink peony and rose oil was luxurious and made my skin less dry .upon using it.
It felt like a day at the spa but without all the hassle of booking the appointment.
Be creative set up your own at home spa with your favorite Tone products, candles a little wine maybe and lather up for a luxurious experience! 

Jivacubes review !

I absolutely love coffee especially hot coffee when it's so cold outside as well as piping hot chocolate! 
This isn't your ordinary Colombian  coffee either what's interesting about it is that it comes in a cube hence the name Jiva cubes that's sweetened with Panela brown sugar which is like molasses but gentle. You then drop the cube of your choice into a mug and pour steaming water or milk over it then mix! You can add all sorts of mouth watering ingredients to your Jiva hot chocolates or coffee too such as coolwhip, or truwhip even drizzle on your favorite ice cream toppings such as caramel sauce, mocha, chocolate etc. 
Jiva cube facts: Fair trade certified  Make your drink with jiva cube hot or cold!  Gluten free Vegan Organic Gourmet 
Hot chocolate:
This weather we've been having lately with the snow and all called for a cup of piping hot chocolate. So I gathered a mug and all my ingredients for this delicious chocolaty hot chocolate! It's smooth and creamy and per…

Oatworks Smoothies Review!

I absolutely love making smoothies they are filling, convenient to eat while on the go and easy to make and you can add all kinds of ingredients to them such as fruit, yogurt, oatmeal even protein powders. 
When I saw these oat smoothies from  Oat works I was curious about them and had to try them because they sounded delicious and they are convenient for a breakfast while on the go, a pick me up snack or an after workout recovery drink! 

I've tried all kinds of smoothies  bottled just like these and they weren't that great because they didn't contain all natural ingredients or oats that give you the nutrients our bodies need. When I was sent them for review I couldn't wait to crack open the bottle and take a sip!
Here are some Oatworks facts:
Vegan friendly  Non GMO  Kosher No cholesterol Dairy free Gluten free And natural oat fiber 
Peach mango:
Amazing peach and mango flavor that's velvety smooth.
Strawberry Banana:
Strawberry banana smoothies are my favorite and this one is…

Salba smart Chia seeds review and giveaway!

Did you know that even though chia seeds are small they are packed with tons of nutrients being high in fiber that's chock full of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins!
What came to my mind to do this review was overnight oats with the chia seeds I was sent for review thanks to Salba Smart . Overnight oats is my new addiction! They are easy to make. What are overnight oats do you ask? It's oatmeal that you whip up with fruits, nuts, jams, peanut butter, yogurt or even chocolate and leave it in a container or jar overnight and then the oatmeal thickens and is amazingly delicious for breakfast in the morning because it's filling and there are so many recipes out there! When you wake up in the morning after the oats have thickened along with the ingredients you can top it off with some more ingredients like fruits, peanut butter, chocolate or even jam! 
I've made all kinds of overnight oats from eggnog to peanut butter and jelly, chunky monkey you name it and with the chia s…