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Cynthia Ann's Bakery Pizza Crust!

It all began when founder of Cynthia Ann's Bakery Elizabeth Ray (Rachel) when her mother Cynthia Ann passed away from breast cancer in 2014.
Cynthia Ann homeschooled Elizabeth and raised her two siblings but didn't have the well-being of upkeep living a long healthy life. Cynthia experienced anxiety, health complications and severe depression which lead to her breast cancer.
After her diagnosis Cynthia was driven to find ways of healing by doing her research and diet as well which inspired her daughter Elizabeth Ray in a big way where she feels obligated to her for awakening her to what is now her love for a diet and lifestyle that impacts health not to mention wellbeing.
Cynthia Ann's Bakery is devoted to Cynthia Ann and her fight for clean food to help diseases and cancer before they occur.
Cynthia Ann's Bakery offers a line of both pizza crusts and flat breads that are
Rich in FiberDairy-FreeGluten-FreePaleoSoy -FreePreservative FreePeanut FreeWheat FreePlus they conta…

Paleonola Cinnamon Blueberry Grain-Free Granola !

Give up grains not granola today with Paleonola granola! It all began with Dinos and his wife Katelyn Founders of Paleonola who work as a team daily making many decisions throughout the years. Creating Paleonola was one of the best decisions ever made but before that Dinos loved his career as a professional hockey player and Katelyn for years worked in the professional golf industry. After Dinos and Katelyn tied the knot they threw in the towel and tried their hand at something new and exciting.
Paleonola was created with the desire of something new in both of Dinos and Katelyn's lives they wanted more for themselves as well as eachother. So they created a granola free from grains and knew it was too good to keep to themselves. Dinos and Katelyn then gathered a team providing the universe with the most tastiest grain-free granola for all to enjoy.
Paleonola offers us with high-quality grain-free snacks made with simple all natural ingredients. Paleonola's business continues to …

Banana Not Bread Extraordinary Snack Company!

Erica Thorneburg of Extraordinary Snack Company located in Charlotte, North Carolina stays true to her snacks made with tender love and care with none other than extraordinary ingredients that are created you guessed it by extraordinary recipes all the way to their nut sprouting / dehydration process that takes 24-48 hours which helps save people from an extraordinary abundance of work.
Extraordinary Snacks aren't just made with extraordinary nutrients that help keep you satisfied but provides an extraordinary amount of flavor in each bite that are sure to make your taste buds and mouth happy!
Erica began making her Banana Not Bread Extraordinary Snacks inside of her own kitchen in the comfort of home which soon blossomed into a much larger commercial space in Charlotte, North Carolina that offers access to an expanding community of local bakers, chefs, caterers and food specialists that qualifies them to concoct snacks that are nutritionally satisfying making every nutrient rich c…

KetoWatt All-Natural Low Carb Ketogenic Bars !

For years we have been told that fat is unhealthy for us but a long time has come since then and traces of the past are still present and will continue to live with us for decades.

Searching for a delicious low-carb or ketogenic snack in stores leaves you nothing but empty handed and disappointed but the makers of KetoWatt has changed that bringing you a snack that is convenient for you to take on the go that provides you with quality, nutrients and tastes exceptionally good!

KetoWatt began with their bars because of it's versatility but plan to offer more healthy foods for us in the future.

KetoWatt bars are the perfect go to snack whether you are on a ketogenic or low carb diet plus they help you satisfy sugar cravings, keep you in ketosis, and provide us with long lasting energy.

Their bars are made with nothing but high quality healthy ingredients such as

Organic Peanut Butter, Non-GMO Soluble Tapioca Fiber, Chicory Root Fiber, Pea Protein, Cacao Butter, Organic Peanuts, Organic Co…

Lysol Power & Blue 6 Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Crowdtap Sampling!

Toilet bowl smelling a little funky? give it a wave of lasting freshness with Lysol's Power & Blue 6 automatic toilet cleaner in Atlantic Fresh Scent!

I received Lysol's Power & Blue 6 automatic toilet cleaner recently through Crowdtap for reviewing purposes and I couldn't wait to put it to the test, because well it's been smelling kind of funky if you ask me.

with Lysol Power & Blue 6 automatic toilet cleaner you get

long lasting freshness for up to 4 weeksAtlantic fresh scent blue water releases instantly with each flush while cleaning and freshens helps fight both limescale and toilet rings in between deep cleanshelps deodorize toilet sanitary applicationsparkling results

What I like about Lysol's Power & Blue 6 automatic toilet cleaner is that it's easy to apply onto the rim of the toilet all you do is
open packagingremove the product from packagethen simply fit the product in the toilet rim where the water can hit the productdiscard packagingwh…

DNX #1 Whole30 Approved, Paleo and Keto Nutrition Bar !

It all began with DNX Foods Founder John Rooney who decided to switch his unhealthy inactive lifestyle and commenced on a path to fitness and wellness. While he adjusted to his regular regimen of exercise and eating healthy routine, he realized a shortage on handy yet nutritious food options on the market where they only offered artificial, processed and low quality snack bars to choose from with ingredients that were hard to understand along with misleading labels. The healthy bars that John did find tasted awful which then embarked a journey of both fitness and culinary experts that got to work on concocting a true snack that doesn't lack taste or nutrition which is how DNX bar was born!
DNX Bar means Daily Nutrition which is a 100% clean bar that's rich in nutrients made from wholesome and organic ingredients that tastes great!
The bars are made with a combination of grass-fed beef and bison, free range chicken with organic fruits and vegetables that is wholesome and deliciou…