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Russell Stover's Sugar Free Chocolate bites Bzzagent Campaign

It all began in Denver,  Colorado the year of 1923 with Clara and Russell Stover which first started off as Mrs. Stover's Bungalow Candies then switched to Russell Stover's candles 20 years later.

For over 37 years the Stover family and workers have successfully ran their company as a team bringing you the finest chocolates.

Did you know that Russell Stover's chocolates is the biggest producer of boxed chocolate in the United States?

That quote from the movie Forest Gump you know the one when Tom Hanks says

"My momma always said life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get ". Which when it comes to chocolate especially Russell Stover's it's filled with the most delectable flavors from fruity,  coconut , caramel and more!

Chocolate is my go to Sweet treat it's so delicious and is amazing when paired with fruit but is high in sugar.

Russell Stover just released their new chocolates that are filled with a fruity fun center of …

Inbite All Natural & Gluten Free Bakery Review

What began as a passion for healthy foods lead to a company run by family made by hand that deliver impeccable taste using high quality ingredients.

Meet Inbite All natural & Gluten Free bakery !

Their products are made with the finest of ingredients that are free from

*Artificial flavors
*added sugar

Inbite bakes up a variety of products that happen to fit the Paleo lifestyle.

They're a great source of protein as well .

Inbite offers

*coccole (coconut cookies )
*chocolate cookies

Inbite caught my attention with their tasty looking cookies and more!

What blew me away was the fact that they were made with simple ingredients and fit the Paleo lifestyle !

Inbite was kind enough to send me their products to review and whoa let me tell you these blew me away they weren't dry like other gluten free foods, flavorful and delicious!

If you aren't familiar with the Paleo lifestyle it's a diet t…

Livin Spoonful Sprouted Cookies & crackers review !

It all began with Jim Brosseau and Sue Nackoney who created healthy snacks that are made with real raw ingredients that are free from fluten and Paleo friendly since the year of 2002 in Portland, Oregon.

Livin Spoonful Sprouted Cookies & Crackers are 

*Raw *Vegan  *Paleo Friendly  *Gluten Free

Pesto Pumpkin Seed : A little sweet and a bit savory makes for one tasty cracker!

Tasted just like sourdough bread but in cracker form it was flavorful, crispy and pairs well with just about anything ! 
Pizza: These were insanely good it reminded me of a pizza baked to perfection with sauce, cheese, and crisp vegetables! It was bursting with pizza flavor in every bite ! 
Great crunch with the bitterness of caraway seeds throughout each flavorful bite ! 
Garden Herb: These Garden Herb crackers were crunchy, flavorful, zesty and delicious ! They pair along perfectly with some piping hot tomato soup with a sprinkling of cheese, salsa, guacamole or even eggs instea…

The Cookie Deity Paleo & Vegan Cookie Review

It all began for the love of sweet indulgent desserts that were not only healthy and tasted good but Paleo as well as Vegan .
The cookies soon became a hit with friends and family and that is how The Cookie Deity was born!
The Cookie Deity cookies are made without any of the following 
•Gluten •Grains •Refined Sugars •Dairy •Soy •Eggs •preservatives  •GMO's  •refined oils
Cookie Deity cookies are made with a blend of almond flour, coconut oil and maple syrup as the key ingredients! 
Cookie Deity cookies are 100% natural 
Cookie Deity Flavors 
•Double Chocolate  •Chocolate Chip  •Maple Bourbon Pecan •Coconut Lime  •"Oatmeal"

Cookies are my favorite little treat when craving something sweet especially when they are fresh from the oven ! 
Cookie Deity provided me with their Paleo & Vegan cookies to sample and I couldn't wait to try them I mean like seriously come on now with flavors like maple bourbon pecan, double chocolate, coconut lime, chocolate chip and  "…

Yawp Eats Review & Giveaway

It all began as a journey to aid in the natural food community to support the food choices and lifestyles of it's members.
Yawp Eats bars are made with real simple ingredients that don't sacrifice flavor or crunch .
Yawp Eats  makes eating healthy easier, shareable and both fun and that is why they only use pure simple ingredients that not only we can recognize but our bodies can too !
What's do different about Yawp bars than other bars ?
Yawp Bars are made for the paleo lifestyle and they also meet the requirements for the whole30 program. 
The Whole30 program is a nutritional short term reset that has been established to stop those unhealthy habits as well as cravings all while restoring a healthier metabolism to balance your immune system and healing the digestive tract .
Yawp Eats bars are made without any 
•grains  •added sugar like stevia, honey, agave nectar, cane juice, brown rice or maple syrup •additives  •preservatives  •fillers or junk

Yawp Eats bars healthy f…