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Niagra Spray Starch Influenster VoxBox

Say Goodbye to wrinkles and hello to fresh pressed crisp linens with Niagra Spray Starch! Ironing just got easier with it's Durafresh fabric refreshment technology in Niagra Spray Starch that offers a wrinkle free finish with easy glide you'd think it was done at the cleaners!
I don't know how many times I've strolled around with my clothing especially shirts full of wrinkles but now I don't have to because I received Niagra Spray Starch for ironing through Influenster for testing purposes and showed them who is boss! 

Niagra Spray Starch can be used on light-weight fabrics such as wool and even cotton to provide a soft yet wrinkle free finish like no other starch!
It can also be used on all washable fabrics but not on ones labeled "dry clean only". 
When using Niagra Spray Starch align red dots on both the button and can give a shimmy shake before each use.
Use either the dry iron or steam at the recommended fabric setting you desire.
Hold the can as shown on …

Redmond Life Simple.Clean & Real

Redmond has a strong belief that when it comes around to people, natural foods, or even personal care products that nature has got it covered.
Over at Redmond they stand behind their belief 100% and feel passionate about improving lives of others with one product at a time.
Each product that Redmond has to offer is made with a limited amount of ingredients that isn't a one up.
Their natural foods offer impeccable flavor and their personal care products work well being simple, clean and real to say the least.
I had the pleasure of trying out Redmond Life products myself and here is what I received.
Redmond's Earthpaste contains Ph polisher found in nature that not only cleans your teeth but whitens as well without any chemicals, fluoride, coloring, additives, Glycerin or SLS.
Earthpaste is available in
Spearmint Peppermint Lemon Twist Cinnamon Wintergreen I had the pleasure of trying Earthpaste in Peppermint and Lemon Twist and have used it for quite sometime now and have fal…

Drink Maple Pure MapleWater

During the cold winter months sap from maple trees gather nutrients from soil and when Spring approaches the sap begins to drizzle being bottled at the source straight from the trees themselves.
During the process no trees are harmed, they grow on farms and are tapped routinely to allow years of sustainable water supply that offers a crisp, refreshing slightly sweetness!
Maple Water believes that the greatest laboratory on earth is a tree that is untouched, unspoiled, and the sap is not boiled .

Just recently I won a giveaway on Instagram for MapleWater and This Pie Is Nut Granola.
While in Boston at the WholeFoods Symphony market I had the pleasure of trying a sample of MapleWater and got to talking with the woman who was handing out samples which was very friendly and told me some interesting information about it like that it's not overly sweet like maple syrup is.
MapleWater Facts

MapleWater is a great source of CalciumDairy-FreeGluten-FreeNon-GMOHigh in Magnese which is a powerful …