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Click Espresso Protein Drink Review and Giveaway!

I am a 2 cup of coffee a day kind of woman and just need my coffee especially in the morning!
I love flavored coffees such as vanilla and mocha and when I came across these protein drinks by a company by the name of  Click Protein I just knew I had to review their products!
I mean like hello it's coffee and all you need to do is scoop it into the blender bottle (which they sent me) and add 12 ounces of water and shake and you've got yourself the most delicious coffee drink ever and you don't even need to add any cream or milk!
I haven't really ever tried protein shakes or drinks either and was skeptical at first especially with my favorite thing in the world which is coffee, but I tried it and loved it!
Did you know that this protein drink will help with energy, nutrition and weight loss?
All you do is just replace a meal such as breakfast with one of these delicious drinks and it will leave you feeling full.
First time I tried the drink I also ate an apple with it because I…

Fruit point O review and Giveaway!!

Whether I'm on the go or just in need of a snack I look for something that's healthy and convenient and is best of all guilt free, so fruit comes in handy!

I love fruits and smoothies so when I came across these fruity all natural snacks from FruitPointO I knew I just had to try them!

I was sent a case of their drinkable fruits for review and also a giveaway to share with my readers!
 Which reminds me follow my blog as well! I forgot to put in my blog link in the giveaway entry form to follow eek!! 

What I like is that their snacks have more than one fruit in them so their all mashed up into one drink and taste oh so good!

Here are the two different flavors they have!

Mango Pear Pineapple:

When I received this package today I tore the cap off and took a gulp and thought hey this is really good!

I absolutely love Pineapple flavored foods especially when it's mixed along with other delicious ingredients such as mangoes.

It's a great snack and full of yummy fruity flavor!

It's …

Dr.Scholl's inserts bzz campaign

Whether I am working or working out in the gym or taking a walk around the neighborhood I am always on my feet and at the end of the day they are aching like you will not believe!
I was so glad when I was invited to this campaign for being a Bzz Agent and couldn't wait to try these massaging Dr. Scholl's insoles for my shoes!

Here is a shot of my shoes with the inserts inside of them!
Wearing these inside of my shoes make my feet feel so comfortable and they don't get that tired achy feeling at all even by being on my feet all day!
I absolutely loved how they made my feet feel, this is a great product for anyone who suffers from foot pain or that is on their feet all day!

Chobani Bites Yogurt Review!

Eating healthy can get boring at times so that's why I like to switch it up with a different snack or dessert.
With these new little treats from a wonderful yogurt company by the name of Chobani they are sweet and delicious and best of all guilt free which to me is a huge plus!
I love how they took two totally different flavors and mixed them all into one for their new line of yogurt called Chobani Bites!
-Coffee and Chocolate-

Robust coffee flavored yogurt with decadent chocolate pieces mixed right in, blend it all up in a blender with some ice and milk and you've got yourself a frappe!
-Caramel and Pineapple-
Creamy caramel with juicy chunks of pineapple, you can even use this delicious treat for dipping with fruit or even chocolate!
I have a ton of more flavors to try and I just know I will love them !
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Chobani Flips yogurt Review!

I'm a huge yogurt fan, I eat it for breakfast every morning layered with fruit and granola or as a snack.
I love how you can use yogurt for many recipes like in a baked potato (plain yogurt of course) on ice cream etc. So when I saw these new yogurt mixes from Chobani I just knew I had to try them because they are a bit different from their regular yogurts that I love!
How are the flips different from original?
The flips yogurts have delicious yummy flavors and have sides that you just flip into the yogurt or you can sprinkle as much or as little as you want with these yummy fixings such as almonds with dark chocolate chips, honey and oats or graham crackers with white chocolate chips!
Whenever I see Chobani go on same I rush to the store and stock up because it's that good!
I was psyched when I was going to be reviewing their flip yogurts and couldn't wait to try them!
Key Lime:

Cool and refreshing lime flavored yogurt with crushed pieces of graham crackers and bite sized white …

Skout Natural Protein Bars Review!

When it comes to snack I don't know about you but I need something that will nourish my body especially after a workout.
I need something that's packed with protein and keeps me full throughout the day. I usually pack myself a snack when going to work or even when I'm going out all day so I bring a protein bar that's packed with nutrients such as fruits and nuts.
I've tried many protein bars and some to me tasted like cardboard, ugh!
I am in love with these all natural protein bars that Skout Natural sent me for review, they are made from all natural ingredients including fruits, and nuts!
I love that when eating them it satisfies my hunger and they work well with a side of fruit or even yogurt, giving myself and body the proper nutrients it needs. 
Skout Facts:
Certified Gluten Free Certified Organic Dairy Free Soy Free No refined sugars or filters

Apple Cinnamon-
This is the first flavor that I tried and I am so glad I did because it offers a ton of flavor in each bite and t…

Maple Grove Farms Review!

I was sent a coupon for a free product of my choice from Maple grove Farms for review who has been making the finest maple syrup since 1915 in Vermont!
I wasn't sure of what to select since they had so many choices to choose from at the grocery store that I went to.
You could choose from maple syrup, pancake mix, salad dressings etc, and to me it was sure a tough choice to only choose one product.
Since sometimes when I have a salad I don't use dressings I decided to go with maple syrup because you can use it on pretty much anything!
I don't eat pancakes or waffles much but you could drizzle the maple syrup on ice cream, chicken, or even on yogurt and that's just what I did!
I am obsessed with eating yogurt daily since I don't drink milk much.
So this morning I made a parfait for breakfast and thought to myself hmm what can I try that's a little different from my normal morning parfait consisting of yogurt, granola and fruit? 

Then I thought oh yeah, I've got mapl…

Lara Bar Alt protein bar review!

The other day I received a surprise package from Lara Bar, and they sent me their new line of protein bars which are ALT!
I have tried their bars before and fell in love with them, they are delicious and works as a quick snack for after an intense workout or for an early grab and go breakfast!
Since I liked the ones before that I've tried I couldn't wait to try these!
The flavors of their ALT bars that they have and that I received are:
Cinnamon Apple Crisp:
Tasted to me just like an apple crisp, with the sweet cinnamon flavor it was outstanding!
Lemon Pound Cake:
I do admit this flavor was out of this world delicious!
I packed it as a snack today for work and it held me until lunch time which was perfect.
Didn't leave a lemon after taste either which was great!
Pumpkin Pie:
Whoa, now this one was so delicious!
I didn't even need some ice cream as a topping, you know because pumpkin pie and ice cream go hand in hand!
It was great just the way it was!
Great flavor, and another one I …

Kim's Magic Pop Review!

I have heard of rice cakes and love them so when I came across Kim's Magic Pop Cake's website I knew I had to see if I could review them, and wow they send me a whole bunch of flavors to try both sweet and savory!
Popped snacks that are not only sweet but savory as well, and the best thing of all is you can add them in soups, salads, dip in salsa, or topped off as a dessert!
*Magic Pop Facts* Delicious All natural fat free and sugar free no cholesterol low in calories low in cars and sodium
-Chocolate Dipped-
All I have to say is wow! Who would have thought something like a rice cake could be dipped in chocolate and taste this good? It satisfies any sweet tooth for chocolate and is perfect with milk or coffee!
-Apple Cinnamon White Chocolate-
Craving something sweet but not milk or dark chocolate? 
You should try this delicious magic pop cake dipped in white chocolate and showered in cinnamon!
To me it tastes like a powdered doughnut but better because of the white chocolate!
Sure is a light…

Hammer and Tuffy's Granola Review!

When I came across these tasty looking granola's I just knew I had to try them out for a review and was so excited when their hand roasted granola's showed up on my doorstep!
I couldn't wait to try them, I love granola and eat it everyday in my parfait for breakfast!

Judy and Bruce Sarvis makers of Hammer and Tuffy's granola were right when they said that hand made , simple and natural foods are the best!
Their granola's are amazing!
You seriously have got to try them!
I fell in love with them at first bite, they go great in yogurt or with fruit!
I just love the creative names of their granola's it's so unique, even the bags that they package their hand roasted granola in!
-Barn Dance Blueberry-
I love mixing granola into a parfait with added fruits, so I got out Barn Dance Blueberry, had to test it first to see if I liked it, and oh boy was I in for a treat! First thought came to my mind was whoa, this is amazing!  I just have to say I have never tried anything like…

Boulder Canyon All Natural Chips Review and Giveaway!

Sometimes you just need that crunchy snack such as chips. There is just something about biting into a chip and hearing that crunch that you get from the crispiness. Whether you like sweet and spicy or bold bouldercanyonfoods has got just the chip for you!
I don't know about you but when I eat chips I like to either dip them in some salsa, hummus or top them off with some cheese for nachos! To me I think it brings out the flavor of the chip!
As I started eating healthier I wouldn't eat chips at all that is until now because these chips aren't your average chips they are made from beans, vegetables and they taste wonderful!
They sent me two bags of chips for review and the flavors sound so delicious I couldn't wait to try them!
Looking for a snack to serve up at a cookout this summer or party?
Try some Boulder Canyon All Natural Chips and serve it up with some black beans and salsa, or even with your own recipe!
Crispy Expectations:
All natural great taste works well with hummus,…

Paleonola Granola Review!

I've made some major changes within the past year or so to get fit and healthy, so I cut out junk food especially the processed junk my body just doesn't need.
With doing that and going to Curves gym I have lost a total of 82 pounds and still going strong, I will not give up!
I look for healthy foods that are all natural that will satisfy my hunger and keep me fuller longer.
I came across this tasty looking granola from a company by the name of paleonola. While looking on Pinterest for some healthy alternatives I came across this diet called the Paleo diet which is a grain free diet consisting of berries, coconut, nuts and dried fruits. What does it actually do to our bodies? It helps us have more energy, a leaner physique and leaves you feeling better by what you eat but how it makes you feel on the inside as well.

Whether it's an early healthy breakfast or a morning run we need something that fuels us up for the day and what I like to do is whip up a quick and easy parfait c…