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Pumpkin Spice Rxbar Review !

It all began with two best friends Peter and Jared when they were in search of a protein bar that was made with real food. They were shocked when they found out that their go to protein bars were packed with artificial ingredients and not enough protein. 
That's when they got to work in the kitchen and the rest is history because that's when Rx bar was born! 
What makes Rx Bars different from the other protein bars on the market? 

Rx bars are made with simple ingredients providing us with healthy fats, natural sugar that's made with real fruit, carbohydrates that are high in fiber and egg white protein.

Days are getting shorter, kids are headed back to school. I know it's a bummer that summer is coming to a close, but you know what that means though right !?
Crisp Autumn air, leaves fluttering from trees that fall to your feet, apple picking, hot apple cider and pumpkin spice flavored everything ! Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year. I love Fall, it'…

Old Orchard Mixers tasting party and giveaway!

What began as a small farming operation over twenty five years ago blossomed and now has over 100 delicious and healthy juices to choose from that are now sold in stores across the nation and around the globe.

 You can't kick off your end of summer bash without drinks!  Old Orchard juices just came out with a new product and I was sent them taste for review.

 I couldn't wait to try them out, I loved their apple juice as a kid so I knew I was going to love their mixers!

 They are affordable, come in three delicious flavors and they are the perfect drink for entertaining a huge crowd at your BBQ or for happy hour with the girls!

 Old Orchard mixers are easy to make all you do is add ice, water or alcohol then blend and serve!

 Old Orchard mixers come in PiƱa colada, Margarita , and Strawberry daiquiri.

Each can make a total of six drinks.

 It's close to six o'clock and guests will be arriving any minute, The food is prepped and ready to be set on the table and that'…

Raw By Rae dessert Treats Review

It all began when Rachel founder of Raw By Rae was on a mission to create a healthy clean treat that you both can enjoy without the guilt and satisfy your sweet tooth. 
Raw By Rae desserts are all natural and made with all natural ingredients. 

✅Gluten Free ✅Dairy Free ✅certified vegan dessert ✅All Natural  ✅Raw Whole Food  ✅sweetened naturally 

Raw By Rae is literally energy in a box and here's why!
Raw By Rae desserts are made with dates, nuts, and seeds that are naturally sweetened with no artificial sweeteners, no added preservatives, soy free, grain free, dairy free, gluten free and egg free. 
Whenever your running low on energy pop a Raw By Rae treat into your mouth and your good to go! 
Rae's treats come in many scrumptious flavors such as
Lemon Coconut Salty Caramel Original Brownie Cinnamon Roll Coconut brownie Caramel turtle Chocolate chip cookie Pumpkin spice Orange chocolate  Banana split Tiramisu  Pecan pie Mint chocolate chip 
Rachel herself sent me some of her …

Fruity Pomegranate Spritzer with Splenda

With the Summer comes the heat, so why not beat it with a cool and refreshing drink that's not only low in calories but fruity and delicious that your friends and family will be raving over!  
Fruity drinks can be loaded with not just unwanted calories but loaded with sugar ! If your looking for a drink that's low in calories and fruity then your going to love the pomegranate spritzer made with Splenda which is a low calorie sweetene and I got to try it free through crowdtap! 
It's light, crisp, sweet, fruity and refreshing making it the ultimate summer time drink! 

I thought it was the perfect drink to cool down with on a hot summer day, I thought it was both delicious and refreshing. I loved that the drink offered a tart flavor from the pomegranate with a subtle sweetness from the simple syrup along with the pucker from the lime! 
This recipe was super simple to make and would be a great crowd pleaser at any party whether at a baby shower, your next BBQ or even for a gi…

SafeCatch Tuna Review !

When it comes Safe Catch brand tuna it's protein that you can trust because it's the only brand that takes the time to test every fish for it's level of mercury. 
SafeCatch is packed by hand to maintain omega 3 oils as well as nutrients. 
With SafeCatch tuna there's no draining involved because all of the oils are in fact natural fish oils.
Since SafeCatch meets the Consumer reports for low Mercury level it's safe for pregnant women and children to consume. 
SafeCatch aids in performance giving you a boost of protein, helps you recover after a workout and makes those muscles good and strong! Not like pop-eye strong though ! 
I love tuna not only because it's simple and goes great whether on a salad, crackers, as a sandwich or made into a burger but because it's packed with protein. 
I swear I eat it all of the time, I'm talking about like a few times a week a lot it fills me up and keeps me going throughout the day without that sluggish feeling. 
I was…

My Green Fills #LaundryRevolution Product Review!

My Green Fills provided me with samples of their products in exchange for review, however all opinions expressed are my own. 
My Green Fills was founded by Selestial in 2008 with a dream to fabricate products that aren't only non toxic but help save money and work.
It all began with founder of Green Works Ruth Smith who was in her own words " living the green life before it was cool". Due to because some of her children had severe skin allergies.
The only product on the shelf that was so called green washed was ineffective and not to mention expensive so she created her own.
What started as a lifestyle then became her passion. She received formal training in homeopathy and herbology. Concocting effective and natural products became a part of her DNA. 
CEO Stephen Ezell heartfelt philanthropist, entrepreneur and sustainable living enthusiast. Stephen became sick and tired of the cleaning products within his home that were full of harmful toxins and wanted to …

#endlessPASTAbilities Pasta Chips Klout Perk !

Discover authentic Italian flavors of Garlic and Olive Oil baked to perfection in a crispy chip made from pasta! 
I know what your thinking, how can pasta that we eat with sauce and bubbly 
cheese be baked to perfection into a chip? 
The answer is simple.
These crunchy yet flavorful Pasta Chips were created and inspired by a authentic Italian snack tucked away in the hills of Tuscany where a healthy and delicious twist on a simple recipe was born made from Durum wheat semolina flour being a main ingredient that's in premium pastas. Sprinkled with Italian seasonings, each chip is then cut with care to create the perfect edge until golden brown! 
What I love about Pasta Chips Garlic olive oil chips is that the taste of garlic doesn't punch you in the mouth and the olive oil flavor really balances it out giving it a nice crispy texture ! They are delicious no matter what you pair them with, could be a sandwich or even soup or straight out of the bag! 
Savor authentic Italian tas…