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Axe Review!

My nephew is now in the 9th grade in high school and also plays football on the schools team and can you believe it they play 6 days a week! 
It's also great though because he loves football and is good at it!
You ask him things about football and he will tell you  about every single player that's on the Philadelphia Eagles team!
Even when they lose a game whether it's a home game or an away game they practice on Sunday, how insane is that!? 
So when you really think about it their always practicing which leads to sweat that gets on their sports equipment and makes it very well, stinky!
He even plays football with his friends sometimes after school, it's a lot of fun seeing him running around enjoying the sport!
Axe was generous enough to send me a package just for my nephew for review this holiday season!
In the package that arrived for the review was some deodorants, shower gels and also axe for her they all smell absolutely amazing and will also make you feel your best eve…

Lenny&Larry's Review!

I work out 7 days a week always on the go so when I am in need of some refueling I want a snack that's quick and easy like a smoothie, some fresh cut fruit, yogurt or some much needed protein like meat such as chicken or turkey but sometimes I need something sweet and what better way to get your protein intake than with a decadent fit protein brownie or complete cookie from  Lenny&Larry's  when I made my way to their website one night and saw all of their snacks I just had to try them!
Lenny and Larry's is an all natural protein company made by two friends which is so good it will scare you silly as in their own words! Which is so true, because they are that good and I can prove it to because they were generous enough to send me their yummy prof tie fit brownies and complete cookies for review!
Lenny & Larry's facts: Their snacks are baked fresh to perfection  All natural Non GMO Great source of protein for a tasty treat or a quick pick me up after an intense workout  …

Snomee Gift Card Globe Holder Review!

With Christmas there are all kinds of gifts from clothing to movies, but when you don't know what to buy gift cards make the perfect gift for anyone because it allows the person to buy whatever they want at any store such as GameStop, old navy etc.
Thing is though when we buy a gift card we then throw away the card holder that the gift card comes in.
With a Snomeegift card holder you don't have to toss away because it's also a snow globe, pretty neat if you ask me to because each globe has it's own scene inside of it!
When I came across snomee on the web and saw their gift card holders  a very special person in mind popped into my head to review it which is my nephew! 
I was asked which one I wanted to review and told snomee that my nephew is quite the game player so I was sent the multimedia snomee and when it arrived I thought it was the coolest thing ever because this is something you don't have to throw away you can keep it as a keepsake and continue to watch the s…

Whitegirl salsa company review!

Julie Nirvelli was welcomed into a Hispanic families home with open arms and her homemade tomatillo salsa was then put to the test and they all loved it so much so that it was gone within minutes of it being placed on the table! 
Close friends of hers came up with the name of her company which is called Whitegirl salsa
So what sets white girl salsas from others?
You know how most salsas have that red color to the jars we've seem in stores? Well this one is mixed with cilantro, lime and tomatillo giving it a vibrant green color!
They are all natural, preservative free and no fillers making it guilt free and insanely good especially at family get togethers, parties even the Super Bowl ! 
When I came across their unique blends of salsa on their website I just had to try them, especially the cranberry mango! 
I'm not much of a spicy foods kind of woman so when I was given a choice to choose which salsas I wanted to review I went with mild tomatillo and of course the cranberry mango!

Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Breads Review!

Christi skow  diagnosed with celiacs disease in 2007 led to her mission with her husband Josh to create gluten free breads that not only are healthy and delicious but have the texture and flavor like so called real breads. 
Canyon Bakehouse was born and open for business in 2009 and word got out just how scrumptious their gluten free breads are and are now sold in over 1,000 stores across the country!
When I came across their site on the web I just had to try their breads, they all looked delicious and have their own unique taste and texture to them!
I love a good bread whether it's for sandwiches, soups, or cheeseburger and these breads from Canyon Bakehouse are the best!
They are flavorful, they don't have a dry texture  to them like other gluten free breads I've tried before!

Canyon Bakehouse facts: Gluten free

7 grain:
Loved how good this bread was for a sandwich it was filling, and made the perfe sandwich! Perfect for grilled cheese with tomato soup for those winter cold nigh…

Veggie-Go's organic Naked Edge Fruit & Veggie snacks review!

As a kid I loved having fruit snacks such as fruit by the foot, gushers  as part of my lunch or at snack time and still do to this day but let's face it they aren't all that healthy for us to eat especially with added sugars etc. What if I told you that a healthier fruit snack does exist?! It's made up of 1/4 cup of fruit and veggies, I'm talking about these delicious organic fruit and veggie snacks from Naked Edge snacks ! I know it sounds weird veggies and fruit mixed into a snack but it's healthier than drinking a gigantic glass of juice with tons of sugar and calories. You'll feel much better knowing that your children will be snacking on something that's healthy for them, feel free to snack on these fruity snacks as well because they are too good to pass up!
When I came across them on the web I was curious about them and had to try them to see how different they are from other fruit snacks.
I was sent all four of their flavors to try for review and coul…

Chibar organic energy bar Review!

Sometimes after I workout I feel like I'm running low on energy and need a boost with a small snack and these all natural bars from Chibar I was sent for review are perfect for giving me the boost I need to go the extra mile and provides a burst of energy, it makes not only me happy but my body happy because it's giving it something it needs which is good for you ingredients such as fruits, nuts and protein!
I couldn't wait to try out these bars for the review, especially the cacao cherry because I sure do love chocolate! 
Chibar facts:
USDA organic Dairy free Soy free Tastes fantastic  Non GMO  Kosher certified  Gluten free Grown from the earth!

Papaya pineapple:
Fantastic fruity flavor and made the perfect snack when I was starting to feel hungry mid day! 
Cacao cherry:

Cherries and chocolate really work well together! I cut up half and put it into a chocolate covered cherry smoothie and wow it was super delicious! Loved the tangy cherries with the sweet chocolate! 
Mango ginger:
I love…

Welovejam Review!

These products don't even compare to other jams, ketchups, or caramel sauces I've tried they are simply the best!

Made with organic ingredients!
What makes them unique is that their jams don't consist of just the fruit such as peach, strawberry, cherry etc. they are mixed with another fruit giving them a twist of tartness and sweetness! 
Tart cherry/grapefruit: 
mix it with some plain yogurt for a sweet treat!
Blenheim apricot : 

great on toast, English muffins or even bagels even drizzled on some Christmas ham! It was flavorful, fruity and the perfect glazed topping for the ham! 

I was sent some of their jams for review as well as their amazing caramel sauce and delectable ketchup !
I like how they pick their own fruits for the jams that they make and as well as canning them in jars that have an old fashion look to them!
Looking at all of their jams, sauces etc on their web was like walking into a general store! 
Blenheim apricot jam was voted in Food and Wines magazine for the bes…

Tofurky Review!

Were you once a meat eater and miss the taste of meat especially during the spring and summer time months on the grill? I came across Tofurky meatless products on the web and had to try them they sounded tasty, healthy and also full of flavor!
I admit yes I am a meat eater but like to try new foods to change it up instead of eating the same old boring thing because when eating  healthier you tend to get into a routine of eating the same thing day after day so why not switch it up!
They have all sorts of products such as deli slices like a roast beef style, pepperoni slices, Kielbasa, beer brats, Italian sausage and a ton of other products !

Hickory smoked deli slices:
Amazing hickory smoked flavor was so good on some 7 grain bread with lettuce, half a slice of cheese and a bit of veganaise !
I was sent some coupons redeemable for free products of my choosing and love the products I've tried!

Went to the market the other day and picked up some more tofurky products and will update as soo…

Try About Time Whey Review!

Whether your on a mission to lead a healthier lifestyle by losing weight, building muscle mass then you have come to the right place because Try About Time protein products are made with you in mind and are filled with all natural ingredients that are good for us instead of all the unhealthy stuff !
I workout like crazy seven days a week whether I'm at the gym, at work, taking a walk or even working out at home I need to refuel my body with protein packed snacks whether it's a protein bar or even yogurt!
So when I came across about times website and saw all their yummy flavors such as birthday cake I just had to try them!
About time facts: All natural supplements  Gluten free Sweetened with stevia Lactose free Taste good too unlike other protein supplements 
Used for: Athletes Weight management Active lifestyles And Clinical nutrition 
Protein bars: Make great snacks or a meal replacement 
Paleo clean formula Dairy and gluten free Only 210 calories 11 grams if egg white proteins Made with 6 all n…

Angie's Boomchickapop popcorn Review!

My favorite go to snack when cuddling up on the couch watching a movie is popcorn of course! Sweet, salty, I like all kinds of varieties and Angie's popcorn has just that! Founders of Angie's popcorn Angie and Dan Bastian husband and wife made popcorn in their own kitchen and served them up at local charities and events and it was a hit! Everyone loved it, so much so that they started selling their kettle corn at outdoor events. 
When I came across their site on the web I just had to try their products! They sounded oh so good and would make the perfect snack !
Here are facts about their popcorns!
Angie's facts: Gluten free Certified kosher Whole grain Non GMO No artificial colors, preservatives or flavors No high fructose corn syrup No trans fat No artificial sweeteners
I was sent some bags of their tasty popcorn for review and couldn't wait to try them out to see how they are different from other popcorns I've tried! 
Boom chicka pop lightly sweet popcorn: Love that this popc…