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Influenster Changes

The site Influenster where I received my lovely Spring Beauty Vox Box from has made some different changes to their website! I have to say it's new but I love it! It's easy to navigate and you get to unlock a lot more badges which helps you get into more program boxes to sample! If you love to sample new products then this is the site for you! It's so much fun! They are a great site and you should join too!

Weight loss journey

Hello everyone it's been awhile since I have taken a full body shot picture of my weight loss. I made the decision to get fit and healthy back in December of last year and joined Curves. Below on the left is a picture of me when I was down 35 pounds on the right which is current is 63 pounds total!

A Marked Delight

I was so excited to see these boxes when I got out of work yesterday. I received the Get Marked protein bar and Vanilla shake (By Mark Whalberg) which is his brand new line of protein products and since I am a Klout member I am one of the first ones to try it before it hits store shelves! I also received the Starbucks Caramel frapp! I can't wait to try all of this stuff! The only thing that didn't arrive yesterday was the Starbucks Refresher's, you can see at the bottom that I have already taken a picture of it.

Combat Insider

I was selected to test and review Combat Source Kill Max for being an insider. What's Combat you ask? Combat is a trap to get rid of ants. The syringe is used for cracks and crevices and just simply apply the gel into the crack or crevice where you might see the ants frequently. You can set each trap anywhere in the house where you might have ants walking around, like in the kitchen. Also do not spray anything on or around the ant baits because it could contaminate and ruin it's procedure to get rid of the ant trails. The kit contained one syringe and six ant based stations. On the box it states that it's supposed to kill the Queen and it's entire colony.

Starbucks Refresher

I received a can of a drink from Klout free called Starbucks Strawberry Lemonade.Long shifts at work making you feel exhausted? Try one of these sparkling drinks today! They are sold at Target and come in many flavors. It's a sparkling green coffee beverage that's made with real fruit juice, Ginseng and B vitamins. The green coffee extract in this drink is supposed to give you the extra boost to make it through your day.

Wallaby Yogurt

Upon waiting for my coupons from Wallaby I decided to just buy some when they were on sale at Whole Foods. I have never bought or tried this yogurt before. I have got to say though I liked it. I brought one to work one day and note that it was left out in my lunch bag for awhile it was runny. So I decided to try another one along with cereal one morning. Then I noticed it was just the consistency of their yogurt, but still love it. Although it's not thick and creamy like other brands. I'm always looking for a new product to try and I'm glad I tried it! The flavors I bought was the Black Cherry, Vanilla Banana, Peach and Vanilla Bean. My favorite would be the Vanilla Banana! I give Wallaby yogurts an A+!

Frozen Treat!

I have been doing so good with my exercise routine that I decided to treat myself today to some Brickley's Frozen Yogurt. I bought my favorite which is Coffee Heath Bar with chocolate jimmies and a cherry on top. It's so good!

New Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment

New Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment: Thx Orajel 4 my free #SingleDose - Get a $1 off coupon Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment here! *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

I am so excited to be on this mission from Smiley360!


Sign up for Crowdtap here. Great site to use and you get rewarded for doing activities. You can also earn free things like gift cards by earning points. The best thing of all you can earn things like this. I earned the Grill Mates party from Crowdtap! I was so happy being selected as a participant! I added the Hopper into the picture, they weren't part of the Crowdtap Grill Mates party. All of the stuff you see in this picture the apron, the sauce, the seasonings and rubs is what came in the Crowdtap kit. I was also selected as a part of the Woolite Party kit too! My clothing never looked so brand new! So in case you are interested in joining Crowdtap click on my link up above to sign up to start earning rewards today! It's so easy all you do is click on stuff!

Hearty meal

I just had to take a picture of my favorite meal from Panera Bread. A half Turkey sandwich with the low fat chicken noodle soup and a lemonade of course! I am addicted to it!

Purex Insider

Look what arrived! I can't wait to see what it is!

Soft Scrub (Purex Insider)

For being a Purex Insider they sent me two full sized bottles of the Soft Scrub spray! I haven't used the one with the bleach in it but have used the other one. I love how with just a little spray it does the trick in getting a clean bathroom or surface. It's almost as if you are watching it work it's magic! Along with the sprays they sent three coupons for a free Soft Scrub product so with the coupons I bought the liquid lemon soft scrub.

New Decor

Our newest addition to the house is a new couch set, the chair is not included in the picture though oops. Anyways I am a part of the Glade Expressions Campaign on Bzzagent and this is my favorite scent of all so far! Pineapple Mangosteen! It smells wonderful! It's like having a mini vacation every time you spray some into the air!

Time to Unjunk with Unreal

The other day while I was at work my mom went to the store with my buy one get one free #Bzzagent coupon for the Unreal campaign and bought the peanut coated candies and the chocolate coated. Always looking to try a new product especially candy. So I grabbed my book and I decided to try the coated chocolate candies. The colors of the candy shells are a bit different from M&M candies. First bite I'm thinking to myself what does this taste like, I've tried something like this before. Peculiar? Odd no, It taste just like a chocolate bunny that you would get during Easter! How can they make a candy taste this good!? Especially by being more healthier.

Unreal candy!

I got to try a new candy from Unreal through Bzzagent. I was hooked from the minute I bit into it. The chewy caramel and chocolate with the nougat center were just right! (Basically like a Milky way!) I think this is better than a candy that isn't good for you with that added sugar, fat and preservatives that our bodies just don't need. I have found a new product that I love! Don't be afraid to try something new. Go on try it! You will love it :)