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Ravebites Handcrafted energy snacks

Rave Bites began back in the early 90's with the Garfield-Wright sisters where they acted as their dads chunks of energy recipe taste tester.
The sisters shared the recipe to their high school tennis and cross country  classmates to provide them with a nutritious and delicious snack to give them a boost of energy.
When their classmates begged for more that's when they realized they were on to something.
Their father and founder of Ravebites Michael leads a healthy lifestyle with his regimen each day with his blueberry and turmeric smoothie along with staying busy outside kayaking, skiing or in his own organic garden.
The youngest of the two daughters Sylvia was brought up in the heart of the natural food business.
At the tender age of seven she was homeschool and always tagged along with her dad from doing invoices while delivering to other stores and going on road trips to natural food stores around the country.
As she got older the business blossomed and in 2013 Ravebites w…

TinyB handcrafted chocolates Review

It all began with the beautiful Brazilian chocolatier  Renata and Andrei a San Francisco tech entrepreneur where there fell head over heels in love with one another, got married and began Tinyb in their own kitchen to share bit only their love for brigadeiro but for each other as well and those around the world.
Her one of a kind recipe delivers phenomenal chocolate flavor without it being bitter or the extra sweetness of sugar, they are then hand dipped offering an array of delectable desserts!
Where did the name Tinyb come from?
Tinyb is a Brazilian fun sized chocolate called a brigadeiro that's handcrafted and dipped by hand in spices and nuts.
 made right in San Francisco    TinyB hand crafts their truffles with the finest quality chocolate,organic condensed milk & coconut cream then rolled around in nuts, coconut or curls of chocolate making them even more decadent!

TinyB are free from
Preservatives  Gluten  Eggs
TinyB flavors:
•Brazilian coffee & chocolate •raspberr…

Thanksgiving recipes !

What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

My all time favorite holiday side dish to any holiday meal is stuffing it's a must have every year I love all the spices added into the bread and tastes even better on a sandwich the next day with all the fixings turkey, cranberry sauce my mouth is watering just talking about it! 
I was looking around on Pinterest for a different recipe for thanksgiving this year that didn't come from a box and this one sounded not only easy to make but delicious as well instead there's sausage tossed with crisp apples, plump and juicy raisins, tart cranberries and celery sprinkled with Italian seasoning and fresh parsley!
If your planning on entertaining this holiday season I suggest you double this recipe because it's super delicious and will be gone in seconds flat!  Ingredients 1 package or 2  of Alfresco garlic chicken sausage 1 cup of onion chopped into small chunks1 cup of celery roughly chopped1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley1 clove of …

#KelloggsOrigins Ancient Grains

What was your favorite cereal as a kid?

As a kid I loved cereal especially Kellogg's brand corn flakes they were crunchy and delicious of course I added a little sugar because well that's what kids do!
Each morning I would grab my favorite cereal and drizzle on some milk and a spoon then sit at the table with my juice and savor each and every bite! 
Move over corn flakes there's a new love in town and its Kellogg's Origins ancient grains!
What makes Kellogg's origins different than their other products?

Kellogg's origins offer a variety of nutritious muesli, granola, and cereal that delivers impeccable taste from prime ingredients such as oats, barley, quinoa, spelt and kamut brand khorsasn wheat.
Kellogg's just made breakfast more exciting and delicious with their one of a kind mix of traditional and ancient grains paired with crunchy nuts, seeds and real fruit to offer not only healthy foods that are good for us but taste good too with extraordinary fla…

Aurorae microfiber sport yoga towel review

It all began with founder of Aurorae yoga Dennis Ingui who embraced a love for yoga.
Dennis being a cancer survivor since 2001 needed an opening in his life to aid him in strengthening not only his body but his mind as well which yoga has helped him in gain a new perspective on life.
Though he's not an instructor or yogi he's devoted to yoga being that it's impacted his life so much so and realizes how important it is to others .
Aurorae yoga's objective is to make your yoga session is as comfortable as possible and that you enjoy every bit of it!
Aurorae was born in 2009 to provide their customers with top of the line yoga products ranging from fitness apparel, mats, bags and more to ensure the best experience!
I came across Aurorae online and instantly fell in love with their approach on leading a healthy lifestyle both for the environment but ones health as well .
I think it's important to live a healthy lifestyle whether it's eating healthy or through exer…

Chunky Monkey Sunbutter Blondies recipe!

It all began in the Red River Valley located between the North Dakota and Minnesota line where it's known as the wealthiest as well as the most active agricultural region. 
In the heart of Fargo North Dakota smack dab in the middle of confection sunflower the  founder over at Red river commodities flourished a love for working with sunflower seeds due to a rise in peanut and tree nut allergies. 
Did you know that in the USA alone the sum if u.s. children with peanut allergies tripled from 1997 to 2008? 
With that being said they pondered if their sunflower seeds could be used as  an alternative for kids as well as their parents.
They dreamed of a alternative to peanut butter made of sunflower seeds and began doing just that.
They started working with the U.S. department of agriculture to concoct their creamy smooth sunflower spread. 
Then they finally had it and sunbutter was born! 
What is sun butter?

Sun butter is a creamy smooth peanut free spread made from sunflower seeds.

Forager Project product review

Have you ever wondered what's in your favorite drink?
The Forager project company makes their juices and nut milks with the finest of organic ingredients and are low in sugar not to mention delicious.
Forager project beverages are cold pressed and 100% organic 
I came across Forager online and was blown away by not only the finest of ingredients or that they were low in sugar but all of the different products they have to offer.
To name a few of their juices, milks and greens we have
Nuts and chocolate  Nuts and coconut  Nuts and coffee Beets Roots Avocado and greens Avocado and tomato Creamy cashew milk chocolate  Creamy cashew milk vanilla  Greens and apple  And more!
I was provided with coupons which were a dollar off to purchase Forager where I found them at my local health food store they are a bit on the pricey  side $7.85 a bottle but  worth every penny if you buy the nuts and chocolate milk (favorite) so creamy and delicious!
Any who lets get to the tasting shall we!
The …

GT's Kombucha organic and raw synergy drinks

It all began in 1995 when founder of GT's Kombucha GT Dave learned his mother was diagnosed with a rapid form of breast cancer.
With only a week of being on an emotional roller coaster they were at ease when they had learned that the cancer hadn't spread and the reason why was because of the powerful taste of cultured tea that she had been drinking. 
GT was amazed at how Kombucha had aid his mother so he began making it in their own home at the tender age of 15 where he had no goal but a passion to share with those who could gain from it.
He first started by delivering his very own Kombucha by hand to health food stores around the area and then grew into a full grown company that offers over 17 flavor varieties of kombucha products to choose from sold through out the USA.
Laraine Dave began sipping in kombucha in 1993 when a friend that was close to the family offered her a taste.
She started making her own at home and was weary at first of the taste at first but it quickly g…