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Uncle Matt's Organic Apple Juice Review

You know your drinking the best apple juice when you can feel yourself at the orchard where the apples were picked!
Uncle Matt's Organic juices aren't made from concentrate which is a healthier choice not only for you but family as well!
This apple juice is fantastic!

It's delicious and fresh and is perfect for a delicious and yummy breakfast in the fall with some pancakes or waffles!
I love how it wasn't too sweet or wasn't watered down like other brands are it was the best juice I've ever tasted!

Jamba Juice smoothie kit review and giveaway!

In a rush and need a quick pick me up for breakfast or snack while going to work?
Jamba Juice smoothie kit has you covered just toss the ingredients in the blender with juice such as some apple juice like in the photo posted above for a delicious creamy treat.
I love smoothies and have tried many. Have you ever had an orange creamsicle? This smoothie is exactly what it tastes like! It's tangy orange sherbet just dances on your tongue with the creamy delectable deliciousness of vanilla frozen yogurt!
It's out of this world amazing!
If your not a fan that's ok because they offer many other flavors too!
Such as:
Caribbean passion Pomegranate pick me up Acai super antioxidant  Strawberries wild And more!
They sell them in local retailers such as target and more!

Be sure to enter the giveaway below! 5 winners will be selected!  Good luck!!
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Skinny Pop: Black Pepper Popcorn Review!

I've tried Skinny Pop before in an earlier review and absolutely loved their popcorn! It's full of flavor and best of all it's guilt free which is great it tastes like movie theater popcorn without all the butter how awesome is that!? 
So when I stumbled upon their new flavor black pepper on the web I just knew I had to see if I could do a review featuring their black pepper pop corn!
I was beyond ecstatic when I received the black pepper popcorn I couldn't wait to try it to see how it differs from their other popcorn. 
Peppery verdict:
I packed some to go along with my lunch and had to nibble on a piece and first thought that occurred to me was that it was very good and doesn't have an overwhelming peppery taste at all. It's lightly peppered and is a great snack to have when watching a movie! 

Dutch Country Pantry Review!

I was beyond excited to pick some items for review from Dutch Country Pantry and couldn't wait to try them out! Especially when I found out that their products are not only healthy but delicious! 
Chocolate fudge:
Great chocolate flavor and super delicious! Loved the texture of it because you could spread it on some delicious biscotti for an added touch or even spread on brownies as a frosting!
Apple snitz:
I love fruit especially apples and fall is right around the corner!  I've tried something similar before and fell in love with them great apple flavor and what's great about these luscious apple pieces is that you can add them to a nice hot steaming bowl of oatmeal or even yogurt with some raisins!
Birch beer:
I loved birch beer soda as a kid and sipping on it reminded me of my childhood, great flavor!
Kaufman's strawberry jam:
Dress up your morning with this delicious spreadable jam bursting with plump juicy strawberries!  What's great about the jam is that you can swirl …

Perky Jerky Review!

I was sent some jerky for review by Perky Jerky and I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into them.
I've tried teriyaki before and loved it but can be tough to chew especially when on those sticks at your favorite Chinese food restaurant, well Perky Jerky is nothing like that at all!
They are meaty, full of flavor and bite sized strips perfect for snacking! 
Turkey Jerky: Bursting with turkey flavor and not too salty. Loved that it wasn't way too chewy either like some other jerky brands can be.
Beef jerky:
A little peppery with delicious sweet beef flavor.
You could also pair it with a slice of cheese or even dice them up into small pieces and toss them on a salad! Jerky facts:
High in protein Low in fat Low in calories No nitrates No preservatives All natural And Low carb
Great post workout snack anytime of day to give you the boost you need!

Uncle Matt's Organic orange juice review!

What goes better with a bagel and some fruit for breakfast than some deliciously refreshing orange juice?
Works perfectly with a side of eggs, oatmeal or some yogurt and fruit or you can chop up some fruit and toss in some yogurt and add a splash of whatever juice you prefer into the blender for a smoothie!
I've had many orange juices through out my life and some I wasn't to keen on due to high sugar, the taste or too pulpy.
Uncle Matt's organic juice company makes all natural juices that are healthier and kids are sure to love! 
I have seen them in stores and just had to try them out for myself especially their orange juice.
I was sent some coupons for review to pick some juices of my choosing and came across the orange juice at Belmont fruits market and couldn't wait to try it! 
Juicy details:
I absolutely loved the taste it wasn't too sugary or pulpy at all and gives me just the boost I need!

Martinez Salsa Review!

In Mexico's Yucatan peninsula great grandmother Martinez concocted authentic salsa five generations ago and well known for the fire roasted salsa which was only sold in Mexico until now!
I've tried my fair share of salsa before but some were either too runny, too peppery or just didn't taste good to me until now that is because this salsa from Martinez salsa is the best ever I've tried!
I was sent some of their mouth watering salsa for review and will tell you about each one of them as soon as I try each one of them!
You can enjoy fire roasted salsa, mild and peach all in the comfort of your own home today!
Healthy facts: All natural Corn free Gluten free  Milk free 0 grams trans fat MSG free
Works great on: Chips Tacos Chicken Burritos Fish Veggies And more!
Peach salsa: Ever since I've eaten at this burrito place called boloco I've been obsessed with their dish called the Mexican which features rice, beans, cheese, grilled chicken, salsa and guacamole on it.
Thought to myself hey…

Quest Protein: White Chocolate Raspberry protein bar review!

Look who's back for another review on the blog!
Quest Protein has a new flavor which is white chocolate raspberry and I just had to try it!
You've probably seen my other review of their protein bars and I absolutely love them!
They are full of protein and give me just what my body needs after an intense workout.
It's also great for a quick and easy snack that you can just put into your bag to tag along with you.
I like that these bars aren't overload with sugar that we just don't need and also it keeps me energized to get through the day.
I haven't tried any bars of theirs that I didn't like I loved them all and couldn't wait to give their new flavor a try when they sent me a box for review!
White chocolate raspberry: 
Wow the taste was so delicious reminded me of an unhealthy cheesecake or something like it but so much better. 
I couldn't stop nibbling on it while working today it was just that good!  
Velvety smooth luscious white chocolate with raspberry s…

Quest Protein Peanut Butter Cups Review

I've done a review before on Quest Protein products such as their delicious protein bars which are great for a quick workout snack to nourish your body.
I absolutely love their bars and freaked when I find out that they have peanut butter cups and just knew that I had to give them a try because like hello I love chocolate and what's better with chocolate than nutty peanut butter?!
I was super psyched when they showed up for review and couldn't wait to give them a try to see how they compare to any other brand of peanut butter cups I've tried.
When they showed up they felt squishy like they were a bit melted so I popped them in the fridge.
So when it came time to munching on one I noticed just as I thought they had melted which to me is fine because I like them kept cold to serve it up with a nice cold glass of milk.
Let me just tell you they are so delicious!
They don't even compare to any other brands I've tried because they are that good!
They offer a whopping total…

Flower Party by Night Yves Rocher Review

Sometimes you just need to let your hair down and pamper yourself and leave your worries behind. What better way to do so with the best products imaginable whether its bubble bath, shower gel, a moisturizing lotion, or sweet smelling perfume to feel luxuriously smooth, sexy and confident.

Ever have that one lotion or spray that you put on and the scent just doesn't last as long as you want it to?
Let me tell you these products from Yves Rocher that I've received for review are amazing they smell  oh so good and it lasts all day!
Body lotion:
Leaves your skin so soft leaving a floral scent behind, even you'll want to sniff at it all day and night it smells that good!
Shower gel:
Relaxing fruity scent whether on a bath sponge or for running a tranquil bubble bath.
Delicious fruity aroma that will last all day long and smells incredibly amazing.
What I loved: Smelled amazing Lasts long  Loved the fancy perfume bottle  Not an overpowering scent
I loved them all!


Bai 5 Drinks Review!

I'm sure all of you coffee drinkers like myself know that coffee comes from a bean, but did you know that the outside of the bean is called a super fruit?

Never knew that until now with these fruity coffee fruit infused juices from Bai 5 drinks

Infuse the antioxidant power of  the super fruit with juice and your probably thinking coffee and juice ew gross, it doesn't taste like coffee at all they are fruity and oh so delicious!

Ive seen their juices in stores before but have never tried them and was a bit curious,  was sent their juices for review and couldn't wait to give them a try!


Molokai coconut: 
Exotic sweet coconut flavor and just the right amount of sweetness

Limu lemon:

Costa Rica clementine:

Brasilia blueberry:
 Luscious blueberry flavor, reminded me of Grape Jelly actually! So good and full of flavor packed with antioxidants!

Congo pear:

Malawi mango:
delicious sweet mango flavor

Sumatra dragon fruit: 
I absolutely loved this flavor it was so delicious and tasted j…


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Louise's Foods Chia Granola Review and Giveaway!

All those years we've been thinking that most granola and cereal have been healthy the manufacturers mislead us by adding in extra sugars and the cheapest of ingredients that our bodies don't need it, just read the labels on the back of the packages!
Half of those names we can't even pronounce, it makes me think what have I been eating all of these years.
With that in mind I'm on a mission to eat healthier foods and it's worked in weight loss!
When eating granola's I look for all natural ingredients and the taste is a major factor because I won't eat it if I don't like it, and I hardly ever find something I don't like!

This granola right here is out of bounds delicious.  Louise's Foods sent me an email to review  their granola and this lovely package arrived on my doorstep! It's packed with nutrients such as chia seeds, raisins, almonds, pumpkin seeds and coconut flakes which I love!
I couldn't wait to try it!
Whenever I see raisins in granola…

Barnana Organics Review

Craving something sweet but you don't want to overload on junk food?
Give these tasty organic chocolate covered banana bites a try from Barnana, if your not a chocolate lover then try their banana chews which are chewy banana bites dusted with banana powder !
Even though I am on a mission to lead a healthier lifestyle I still like to enjoy some chocolate every now and then and what better way to eat it when it's covered in delicious chewy bananas! 
I've tried chocolate covered bananas in a previous review earlier and absolutely loved them!
So when I came across their website and saw these babies I knew I had to try them, they sent me a package of their chocolate banana bites and chewy banana bites for review!
Chocolate Covered Banana Bites:
They are delicious and such a great snack to bring to the movies instead of eating all that unwanted junk food!
I loved the taste of them, smooth and creamy almost like a caramel type texture with the chewiness of the bananas and luscious choc…

Seattle's Best Frozen Coffee Review and Giveaway!

Now you can enjoy decadent coffee drinks that you enjoy from coffee shops such as frappe's made in the comfort of your own home!
Seattle's Best  coffee just came out with their frozen coffee blends that you just toss into the blender with milk to make oh so delicious drinks made just the way you like them in your favorite cafes.
Just add a cup of milk with the ingredients and let the blender work it's magic.
If you really want to be creative you can drizzle on some chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and even whip cream!
Want to get real fancy, top it off with a cherry!
I couldn't wait to try these drinks for review because I am obsessed with coffee, it's my addiction. 
I chose to try the mega mocha flavor.
It was super delicious and blended up perfectly with some vanilla milk!
Other Flavors:
Creamy Caramel Coffee Chiller
You can try too because, it's giveaway time!
Will be selecting 5 winners!

Good luck and enjoy!

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Vermont Village Apple Sauce Review!

As the Summer comes to an end and the kids start to go back to school you know what that means right?
Fall is right around the corner which is the best time of the year because the leaves from the trees change pretty colors and start to fall. 
Which is also the best time of the year for my favorite past time which is apple picking!
Just think of the recipes you can dish up with all of the apples that you've picked from apple pie to apple butter, even you guess it apple sauce!
Which is what brought me to this wonderful review to share with you all today!
Vermont Village sent me some of their organic apple sauces for review and they sound so tasty and couldn't wait to try them!
Here are the flavors they sent for review!
Let me just say these can't even compare to other brands that I've tried because they are simply the best!
You can seriously smell the apple orchard right when you peel off the tab to savor that first delicious bite of sweet tasting apple sauce and they taste so …

Three Twins Ice Cream Review

During the Summer months sometimes you just need to cool down with a sweet cold treat and what better way to cool off with some ice cream!
Whether it's chocolaty or fruity I'm a huge fan of ice cream. As a kid I would wait for the sound of the bell of the ice cream man's truck and rush out the door with the other kids in the neighborhood with money just waiting for something sweet to eat to cool down!
To this day I love ice cream whether it's on a cone or in a dish with some sliced up fruit or sprinkles or even blended up as a milk shake!
OK, I'm getting totally ahead of myself over here, LOL!
Three Twins Ice Cream company has been making delicious ice cream since 2005 in Northern California using organic ingredients that taste oh so good!
I am proud to say I got to try their ice cream, they sent me some coupons for review and I couldn't wait to choose the flavors I wanted to test out.
Flavors I chose:
Chocolate Orange Confetti-
This one right here is to die for! Here&…