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Kalona Supernaturals review!

Bill Evans founder of  Kalona Supernatural began the company in 2005 under the name Kalona Organics where they distributed cultural revolution yogurt and natural creamery dairy products. 
Then in 2010 Kalona supernatural brand was born!
It all began when Bill had moved his wife and six children with him to Kalona Iowa becoming part of a community that's made up of Mennonite and Amish farmers leading him to create a bond between the land and the people which also then created Kalona Organics.
Kalona takes a part in making sure that small organic farmers share their high quality all natural products with one another. 

Kalona supernatural is not like any other company because they know each and every farmer they work with even their families and they also visit their lands. 
They sell a variety of products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, butter , cottage cheese, sour cream and organic eggs .

I came across Kalona products online and just had to review them they all sounded so yummy! 
I was sen…

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration body wash crowdtap sampling!

Being a member of crowdtap has it's perks not only do you complete fun tasks such as going on scavenger hunts in a store to find the product you also earn great rewards such as gift cards based upon your activity on the website. Best of all you get invited into sample parties where you get to try out cool products for free!
I have tried many products through crowdtap and loved every sample share especially this one I'm going to be sharing with you all today!
I'm a huge fan of the Herbal Essences brand and their products, they smell amazing and work fantastic in my hair!
I was beyond ecstatic when I was accepted into the Herbal Essences body wash sampling through crowdtap, I couldn't wait for the sample to arrive so I could test it out!

Finally it arrived,and I was super excited because I've tried their hello hydration shampoo and conditioner which is the scent I received in the body wash and it smells like coconut!
I seriously couldn't stop sniffing the bottle!

As s…

Purex crystals Fresh Spring Waters dryer clothes review and giveaway!

Spring is here! The flowers are blooming the weather is nicer, the birds are singing. You know what that means the kids will be staying outside a lot more running around playing football with their friends which means grass stains, sweat and dirt ! 
Refresh stinky stained laundry with fresh water springs dryer sheets from Purex !  Not only does it refresh your laundry it makes the house smell amazing and you can also store the dryer sheets in linen closets, laundry hampers or in your laundry area! The freshness lasts up to 30 days after you've thrown the dryer sheet into your dryer after you've washed your laundry! One thing I hate is static, ugh you touch something and poof your hair is all sticking up in all kinds of directions like you stuck your finger into an electrical socket and it's not pretty. These dryer sheets not only reduce static cling they also repel lint and pet hair!
I was sent a box of Purex crystals new Fresh Spring waters dryer sheets from Purex insider and…

Chimpfood Raw meal bar review

To survive our bodies need foods that are not only healthy but packed with nutrients that keep us going throughout the day.
In order for me to keep going I grab a snack to take with me for after my workout in the gym before I'm off to work for the day, which is usually something with protein like yogurt or a protein bar.
Let's face it not all bars are good for us, I mean have you read the ingredients on the labels? 
When I happened upon Chimpfood on their website I was interested in their products and I'll tell you why.
Their motto in their own words is "eat like you should, eat like a chimp."
Did you know that our closest living relative are chimpanzees?
Think about it, we are 99% alike and our digestive systems are exactly the same, which would make sense if we eat like they do. 
Here's what they don't eat:
No dairy No meat No eggs
They consume: 1/3 veggies 2/3 fruit With nuts, berries and seeds as well.
Chimp food products have the perfect amount of the good stuff in…

Nibblr Box Review

Craving something sweet or savory? Well Nibblr has just the right snack for you delivered straight to your workplace or home to enjoy anytime! 
You can order snacks for every week, month and also cancel your subscription anytime. 
So what is nibblr, well it's a snack subscription box with a mix of sweet or savory snacks that offer salty, sweet, fruity and nutty snack mixes! Even better when chocolate is tossed in!  
They also make the perfect gift for that special someone. 
I love all kinds of mixes from sweet to savory they make the perfect snack for on the go.
What makes nibblr awesome is that they make their snacks with high quality ingredients that are in fact nutritious. 
They do contain: eggs  milk peanuts soy other tree nuts And nuts
When I came across their products online I just had to try them out!
I was sent a nibblr box for review and couldn't wait to open the snack mixes and taste test them.
I almost completely forgot about the snacks, I had received them a few weeks ago and ne…

Munch of Fun snacks review take two!

Not long ago I was sent a box of tasty snacks from munch of fun which is a company that offers healthy snacks delivered straight to your door!
The snacks are outrageously delicious and they are fantastic for field trips for the kids, long car rides and each box contains a special little treat such as a toy and a juice box! 
I was able to review yet another package from Munch of Fun ! 
This time I chose to review crunchy munch and nice to meat you.
I couldn't wait to open the boxes and start munching away on these tasty snacks just bursting with flavor.
Here is what each box contained:
Nice to meat you:
Barbara's oatmeal snackimals cookies:
Oatmeal cookies are my favorite, especially when they are shaped like animals! 
Kars sunflower kernels: I loved sunflower seeds as a kid, whether it was sucking the salty goodness or spitting out the kernels I don't know! These really brought me back to my childhood! 
Vermont beef jerky stick: I love jerky especially after a workout they are delicio…

Greenmountain creamery all natural yogurt review!

For all you yogurt lovers out there have you really looked at the nutrition labels on the yogurts that you buy especially for the children and thought what is this really and is it healthy for my family?
Don't you wish that there was a more healthier yogurt for them with safe ingredients that aren't masked with chemicals and taste good too?
Well look no further, Green mountain creamery  yogurt has you and your Family covered!
Their  artisanal yogurts are made  in Vermont with  new flavors for a sweet treat that's made with all natural ingredients with no artificial flavors,high fructose corn syrup, colors, additives or preservatives. 
When I came across their products in the store I knew I had to try them, I love yogurt whether blended up in a smoothie for a post workout snack or with granola and fruit!
I was even more intrigued in their products when I went on their website and found out they have yogurts in pouches that are convenient for kids for a snack on the go that are b…

Superberries Aronia berry juice concentrate review!

Kenny Sailors founder of Superberries discovered the amazing health benefits of the arionia berry which is a purple berry that's chock full of antioxidants.
He was on a mission and learned all about this super berry, not only is it tasty but it's got major health benefits. 
He then started planting Aronia bushes all over the place as well as maintaining them.
He then started selling Aronia berries under the Superberries brand in Omaha Nebraska. 
Word got out about the major health benefits due to word of mouth and teamed up with Westin foods.
He knows first hand that the Aronia berry is packed with health benefits due to when his brother was suffering with liver damage. 
He started feeding him Aronia berries and his health started improving!
That's amazing, how awesome is that?!
He began gaining weight and soon after returned back to work and lived beyond than what the doctors had expected.
Kenny's personal experience with his brother lead him to spread the word about just how …

Matefit 14 day tea cleanse review!

I've been hearing a lot about detox drinks lately and this product peaked my interested when I happened upon it online. With MateFitme tea you drink the metabolic tea in the morning fifteen minutes before eating breakfast and also fifteen minutes before you would eat lunch. You can mix it with lemon and honey to sweeten it up a bit. In the evening after dinner you drink the detox tea. Oh did I mention that the tea is organic? 
What the tea does it help you lose not only inches but weight as well along with diet and exercise you will get awesome results I've seen them and was skeptical at first but had to try it! 
Weight loss isn't easy it's a life changing event and you have to give it all you've got. Best of all you have to have great supporters whether friends and or family. I've been on my journey for two years and sure there have been times where I want to throw in the towel but I don't I keep going. 
There are always going to be new products out there and…

Rumiano cheddar slices: Alternative food coop find!

Today I stopped at this local market Alternative food coop which is a fantastic store that carries natural and organic products and they ever carry local farmers products such as milk, eggs and more! I've been in there before and I love it! They also sell smoothies, soups, sandwiches if you have a rumble in your tummy from walking around. So I'm walking around and  abruptly stopped at the freezer section and my mouth dropped, I came across Rumiano mild cheddar cheese slices!

I've reviewed their cheeses before not long ago and they are seriously the best cheese ever! 

So when I came across the cheese I had to buy them because the Wholefoods I found the cheese at for the review only had the cheese in the block rather than the slices so I was completely psyched to use this cheese in anything from sandwiches or even salads! 

CalifiaFarms new product find!

I've tried Califarms products before and absolutely love them, so much so that they are a household staple.
The other day while shopping in wholefoods I came across their small protein milks and I had to try them!
So I splurged a bit and bought one of each flavor chocolate and vanilla! 
The chocolate was creamy, chocolaty and delicious!
It was the perfect post workout drink to help me recover after an intense workout!
I prepped some overnight oats for breakfast in the morning and poured in half of the vanilla along with some pb2, strawberry rhubarb jam, organic rolled oats and organic raisins !
It makes the perfect breakfast to keep me full till lunch time! 

Organic Pasta Prima cheese ravioli

When it comes to ravioli what's your favorite filling?

Mine is cheese, it's creamy, delicious and goes along great with a bit of sauce with a side salad and of course chicken! 

Not long ago Pasta Prima had sent out an email for a free product coupon for the first lets say 250 people that emailed back immediately stating their favorite filling for ravioli. 

So I quickly responded and told them that I loved cheese ravioli!

The coupon arrived and I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into the ravioli, I haven't had any in quite some time.

They don't make just cheese stuffed ravioli either I came across lobster ravioli and much more in the store the other day!

So for dinner we made chicken with a salad which had some dried cranberries, an organic diced apple in it and of course the finishing touch to the meal was the cheese stuffed ravioli!

It was the best ravioli I've tried, it wasn't too cheesy and paired perfectly with Newmans pasta sauce! 

Blueapron Meals review!

Need to cook something for dinner but don't want to go to a grocery store? With Blueapron  subscription service you get ingredients for dinner delivered straight to your door! It saves time and cuts down on waste. Within 35 minutes you'll have a delicious and satisfying meal in no time that your whole family will love! 

The foods you'll get delivered depends upon whether you eat fish, chicken or even vegetarian meals. 

They contain an average of 500-700 calories per serving. 

I came across their website and browsed their meals that other folks have been whipping up and they looked tasty!

I love cooking and experimenting with recipes and was ecstatic when I was sent a box of three whole complete Blueapron meals for review!

Here is what I cooked! 

Meal one-
Three chile beef chili:

I absolutely love chili, there's something about a pot of chili simmering on the stove with all the ingredients tossed in that makes not only a hearty meal but it's the feeling you get from eating …