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KozyShack indulgent recipe pudding bzzcampaign !

It all began in 1967 with bread delivery man  Vincent Grupposo when he discovered Cozy Shack delicatessen rice pudding. He did what anybody else would do he bought the recipe for  the rice pudding in which he sweetened up the name a little by switching the C to a K and there you have it Kozy Shack was born ! 
Kozy Shack makes their delicious  puddings with real ingredients such as sugar, rice, milk, eggs and tapioca.  When I was little I couldn't wait to dig into  Kozy shack pudding at lunch time! 
It's literally  the perfect little treat to any lunch, forget the sandwich eat dessert first!

The moment I carefully peeled off the wrapper to the minute I stuck the spoon into the puddings rich texture was enough to make my mouth water. Then the rest was history it was love at first spoonful  ! 
I absolutely loved their tapioca as well as chocolate pudding as a kid! 
When I was offered the KozyShack for new indulgent recipe I couldn't pass it up, hello it's pudding and it …

Tide Pods Spring Meadows Crowdtap Sampling !

For as long as I can remember I've been a fan of Tide laundry detergent. There's no comparison when it comes to Tide they offer a freshness like no other to my laundry. Some other laundry detergents can irritate your skin causing you to itch and have dry skin but not with Tide! 
Laundry alone can be a hassle from the amount to the measuring of the detergent itself. 
Don't you wish there was a way to do your laundry without the hassle of measuring? 
Doing Landry just got easier and with new Tide Pods Spring Meadows! 
I was selected on crowdtap to test out Tide Pods in new Spring Meadow and couldn't wait to try it out! 
Tide Pods are little convenient laundry detergent pacs of fun that are measured and good to go all you do is toss it into your empty washer, throw the laundry on top, close the lid of your washer, turn it on and watch it do its magic ! 
What I love about Tide Pods Spring meadows is that it's not just a laundry detergent it also is a stain r…

TGIFridays snack mix review and giveaway !

Football season is here and you know what that means time to cheer on your favorite team!

 Whether you cheer on the team at a local bar or in the comfort of your own home it's crucial to have some snacks, come on now you can't watch tv especially a big game without some snacks especially these new snack mixes from TGIFridays that you will love!

 Sweet and spicy: If you love both sweet and savory your going to love this mix it offers a blend of wasabi peas, cashews, pecans, rice crackers, honey mustard pretzels, Cajun corn sticks and irresistibly sweet and nutty butter toffee peanuts ! I'm not much of a spicy food fan but loved that this mix wasn't too spicy it was just right!

 Sweet barbecue: A sweet and zesty crunchy mix of sesame sticks, smoked almonds, Cajun corn sticks, peanuts and pumpkin seeds with a sweet yet tangy kick to spice up your happy hour!

 Sriracha ranch: If you like creamy ranch dressing with a spicy kick then I'm tells no you that you will love…

Paleo Prime Foods Review

It all began with Casey co founder of Paleo Prime when he began the Paleo diet. He began to realize the effect that it had not only mentally but physically as well. A large sum of the foods that we eat leave a negative effect on our health. Since Casey began the Paleo diet he noticed that it was focused more than ever on his athletic training and felt great! 
Paleo snacks on the market were limited especially ones that tasted good and were healthy, which inspired him to make his own and that's when Paleo Prime Foods was born!

Paleo Prime snacks are naturally gluten free, dairy free and free of grains. 
Paleo Prime Original bar: What's not to love when you've got a blend of fruit, nuts and seeds with  chocolate? You've got yourself one delicious snack or meal that's packed  with protein from egg whites that gives you a boost and keeps you going  throughout the day! 
Paleo Prime Cookies:
Chocolate chip: 

My all time favorite cookie has got to be chocolate chip. When I…

4 ingredient pumpkin muffins recipe

Fall in love with pumpkin all over again with these moist and delicious muffins that are perfect for Fall ! 
I found this recipe on Pinterest from Highlights Along the way and being that I love all things pumpkin as well as sweet I knew I had to try it! To my surprise I had all of the ingredients on hand and didn't even need to go to the store a win win ! 
In the recipe I found on Pinterest she had used pumpkin pie filling which sadly I didn't have any so I substituted it for canned pumpkin instead and it came out just as good! 
I opened the box of dry yellow cake mix and poured it into a bowl and set it aside.
Took out the can opener and popped the top off of the canned pumpkin and dumped it into the bowl of cake mix, grabbed a spatula and got to work. I mixed and mixed until well combined. The batter was just right! There was no more dry cake mix. 
The best part of all is guess what there's no eggs in this batter so you can lick the spoon dry! Come on now we've all …

Creme of nature straight from Eden hair care

With Creme of nature straight from Eden hair care you can Expect more. and Never compromise ! 
The Creme of nature brand believes in aiding you to get that look you want when it comes to styling your hair in the most wholesome way possible. 
Straight from Eden Creme of nature shampoo, treatments and conditioner are made with coconut, kiwi, natural sunflower among other wholesome ingredients. 
Discover luxurious Argan oil found in morocco that is meant to not only revitalize, but protects and shines! 
Straight from Eden hair care is infused with avocado, coconut and olive oil to moisturize and condition your hair. 
Coconut oil helps to repair and protect the hair whereas the oil in avocado helps strengthen and fortify. Olive oil is used to replenish hydration making your hair silky and smooth! 
Creme of nature is great for all types of hair.
Creme of nature is free from sulfates, parabens, mineral oil and petrolatum.
This summer has been brutal with the heat and it can do a number on y…

Hank's High Protein Peanut Butters Review

Hank's High Protein Peanut Butter Company is based in providence Rhode Island and was made with the incentive for diabetic clients that Henry Capasso (owner of Hank's High Protein Peanut Butter) works with. They were in need of some form of protein but without all of the unwanted junk that's in other peanut butters on the shelves. 
What started out as a protein peanut butter made for diabetics soon grew for both athletes young and old due to not only it's major health benefits but the creamy yet delicious texture and the face that it's packed with protein which is a total of 14 grams per serving ! Oh did I mention there's no sugar !? 
Hank's become a staple in many households for those who not only eat healthy but train as well as exercise consistently. 
I know that when growing up as a kid I loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ! There was just something about biting into the sweet and creamy peanut butter and the fruity jam that I loved! Not to worry…