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Follow Your Heart Review!

It all began in 1970 when four friends established a restaurant in Canoga park California and served up the very best soups, sandwiches and salads vegetarian style!
It was sure a hit with the vegetarian community so much so that there was a demand for new products and with that in mind Follow your heart  was born!
Follow your heart facts:
They have all kinds of products for any allergy type, which is great!
Such as: Lower in fat Lower sodium Vegan Organic Gluten free Non GMO Soy free Kosher
As a person who likes to switch it up a bit by trying out different foods and who eats healthier I just had to try their products!
I was sent a bunch of their products to try out for review!
Gourmet shreds:
Fiesta blend:  delicious cheese with a bit of a kick !
Mozzarella:  love mozzarella cheese and lasagna and pizza is the perfect cheese for it!

Cheddar: Great melting factor when sprinkling this delightful flavorful cheese on anything such as pizza, soup, paninis ! You can even add it to a salad as well! Or the old t…

ActivewearUSA Review!

As far as I can remember I never liked any physical activity because I was overweight and didn't like to go walking, ride a bike, run or even gym at school. You name it I didn't want to do it.
Until now that is because I lead a more active lifestyle by walking, working out,running and eating healthier and have lost 100 pounds because of it!

I don't know about you but it's the little things that can make me want to get out there and move such as sporting a new outfit such as this one I received for review from ActivewearUSA !  Founded with a goal to offer with high performance stylish footwear, activewear, accessories for women with over 110 different brands that are perfect for fitness, workouts, kickboxing, Zumba, yoga and most importantly you will feel great and look oh so fabulous while working out! 
From the moment I opened the package and tried it on I fell in love with the outfit!
The pants are so comfortable for any form of exercise such as running, walking, biking, …

No-Bake Cookie Company Review!

Once in awhile you have to treat yourself to something sweet and delicious, what better way to do so with cookies that are all natural, gluten free made with gluten free oats!
Yesterday I heard a knock on the door and fed ex had dropped off these cookies on the doorstep, just in time for Thanksgiving for me to bite into!
I couldn't wait to try these becauseThe No-Bake Cookie Company isn't your average cookie!
The cookies were wrapped in a box with a green bow tied onto it like a present, and the best of all you can buy them on their website also to give cookies to your loved ones for the holidays this year!
They are always guaranteed freshness upon arrival.
Freezing or refrigeration is recommended upon arrival.
They will stay fresh for 6 months in the freezer, 60 days in the fridge and thawing takes about one hour at room temp.
The No-Bake cookie company is committed to your complete satisfaction and each purchase comes with an unconditional guarantee!
What makes these cookies so am…

Bolthousefarms: seasonal drinks review!

When I came across  Bolthousefarms website and stumbled upon their holiday nog I just knew I had to try it!
As a kid I always loved the famous drink egg nog around the holidays !
It was creamy, delicious and full of flavor but also full of fat but oh no not this brand!
I was blown away when I opened the package today and found not only their holiday nog but their other two seasonal flavors as well!

I couldn't wait to try it out to see if it tasted similar to the full fat version and because these drinks are only around for a limited time only for the holidays!
Holiday nog:
Made with low fat milk and Super delicious, tasted just like the eggnog from my childhood but better! worked great in a holiday nog smoothie which is pictured above! It was thick, creamy, gave it a bit of a kick to it which was amazingly scrumptious!  The best of all if your not a smoothie person you could serve it up with some baked cookies, pie, dinner or even add a bit of brandy to heat things up!

Bolthouse facts: Glu…

Hannahmax Baking: cookie chips review!

I love a good sweet treat once in awhile especially cookies!
When I came across these outrageous cookies from Hannahmax I just had to try them for review because they aren't your ordinary cookie at all they taste like a cookie but eat like a chip which means their cookies are flat and thin but oh so delicious just bursting with all kinds of goodness such as peanut butter, chocolate, cinnamon and original!
In 1993 Joanne adirim embarked on a mission to make the most delicious desserts you could enjoy and with that hannahmax was born! 
Using the best ingredients such as whole eggs, creamery butter, real,vanilla and milled cane sugar .
Here are some facts about the cookies:
Whole ingredients meaning they are all natural made with no chemicals ! No preservatives No GMOs  No artificial flavors or colors No trans fats 

I dished out the cookies with a side of flax milk and they tasted so delicious!
Chocolate chip: Brown sugar cookies with teeny morsels of the best semi sweet chocolate chip making th…

NATU Haircare Review!

Ever since I was a little girl I've had thick hair that is hard to manage especially when it's dry, but I'm always told I have beautiful hair which is in fact true but at times since it's thick it's hard to manage.
With these wonderful products from NATU I can finally have healthier looking more manageable hair and feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, my hair doesn't feel heavy it feels light and silky upon using these products!
Liberating shampoo: Makes your hair feel softer and look more beautiful than ever!

Reawakening conditioner: Improves the hair by making it smooth, soft and more manageable 
Silkening mist: I do have to say I am in love with this misting spray because my hair is thick and can be tough to manage at times but with just a few spritz it untangles my hair and is a lot easier to run a brush through it. 
Here is a photo of the end result! Silky smooth hair!
Facts: No sulfates Silicones Resins Artificial fragrances Parabens Artificial col…

Eat Well Enjoy Life Hummus Review!

Whether I'm eating veggies, pita chips, crackers or a sandwich I like a little flavor added and what better way to flavor things up than with hummus!
I happened upon Eat Well Enjoy Life's hummus and just knew I had to try them! 
All of the flavors sound amazingly delicious and are just bursting with flavor!
They even have a hummus line that's made with Greek yogurt to lower the fat content and calories as well!
Enjoy the facts:
Cholesterol free Gluten free Kosher All natural Great source of protein
Sweet and spicy black beam hummus:

Wow this hummus packs a lot of great flavor with the sweet corn and spices mixed in ! So good with pita chips or even veggies for a healthy snack.
Spicy yellow lentil hummus with sunflower seeds and apricot :
Bursting with fruity flavor with spices that will sure heat things up in any meal or snack!
Tuscan white bean hummus with roasted garlic tapenade : Bursting with flavor and works great on crackers!

GoodKarmaFoods: Flax Milk Review

I love flax seeds in products such as cereal, granola but have never tried flax milk.
So when I came across GoodKarma flax milk on the web I just knew I had to try it for review!
I was sent coupons to pick up some milks of my choice at the store.
I went from store to store in search of the milk and finally happened upon it at my local stop & shop.
I thought to myself it must be a good milk because there were only two left on the shelf and I quickly scooped them up and put them into my carriage.
I just couldn't wait to try it, especially hearing all the healthy facts about their milk plus the benefits of flax!


 Natural, Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Non Dairy, Trans Fat Free, Soy Free, Allergen Free, Vegan, Supports Green Farming, Omega-3s

Flax Facts:

 Good Karma Products Promote a Healthy Lifestyle while supporting Sustainable Agriculture.

Worked absolutely perfectly in my pb&j smoothie! It was super delicious and gave me all of the nutrients I needed! 
To me it ta…

Make a stand Lemon-aid Review!

My all time favorite drink in the summer time is lemonade!
It's so refreshing and tasty especially when the temperature is at it's all time high, but is way too sugary.
So when I came across Make a Stand  on the web I just had to try them out!
I was then sent two flavors for review on my blog!
I like how the bottles have an old fashion look to them and also that they have cute little charms around the bottles!

They make the perfect gift!

One is original and the other is a ginger lemonade with Yerba mate that has a kick to it !
First off let me tell you about how their company began.
What is make a stand?
Eight year old Vivienne Harr made a stand and set up lemonade in Marin county California every day for 365 days straight to end child slavery.
World stood her ground and that's  when her lemon-aid was bottled.
Where does the money go?
She has donated over $100,000 to nonprofits so far on the front lines of putting an end to child slavery in California and around the world.
Make a stand…

KarmaOrganics Spa Review!

I love to paint my toenails once in awhile, not only does it add some color to my nails but it's also nice to just kick back and pamper yourself.
 When I was browsing on their website and saw all the beautiful colors of nail polishes I just knew I had to review them especially when I came across the pretty purple one! 

How awesome that I got to pick my own products for this review to!

I ended up picking out the purple shade which actually is called Another Beautiful Day in LA, a clear coat and also a lavender polish remover!

Nail polish remover:  made with soybean oil and lavender. What's so unique about this nail polish remover is that it doesn't offer an overpowering smell as soon as you twist the cap off like other brands do. I love the smell to it too! Gently dab some remover onto a cotton ball or even tissue and rub it ever so slightly on your nail and you'll have clean nails before applying a different shade of polish that your heart desires.
Another beautiful day in L…

Vitamin Squeeze black cherry Swaggable sample!

I received another great sample from Swaggable today!
Sometimes I feel like I'm running low on energy and what great way to give me a boost with a bottle of water and just a squirt of black cherry flavor vitamin squeeze!
The taste is amazing and to me it tasted just like a cherry Popsicle! 
I love how it's a safe drink mix other than those other products that help boost our energy which clearly we don't need.
Squeezable Facts: All natural No artificial sweeteners No preservatives  Gluten free Good source of fiber Easy to use Fantastic fruity flavor 
Don't mix with alcohol Not for use of children Don't use too much!

NatraCare Organic & natural feminine care Review!

Ok, now this review is a bit different from all my others, because they are feminine care products. 

I was sent these items for review and couldn't wait to try them out to see if they are better and different from the average products we all know and use.

Natural Panty liners:
One thing I hate sometimes when I wear panty liners or even pads is that they don't stay in place in underwear especially during the night, which as we all ladies know is uncomfortable. I liked how they didn't shift, they didn't offer any perfume smell to them and also I felt cleaner and more confident in wearing them for the time of the month.
Gynecologist advise women to wear all natural,panty liners to in fact reduce the contact of chlorine bleaches, synthetics and superabsorbents that are made with petrochemicals.  
What makes natracare  feminine products different: All natural Parable free Chlorine free Clinically tested No synthetic preservatives  Alcohol free Biodegradable  100% cotton Perfume free