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Breakfast Sausage Bake with Crowdtap & Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners

No matter the season I love to come home to a meal that's been slaving away all day in the crock pot to me it's comforting smelling the aroma of all the spices marinated along with tender meat with hearty potatoes. Yum!

There are so many hearty recipes that you can whip up and throw into the crock pot so when you get home from work dinner is cooked and ready to serve within no time at all.

When cooking in a crock pot the possibilities are endless from soups, to chicken Parmesan, to chili, pulled pork and so much more!

Even dessert!

Mmm cake!

You know what they say with breakfast being the most important meal of the day? Well it's my all time favorite food to eat!

Like no seriously I could have breakfast for lunch and dinner too!

Don't you?

When I'm in the mood for a big breakfast that will keep me going throughout the day I usually whip up some eggs served with some avocado and a side of fresh fruit to give me a boost of protein and provide me with energy as well.

Edward & Sons Coconut products review and recipe!

Edward & Sons began in the year of 1978 with their miso-cup all natural instant soup where they believed in simple and healthy  wholesome ingredients just like their motto says convenience without compromise!

They use a limited amount of ingredients in hopes for all to enjoy.

They are free from ingredients that are a trigger to food sensitivities and with that in mind Edward & Sons products don't use anything artificial such as chemicals, hydrogenated fats, flavors or colors. 

A large amount of their products are vegetarian and vegan friendly too. 

Their products include several brands like Native Forest, Let's Do...Organic , The Wizard's , Edward & Sons , Let's Do... As well as Road's end Organics.

Whether I am cooking and it baking I love using coconut oil not just because it is healthier than other oils but because it gives the food a nice flavor added to it and well I'm also cuckoo for coconuts!

Edward & Sons sent me some of their coconut based pr…

Muffinelse Nothing But Goodness Paleo Muffins Review!

It all began in Texas when founder of Muffinelse Shira came up with her own special treats instead of giving into junk food.

After many recipes she came up with her very own paleo treat and Muffinelse muffins was born!

A year and many muffin taste testings later they perfected their recipe and they knew it was time to introduce Muffinelse to the world !

Muffinelse is a company ran by family who have a goal in mind for people to enjoy sweets but in a healthy way where they can whip them up in a flash with simple ingredients without sacrificing flavor.

Muffinelse muffins is the perfect muffin to enjoy literally you can have your cake and eat it too, muffin for that matter!

They are moist, bursting with flavor and oh so delicious! Plus they are guilt free being that it's more like a muffin top which to me is the best part of the muffin!

Muffinelse muffins are the dry ingredients that already come pre measured so all you've got to do is tear open the package, pour into a microwav…

Jilz GlutenFree Crackerz Review

It all started in the year of 2013 with Jill founder of Jilz Crackerz when she was on the hunt for a nutritious yet flavorful as well as delicious snack for her husband that has an intolerance to gluten.
She returned empty handed without any snacks especially ones that were made with only few ingredients that offered a crunch and tasted good so she did what anybody else would do made her own! 
She came up with a recipe in the comfort of her own home where they were baked to crispy perfection! Her husband Ron raved about the snacks so much so that even their friends had to try them out and they too fell in love with the crackerz.
So with the support and encouragement of husband and friends they thought it was a terrific idea that she'd set up her own business to not only make the snacks but produce them as well for all to enjoy!
A bit of research later and recipe tinkering she then brought the crackers to the market, little did she know that her glutenfree crackerz would become a …

Sundia's Truechia Pudding Product Review !

As a little girl next to cookies my favorite snack was pudding oh so creamy yet thick and decadent!
The rich creamy flavor and texture of chocolate, banana or butterscotch  was one delightful indulgence I couldn't wait to dive into!
I couldn't help but lick the spoon off as I was waiting for it to thicken in the fridge to devour after dinner for dessert! 
It was the perfect sized treat to have tucked away in your lunch box as a kid!
I mean seriously who doesn't love thick and creamy pudding!

Now a days who has the time to whip up a box of pudding ?
It's such a pain in the tonsils when you have to mix all said ingredients then wait for it to thicken in the fridge.
Just hand me the spoon and no one gets hurt, I'll just lick the spoon! Thank you very much!
No seriously give me the spoon!
Have you've ever tried chia pudding?
It's so yummy!
The chia seeds absorb whichever liquid you use and make then puffy giving the pudding it's thick and creamy textu…

Liberty Chocolate Bars Review !

Liberty Chocolate is made by hand with the finest of ingredients.
Their chocolate is sweetened with local honey and made from organically grown Peruvian cacao beans that are then aged and harvested where they rest on banana leaves in order to dry in the sun in Peru on small farms.
Then in Vermont is the process of mixing, blending by hand and packaging of the scrumptious chocolates!
Dairy Free Soy Free
Free from Refined sugars What makes Liberty Chocolate different than other candy bars is that they are free from artificial ingredients and are naturally sweetened with real honey from Vermont making them sweet but not too sweet and oh so delicious! 
I was sent Liberty Chocolate bars for review and here are the flavors I received to sample! 

Salted Coconut Caramel:
Organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa powder, organic honey, organic coconut milk, organic nutmeg, Vermont rum, and organic vanilla 
Salty and sweet meet in this delectable bar of Bittersweet chocolate with a exotic coconut a …

Umchu Primitive Nutrition bars

Feeling a little hungry? I have just the right snack for you these bars from Umchu primitive nutrition are made with high quality ingredients and free from the top five allergens dairy, gluten, wheat, corn, and soy that provide a crunch with a hint of sweetness! 
So chew on Umchu today! 
Never uses  Flour Fillers Preservatives 
Umchu bars 
Non GMO  vegan 
Umchu Bars are made without
*Wheat *Gluten *Dairy *Corn *Soy 
Umchu bars are handcrafted and made with only top five high quality ingredients
Umchu bar flavors include
Honey Coconut & Nut Coconut Coca Nib Peanut Sea Salt Almond Coconut Primitive Pb&J  Seeds & Seeds Cinnamon Pecan  Coconut & Flax 
I was provided with Umchu bars to try out for review and here are the flavors that I received to chew on! 
Honey Coconut & Nut:
Almonds, honey, organic coconut, pecans and sea salt 
Holy coconut this bar was super duper delicious it was moist, chewy, nutty from the crunchy almonds and pecans with touch of sweetness from …