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Purity Organic Juices Review

Have you ever tried fruit juices that not only taste delicious and fresh but while tasting it's like you could feel yourself there underneath the trees where the fruit grows and just know that the fruits are fresh and nutritious! 
When it comes to juices sometimes they can either be too sugary, full of artificial flavorings or aren't healthy.
Whether it's with a small snack or breakfast I have some juice on the side.
Always a great way to switch it up instead of having coffee or milk to drink.
When I came across these tasty fruit juices from Purity Organics I knew I just had to try them!
I love trying all kinds of flavors for juice and they don't just have your average old orange juice!
These juices let me tell you, they are so delicious and best of all they taste fresh squeezed and it's like you can smell the fragrance of the oranges right from the trees, that's how great their juices are.
Was so excited when I heard back from the company and couldn't wait becaus…

Earth Balance Naturals Review

While I was browsing the net one night I came across Earth Balance Naturals products and thought to myself I have got to try their products!
They have all kinds of products that I know and love such as butter, milk,peanut butter and much more and the best of all it's organic and healthy.
I emailed them to see if I could review their products to share with my readers and was so excited when I got the yes!
I am an all natural food junkie lately since I eat right and exercise a lot, so I couldn't wait to try out their products.
When I got my coupons in the mail for my review I went to the market and picked up one of the butter spreads. (Couldn't find the other products there)

The other night I made one of my Sunshine Garden Burgers and added a little bit of the Earth Balance Buttery Organic spread to the pan so it wouldn't stick.
Not only did it not stick to the pan it tasted amazing!
To me it tasted a lot better and healthier than other butter spreads.
What I liked about this sp…

Alden's Ice Cream Review

Alden, son of Julie who is the maker of Julie's Organic ice cream came up with his own delicious organic ice cream as well in family sized that you  could take home and enjoy with you're family.
Easy to scoop and a decadent treat that will sure to please!
Made with all natural ingredients and oh so delicious.
I am a huge fan of sweets especially ice cream, it's my favorite go to summer treat!
Now as you may know I have reviewed Julie's products and thought that they were amazing!
They were so delicious and full of flavor.
I was ecstatic when I found out I was going to be doing another ice cream review, especially for the son of Julie's Organic!
Before I was sent the coupons for review of this sweet and delicious ice cream from Alden's Ice Cream I was shopping at Target one day and noticed they had some of Alden's on clearance marked down to just $2! 
So being the smart shopper I am I just had to buy some, how can you beat that price?
I took it home and tried it righ…

Star Looks Review

*Star Looks Review *
Hey makeup lovers, did you know that you can get makeup delivered straight to you're door?

You can sign up for these lovely boxes each month!

I usually don't wear any makeup at all, So I tend to go the natural way.
When I do decide to wear makeup I usually wear a little bit of cover up, mascara, eye shadow and a lip gloss or chap stick.
I guess I just don't know which colors to wear sometimes because they are too dark for my skin tone and it won't look right.
So when I came across Starlooks makeup and saw the beautiful colors that they use I just knew I had to try their products!
I was overjoyed with excitement when I got the email that I was going to be reviewing their products to share with my readers.
I was just counting down the days for the box to arrive wondering what I was going to be reviewing. 
The Arrival:
My Star Looks box arrived today!!

I received the March Star Box.
I couldn't wait to open it and see what was inside.
The box alone was like unw…

St. Ives Timeless Skin Apricot Scrub Review

As a teenager I would always use St. Ives  facial scrubs, I loved the way it made my skin feel so soft to the touch and that it worked as well.
Then I couldn't find them anymore in the stores so I stopped using their products.
Funny because when I used this product I've always used the Apricot Scrub!

I came across their website and noticed that they had new products and thought I have got to try them since I am a huge fan, which brought me to this review today.
I was sent a wonderful new apricot scrub called Timeless Skin and it firms and tones skin as well as cleans your pores for a fresh all natural glow.
I am in love with this new product because it  makes my skin feel soft and it's also easy to use.
Just moisten face with warm water, squeeze a small amount onto finger tips and rub it on, then rinse.
Now how easy is that?
Whoa, they even have lotions and body washes!

I would love to try the coconut one! 
Facts: Hypoallergenic Does not contain animal ingredients Formulated wi…

Nexxus Frizz Defy Review

One thing that I can't stand is frizzy hair! 
Whether it's hot or cold outside my hair is total frizz! It's just gross, especially on those hot summer days my hair is all over the place!
It's frizzy, full of static and just a hassle to manage until now.
My hair is more manageable now since I started using Nexxus's Frizz defy shampoo and conditioner which I was sent for review.

Infused with Moroccan Argan Oil and coconut extracts make my hair easy to brush, shiny and smelling oh so good! 
The first time I used it I've noticed a difference right away.
Can you believe it that it reduces frizz up to 87% all day long?
That's amazing!
Reduces frizz from heat styling such as curling iron, blow dryer and even humidity. 
I am totally in love with these products that I've received.
How did they know coconut is my favorite scent?
You've got to check them out online!
Website :

Kona Kase Review

Since losing weight I need to have good foods around the house to keep myself in check so I won't over eat especially foods that are no good for me.
What better way to stay healthy than receiving delicious snacks straight to you're door?
When I came across Kona Kase and saw that they offer all natural hand picked snacks that are healthy I just knew I had to contact them for review.
I was psyched when I heard a knock at my door the other morning and Kona Kase arrived!
I couldn't wait to see what I was going to be reviewing!
I was so excited when I saw some of the products I've seen before so I knew I was going to love this box!
In my box I received:
Lentil's Chips SanFranola Granola FRS Chews Barre Pacific Health Labs- 2nd Surge Energy Gel Pocket Fuel Vitalyte Kind Bar
I will be telling you about each product in detail.
SanFranola Granola:
fresh roasted granola!
High in protein and higher in fiber as well.
Less sugar than your average granola's.
Single serve packets for on the go!

Sun Cups Review

Created for peanut allergies Sun Cups came up with a sweet and creamy alternative to peanut butter with sunflower butter.
They then took the jar of Sun Flower butter and chocolate and that's when Sun Cups were born!
I am a huge fan of sweets whether it's caramel, peanut butter you name it I love it!
I've never tried sunflower butter before, so when I came across Sun Cups I just knew I had to give them a try.
I was sent their cups of mint, caramel and sunflower butter for review. 
I absolutely love the packaging on these tasty little treats.
With a name like Sun Cups it's sure to make you happy by just looking at the colorful and detailed packaging.
For a treat this afternoon mom and I dished out some ice cream and put a caramel cup on top and it was pure deliciousness. 
The taste of the sweet milk chocolate and the luscious caramel along with the creamy vanilla ice cream was amazing.

Sunny Facts: Gluten Free Nut Free Certified Organic
Be sure to check them out:
Website: http://suncup…

Alo Drink Review

I have never felt so refreshed and hydrated in my life, and I owe it all to Alo Drinks.
I know what your thinking isn't aloe a plant?
Yes, but they make it straight from the leaf itself and add in natural good for you flavors!
I have to say I was sort of skeptical at first to try but have heard great rumors about their products and when I came across them I had to try them out for myself.
I work out a lot whether it's in the gym, at home to my work out tapes or taking a walk so I need something to hydrate me.
So I got to reading about their products and here's what I found out about them.
*Made with all natural flavors *Made from aloe leaves *full of vitamins and minerals *refreshing *healthy
I was so excited when I found out I was going to do a review on these drinks, especially because they are flavored!
I am a sucker for flavored waters, they are not only healthy but they have delicious flavors that satisfy and hydrate you!
I couldn't wait to open this box when I saw it yesterda…

Diana's Bananas Review

I was sent a package of wonderful chocolate frozen dipped bananas from a company by the name of Diana's Bananas for review.
I am a big fan of chocolate coated candies, pretzels you name it I love it!
So when I came across Diana's Bananas I thought to myself I have got to try these!
What better way to cure your craving for something sweet than with a delicious frozen banana!?
I swear it tastes just like ice cream and you won't even miss it!
I was waiting in anticipation for the box to arrive, so when I knew it arrived today I couldn't wait to just dig in!
So when I got home I opened the box and saw 6 boxes!
3 milk chocolate and 3 dark chocolate!
They also come in minis as well now!
Fun Facts:
made with real bananas  it's not messy it's bite sized a cool treat delicious made with real chocolate! Gluten Free

I chose to eat the frozen banana dipped in milk chocolate as a sweet snack today.
I don't think I've ever tried them before, I am sure I would have remembered something…