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Savor Tooth Paleo

It all began with Cyfrin who is a food designer and founder of Hip Foods when he was on the hunt for meal-prep friendly Paleo foods that didn't contain any grains, soy , gluten or added sugar and didn't taste like they contained chemicals but she did find Paleo bread along with gluten free tortillas but the bread lacked flavor and the tortillas were like biting into a leather shoe that were filled with dough enhancers that she didn't want her family to consume.

Cyfrin grew up in poverty as a young girl suffering from malnutrition and hunger and has been on an expedition throughout her life to help nourish those around her.

She got her food designer talent from two decades of cooking meals for her six children made by scratch in the kitchen along with her decade as a certified organic farmer that facilitated a plethora of fresh produce to test.

Sure nowadays the market is now packed with so called "healthy" and "all natural" foods but take a
look at the ingr…

Roots Tigernut-Butter

Roots Tigernut Butter was created with a passion to provide a nutritious yet tasty "nut" butter for those who either choose to or can't consume ground nut butters such as almond, cashew etc.

Roots Tigernut Butters are the perfect spread for anyone especially those who are sensitive to tree nuts, seeds and peanuts.

Roots Tigernut butters are made by hand in each batch in a dedicated facility that provide full bodied flavor, a creamy texture and "nutty taste" that any nut enthusiast will love !

So why the name Roots?

Was created by the one of a kind Tigernut . Tiger nuts are root tubers which are not nuts that are grown in North Africa that provide an intense nutty flavor . Roots Tigernut butter tweaked it just a bit you see when they combined it with healthy nutrient rich dense 100% avocado oil and the  result is a creamy spread that you'll love and won't want to put down!

I have tried Tigernuts before and love that their made with major health benefits, prov…

Grok Paleo Bar

It all began in the Spring of 2015 with founder of Grok Paleo bar Bryan Capitano and his wife.

Grok Paleo bars was created with a spark of genius between their life passions, Bryan being a food enthusiast and organic gardener since he was little only broadened his journey when he got a Master's degree in Botany. Since then he's grown his own vegetables in the comfort of his home .

Bryan's wife was born and raised on a small family farm.

Bryan and his wife both share a love for eating as much local food as possible that's close to nature.

Five years ago they made the decision to go grain-free and adapted to the paleo diet which changed their health tremendously  which lead them to creating their very own snack that was not only natural but healthy too that didn't contain any fillers, stabilizers or glucose syrups unlike other Paleo bars on the market which have protein isolates, whey and other manufactured foods that don't occur in nature.

Grok bar is designed on the…

MehretBar the best tasting energy bar you've ever eaten !

It all began with husband and wife John and Gigi Marsh when they grew tired of those so called healthy energy bars on the market where they long only lacked in nutrients but taste as well plus the protein bars were high in sugar which caused you to spike and then crash.

John being the chef that he is got to work in the kitchen driven to create an snack/energy bar that was rich in nutrients , provided long lasting energy and tasted good and that is how Mehret Bar was born!

Mehretbars are

•High in Protein
•Wheat Free
•Gluten Free
•High Fiber
•Soy Free
•Raw (never heated above 95 Degrees)
•Made by hand

MehretBars are made with a luscious Dark Chocolate , sweet  nutty coconut and tart pomegranate

Mehretbard are free from

•Processed artificial ingredients

Everyone loved Mehretbars as they are a popular snack for athletes, parents being that it's a healthier option to sugary snacks plus it's easy to digest without any GI issues it gives you energy that las…