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5 hour energy goes pink for Breast Cancer awareness month with Smiley360

There's been many times when we face that crashing feeling from being tired from working all night or day and just don't have the energy in us to keep going. 
So we sit gulp down countless cups of caffeine such as coffee or even soda to keep us going.
With 5 hour energy you'll feel energized and ready to take on anything in no time at all! 
I couldn't wait to try out my sample of pink lemonade 5hour energy that I was compensated for testing purposes only.  I've always loved Pink Lemonade it reminds me of summertime. This mission on smiley360 is like no other because October is breast cancer awareness month and to support the charity they have gone Pink ! 
Here's why you should give 5 hour energy a try!
Contains only 4 calories It's quick simple and effective Non carbonated  Available in decaf  Contains as much caffeine as a premium cup of coffee  Contains B vitamins and Amino acids Contains 0 grams of sugar  Fast and easy to consume 

I'm always on the …

TMNT Pop Secret secret white cheddar popcorn Klout perk review !

What's your favorite movie time snack ? Mine is popcorn ! Whether it's plain, lightly salted, drizzled with caramel or even cheese! 

Even as a child I loved popcorn especially when we went to the movies with family or friends, but they offer a ton of fat and calories especially with the butter on top it's just a heart attack waiting to happen. 
So as I grew older I made popcorn myself at home without the added butter ok well maybe a spritz or two of I can't believe it's not butter but that's it.
To this day it's still my favorite movie time snack but when your watching a movie and you can't seem to take you're eyes off the tv you start to smell that dreadful smell we all hate, and then you notice you've left it in the microwave for way too long.
I'm super excited to share this review with you all today, I received the new Pop Secret popcorn product which is a pre popped popcorn in a bag and I couldn't wait to try it ! 
Best thing ever is a sn…

Sendmeglutenfree October box review

Not long ago I reviewed Sendmeglutenfree for the blog and was ecstatic when they sent me another one for review! 
They are a great service and have not only delicious healthy foods to sample but products that are all natural and organic to try ranging from soaps, deodorants and more ! 
I couldn't wait to see what sendmeglutenfree had sent me to test for reviewing purposes only in the October box! 
Are you ready to see what the month of October has to offer? 

I heart keenwah chocolate sea salt quinoa clusters:
I've never tried quinoa like this before in my life! It was like a miniature granola baked baked to perfection with sea salt and a chocolate drizzle on top ! It made for the perfect snack when I had a craving for something sweet and went along perfectly with almond milk. 
Bonne Maman strawberry preserves
I love preserves whether in oatmeal on toast or on top of pancakes ! I decided to whip up some peanut butter and jelly pancakes using some of the strawberry preserves I …

One potato two potato kettle chips review !

Meet spud one co-founder of One Potato Two Potato who has a zest for life, energetic and his self motivation drives him to be the best spud he can be ! Has his own personal style, and releases charisma through creativity. He's genuine and loyal especially to One Potato Two Potato snacks ! 
Meet spud two founder of One Potato two potato who seeks action and adventure and has a strong belief in bringing you a snack that's not only good tasting but healthy for you as well. Optimistic, carefree and loves gathering around a bonfire with loved ones munching on bbq, don't be shy give one potato two potato a try today! 
Meet vidalia cousin of spud one and spud two who layers us with sweet flavors who is sweet and compassionate and doesn't mind sharing her chips with us ! 
No msg  Kettle cooked All natural Made with no preservatives or artificial ingredients or flavors GMO free

I came across onepotatotwopotato snacks in my local grocery store and thought they sounded delicious and love…

Flyjoy bars review !

Flyjoy snack bars aren't your typical snack bars they are made with real ingredients such as chia seeds, ground flax, oats, crunchy quinoa and they come in six unique and delicious flavors to choose from ! They make for the perfect snack whether your on the go or craving something sweet! 
I came across their products through Instagram and just had to try them! Their flavors sounded so tasty and unlike any other brand I've tried! 
I was sent their bars for a review for my blog j. Exchange for my honest opinions and couldn't wait to bite into them and tell you all what I think ! 
In case you've never heard of Flyjoy let me tell you all about them. 
It all began with founder of Flyjoy Curtis Bomgaars when he met Maria mother of four children where she worked on the outskirts of Quido, Ecuador. She opened up to Curtis and told him that she was barely making enough to pay the rent let alone afford it. 
He brought that information back with him to Iowa, and from there he we…

FastAdvil Crowdtap sampling !

There comes a time when pain can be unbearable especially when you are suffering from a toothache, cramping during that time of month for us ladies, backaches, pain associated with the common cold or even headaches that keeps us from doing the simplest things in life that we enjoy doing but can't because of the pain. 
So you grab the pain pills in hopes it will work but it takes what seems like hours for it to even begin working leaving you uncomfortable and unable to function properly throughout your day. 
Don't you wish there was a solution to your pain that will take it away in an instant? Well what if I told you there is? 

I'm serious no joke, it's called Fast acting advil and its ion core makes it absorb faster so you will be free of pain in no time ! 

I was selected through Crowdtap for the Fast Advil sampling and since I suffer from allergies and headaches I couldn't wait to give these samples a try and share them with friends and family members as well! 

Wink Frozen Desserts Review !

It all began with CEO and founder of Wink Desserts Gabe, ever since he was a child he loved ice cream but when he was at the age of 17 he was diagnosed with both a dairy allergy and celiacs disease. 
When you have a food allergy shopping for food is tough because there's a bunch of products you can't have and avoiding ice cream was the toughest part ever.
Since he was using pea protein in his diet he came to the realization that you could cover up the taste with natural flavors and he made a healthier version of the treat that he missed oh so much! 
He wanted the frozen treats to be free of artificial ingredients, fat and sugar so others can enjoy it too! 

Meet Head of operations of Wink Ani, if it wasn't for her Gabe would still be whipping up his tasty concoctions from his home and word wouldn't have gotten out about his tasty desserts for all to love, and cake batter flavor would never have been created­čś│
Meet ice cream lover and head of marketing Jordan who never knew o…