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Raw revolution organic live food bar review !

It all began in 2004 with natural food chef and registered nurse Alice Benedetto.  She began making snacks inside of her very own kitchen that were not only healthy but tasted good as well that she could provide for her children.

She started out by providing samples of her creations to friends and family and then started selling small batches to local stores that were within range to her home.

Within a few short days her bars were sold out and that's when she knew she was on to something.

With the support of her husband Dave Raw Revolution grew, trying out new flavors and combinations and Dave was on a mission to find some used equipment inside factories and threw together a line of equipment that were once used in pizzerias, bakeries and much more!

A decade later Dave and Alice are producing millions of Raw Revolution bars each year!

 Raw Revolution bars are now sold overseas and in the United States in major retailers and they are still made in their family owned factory just o…

Sneakz Organics nutritional shake Review !

How many of you out there have kids that will not eat their vegetables because they think they are yucky?

You've tried everything under the sun to get them to try and eat them whether it's hiding them in Mac and cheese so they'll eat them and you hope that they will and not become dog food under the table!

The kids have no problem in eating their dessert though after their dinner do they?

Whether they don't like vegetables because of the taste or the color of them they still need nutrients and Sneakz Organics found a way to take the yuck out of vegetables and turned it into yum!

Sneakz Organics is a chocolate shake for kids that's packed with a full serving of vegetables in an Eco friendly 8oz container.

Sneakz Organics was founded in 2013 in Denver Colorado by two entrepreneurs with a background in natural foods with the desire to help children not only eat better but enjoy their veggies as well.

Their promise was born from a delicious concoction vegetable juice …

Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza night with Bzzagent

I couldn't pass this campaign up when I was invited through Bzzagent for the Dr. Oetker pizza!Why couldn't I pass it up? Well I've tried the pizza  through bzzagent awhile back and I fell in love with their pizza.

The sauce, cheese, spices and toppings taste just like the pizza that you would get in your typical pizza place but better because you get to serve it at home and skip the long wait for your food and best of all you get to eat it as soon it comes out of the oven, well not to soon don't want to burn your mouth.

Ok, so what's bzzagent? It's a word of mouth company where you get to test products for free in exchange for your honest opinion.

They are a great site and I got to try out all sorts of products through them including food, makeup and more!

Enough about that let's get back to the yummy pizza shall we!

For this campaign I was sent a coupon redeemable for a free Dr. Oetker pizza of my choice and some coupons that are for a dollar off.

The sto…

Fastachi Nut company review !

Souren Fastachi began his company in a small Boston neighborhood shop roasting nuts by hand in small batches in good old fashion steel roasting drums.

He was amazed at how the nuts got that golden brown color and the roasted flavor of them so much so that he then began trying out all kinds of mixes which satisfied his palette.

Then in 1990 he opened up shop and revealed his roasting perfections to all nut lovers out there!

Fastachi is one of the country's top purveyors of fresh roasted nuts!

When I came across a review online about their products I just had to check them out, they sounded so delicious in their own unique way!

I was sent some Fastachi products for review in exchange for my honest opinion and here is what I received.

Mixed nut butter:
I've tried many nut butters and some are delicious but a bit too dry what makes this nut butter so unique is that it offers a blend of salted pecans, roasted pistachios, roasted almonds, roasted pecans and cashews with raw walnuts…

Ancient Grains Nuwi organic quinoa snacks review !

Looking for a tasty and healthy snack that's packed with nutrients and refuels your body after an intense workout?

Nuwi quinoa snacks have you covered, they are packed with organic ingredients that will take care of hunger giving you a boost of energy without that post smacking slump.

Founder of Nuwi Gabriel and his friends were on a mission to develop a snack that was nutritious, sustainable and beneficial that was enough to conduct a positive impact.

The popular crop quinoa recognized for it's nutritional value, they tried out many recipes and finally after two years Nuwi Quinoa snack was born!

It's made for those who are looking for a boost while on the go!

Nuwi facts:

Gluten free
Soy free
Lactose free
All natural
Balanced nutrients
No refined sugars
High protein
High vitamins and minerals

Made with :

Organic fruits and vegetables
Himalayan pink salt
Organic quinoa
Organic low glycemic agave nectar with only 50% fructose

I have never known about a snack be…

Veggie Fries Review !

One of my favorite side dishes to go along with a meal whether it's a burger, steak or even pizza is French fries especially when going out to dinner, but it's so not healthy with all the extra salt, fat, grease and calories.

Seriously have you ever gotten French fries to go and by the time you get to your car with your order the French fry bag has grease all at the bottom to the point of the bag breaking open?

It's a French fry disaster I tell you, not to mention how many calories are in them ahh scary! plus you add some more salt, ketchup and whatever else to your fries!

But once in awhile I'll treat myself to a couple fries just enough to satisfy my craving for them.

oh the salty and crispy deliciousness is just to good to pass up at times!

I was walking through a local store one day close to where I live and I came across Veggie Fries in the freezer section where all the healthy food is and I thought hey wait a veggie loving minute, I love French fries and veggies…

Journey Gym Review !

For as long as I can remember I've always been overweight which started when I was young and as the years flew by I put on the weight more.

When I was in my senior year in high school I weighed in at 362 pounds which was my heaviest I had ever been.

I've tried it all from the dieting and exercising but I just didn't have it in me at that point in my life all I cared about was my family and friends and I ended up giving up because it was too hard and I wasn't ready for the change.

I  wished that I could wake up one day and be skinny and all the name calling would stop but it didn't and it only made me depressed even more and the eating continued.

What people don't know is when they make fun of someone that person actually starts to look at themselves in a different way.

Each day I would try to force a smile on my face when I had to get ready for school and day after day I would look in the mirror and I saw this ugly fat person looking straight at me while tryin…

Listerine Naturals mouthwash Crowdtap Sampling !

When I get up in the morning one thing I do is make a run straight to the bathroom and brush my teeth and then swish around some mouthwash and hope it lasts for awhile so no one can smell food or drinks on my breath such as coffee.

The worst thing is when you can smell your own breath and you hope to god no one else can smell it!

Did you know that when you brush your teeth it misses 75% of your mouth I know gross right?!

When cleaning with Listerine it cleans 100% leaving you with fresh breath!

So you are constantly popping things into your mouth such as tic tacs, or gum into your mouth hoping no one notices and that your breath will hopefully be fresh by the tingly sensation of mint throughout your mouth.

I've tried all kinds of mouthwash in the past and no one else can even compare to the Listerine brand.

Not only do they come in all kinds of flavors but they get the job done leaving you with a good clean feeling!

I was chosen to sample Listerine's new product through crowd…

Ostrim Jerkee Review !

When I'm on the go I like a snack that's packed with protein especially after a good intense workout to refuel.

Whether it be some yogurt, a protein bar, some almonds or one of my good ole faves Jerkee!

I like jerky sticks that are full of flavor and most importantly not dried out to the point where it feels like your chewing on leather, ugh yuck!

Ostrim jerky is moist, full of flavor, packed with protein and the perfect anytime snack whether you are hiking and need a boost or after you've had an intense workout and need a protein fix!

Did you know that Ostrim is the number one meat snack for sports nutrition?!

Ostrim jerkee Facts:

All natural
High in protein
Low in fat
Low in carbohydrates
Good source of iron and potassium
USDA inspected

When I came across Ostrim products on the web I knew I had to try them out they sounded mouth watering and unlike any other jerky sticks I've tried before.

Not only did it intrigue me that their Jerkee is made with ostrich and elk wh…

Community Coffee Review !

Ever wonder how Community Coffee got their name?

It all began in 1919 when Henry "Cap" Saurage discovered the secret of phenomenal tasting coffee in his very own country store on the north edge of Baton Rouge Louisiana.

In honor of his community of friends he came up with the name Community Coffee.

In 1924 he then closed the store and changed his backyard barn into a coffee mill using coffee beans he purchased from a local roaster.

Then in 1941 Caps son Norman Saurage Jr. purchased the companies first coffee roaster so they could roast their very own coffee to ensure quality and freshness in every cup.

A roasting plant was then built in Baton Rouge in 1946.

Over the years Community Coffee company perfected the quality of their great tasting coffee and in 1955 they began importing green coffee beans straight from coffee plantations in Brazil.

In 1970, a new coffee roasting plant was built on the Mississippi River in Port Allen Louisiana.

In 1980 Community Coffee introduced…