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VitaFiber IMO Prebiotic Fiber Sweetener !

Who doesn't love the warm aroma of cinnamon wafting through the house on a crisp day, especially when they are cinnamon buns!? 

As a little girl each Christmas morning my mom would be in the kitchen baking up a batch of cinnamon buns with the sweet buttery icing on top you know which ones I'm talking about yup the one that woo hoo on the commercial when you poked his belly with the chef hat? Pillsbury dough boy baby that's who! 

The icing on top was literally my favorite part it was sweet, creamy and made Christmas morning extra special.

What I loved was the warm cinnamon sweetness paired with the gooey icing that made the buns chewy with a crispy flaky texture on the outside making them the perfect breakfast and or dessert now paired with coffee of course rather than an ice cold glass of milk.

When the air gets crisp I find myself craving sweets so in the kitchen it is to bake all things sweet especially my all time favorite breakfast food..yup you guessed it CINNAMON BUNS! W…

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