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Dancing Hawks Organics Protein Bars Review!

After my workouts at the gym I always like to have a snack on hand especially while on the go, what's better than a protein bar?
It's important to refuel your body after a workout with some protein whether it's yogurt, meat such as chicken, eggs or something quick for on the go like a protein bar!
When I came across Dancing HawksOrganics Bear Tracks Protein Bars on the web I had to try them, not just because they are made with organic ingredients which I love but they are made with chocolate and mixed with nuts, cranberries even peanut butter!
They sounded out of this world amazing and had me literally drooling at how good they sounded!
Paul himself sent me some for review and I couldn't wait to unleash the bear in me and try them!
When I opened the box I noticed they aren't like other protein bars at all, they looked like candy bars and also they didn't have a chalky like aftertaste that you would get from other protein bars.
They melt in your mouth and are unbeliev…

Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze review and giveaway!

Winter weather can be quite hectic with snow and all, with that being said don't you just want to go on vacation where it's warm and sunny?

With new Fresh Mountain Breeze crystals laundry enhancer from Purex you can escape to a place where the sun is shining, birds are chirping and the flowers are oh so beautiful and your mind will be at ease.
Being a Purex Insider I was sent Purex Crystals new fragrance laundry enhancer which is Fresh Mountain Breeze, I was ecstatic and couldn't wait to try it because I am a huge fan of Purex products and they not only does our laundry smell nice it makes them look good as new!
Purex Facts:
Natural formula is safe for environment and family Doesn't reduce absorbency of towels Makes your clothing smell fresh for weeks not days!
It's giveaway time! 
Three winners will receive a coupon redeemable for a free bottle!
Infuse your laundry today with long lasting freshness from Purex!
Found in the fabric softener aisle!

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Mee Eat Paleo Nut Butter Review!

Mee Eat Paleo  certified crossfit trainer,USA weightlifting sport performance coach, NASM certified personal trainer has a love for foods that are not only mouth watering but nutritious to and with that she created her own nut butters that contain no preservatives, no chemicals, or added sugars. She does it all from the making of the nut butter to labeling and shipping out orders! 
When I came across Mee Lee's Mee Eat Paleo nut butters online I became quite interested in her products and had to try them!
So what's Paleo?
It's a diet where you eat foods that are whole foods.
I love nut butters they go great on so many things from fruits, toast,in a smoothie or drizzled on oatmeal! 
Mee Lee herself sent me her tasty nutty Quadruple nut butter for review and I couldn't wait to try it, just thinking of all the recipes I would use it in made my mouth water!
Quadruple nut power:
This isn't your ordinary nut butter, it's amazing it offers California organic walnuts, Califo…

True North Granola Review!

One thing I love is granola it goes great on or in just about anything like smoothies, mixed with fruit, in ice cream or on my new favorite trend which is overnight oats in a jar! 
When I came across True North Granola on the web and heard about their granola I just had to try them!
Their granola is special because it's handmade and baked to perfection with all natural ingredients !

Ingrid and Franklin Chrisco began True North Granola company from their home in 2006 due to trying out granola in stores and they were well, dissatisfied with the options and taste that the granola offered. 
In Brattleboro Vermont they believed that their homemade granola was more nutritious than other brands that were on the shelves in the market.
Summer of 2006 they began selling their Go Nuts Granola in Brattleboro's own farmers market and was the best seller!
Word got out and they were on a mission and made up new flavors of their delicious granola! 
Now they have 9 different flavors and are sold in …

Nourish Organic Fresh Fig Body Lotion Review!

First beauty company to ever comply with standards of the United States department of agriculture (USDA) to offer an array of all natural products and be certified organic under the same standards as the government then uses to certify food. 
When I came across their products online I just had to review them!

I then went to my local store and they had a display there of Nourish Organic products! 

You will love this lotion it smells almost good enough to eat with it's lightly scented aroma of fig! At first before you rub the body lotion on it has a bit of an overpowering perfume scent to it but I love the texture of this lotion because it wasn't too runny or too thick. After you have lathered yourself with fresh fig lotion it leaves a light scent afterwards that isn't too overpowering.  
In 2003 Nourish Organic was born and 
What I also loved about the lotion is that it's not greasy, it didn't irritate my skin at all and it made my skin feel soft and supple due to the Sh…

Red Duck Foods Review!

What I loved about these ketchups from Red Duck Foods they don't lack in flavor, the ketchup isn't  runny or loaded with ingredients that are unhealthy.
When I came across their products online I just had to try them!
Couldn't wait to try the ketchups when I received them for review, I am in absolute love with their bottling they have the cutest red duck on the bottle which represents the University of Oregon the ducks and also ketchup is red so that's how Red Duck Foods got their name! They are delicious, thick like a spaghetti sauce and work well with so many dishes!
Red Duck Facts: Gluten Free Organic  No high fructose corn syrup
Great on anything imaginable from home fries to hamburgers, even not dogs! Has a bit of a sweetness to it with a hint of smokiness which was oh so amazing! 
Curry: I've never tried anything like this ketchup before in my life! It was a bit different from your average ketchup your used to, it had curry added to it giving it a flavorful twi…

Hippie Butter Hemp Seeds Review!

What attracts me to a product is the pride that the company puts into it such as the Hippie Butter hemp seed company!
Their mission in their own words:
"Our mission is simple." To procure,test and provide the best Hemp products available and offer excellent customer service 24/7. We take great pride in our company. Our commitment to customer service and in the Hemp products we sell.
I was ecstatic when I received some of their products for review, and couldn't wait to give them a try! 

Hippie Butter doesn't just sell hemp seeds oh no they have all kinds of products such as:
Bath and body products: Hemp seed Massage oil Hemp seed Shampoo and conditioner Hemp seed Moisturizing cream Hemp seed Bath soap Hemp seed Body lotion
Cooking products: Toasted hemp seeds Hemp seed flour Hemp seed protein powder And also hemp seed cooking oil

Hippie facts: All natural  Gluten free High source of protein Deliciously nutty Sea free Omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids 
What's so great about hemp s…

Primal Pacs Paleo on the go review!

Whether you've just had an intense workout in the gym or run you'll need to refuel your body with some real food such as protein for an after workout snack. It's time to get primal with Primal Pacs Paleo on the go!
So what is primal Pacs?
I came across their website one day and noticed their snacks and thought to myself hey I love beef jerky and got to try their snacks because not only do they contain beef jerky in the snack pack it contains dried up mangoes, tart cranberries that are lightly sweetened with apple juice and also nuts such as almonds and macadamia nuts! 
Pretty nifty idea to put it all in one package, it's like a trail mix but with meat inside mixed with fruit and nuts! 
They also have Pacs that have only jerky in them as well! 
I couldn't wait to try them out when I was sent them for review!
They are the perfect go to snack after a workout, hike, run or when you want a healthier snack option! 
Primal facts: Grain free Gluten free No preservatives No artificial…

Chike Nutrition Review!

Looking for a quick and easy breakfast or snack before you walk out the door to go to work or either the gym?
Chike Nutrition  nutrition has just that!
All you do is pour milk or water in a bottle with any flavor of Chike nutrition meal replacement supplement powder and give it a shake and them your out the door!
I've tried many protein powders before and some have a chalky taste to them and even taste bad not not Chike oh no! 
Great for an after workout recovery snack since it's packed with 28 grams of protein!
You could even blend it with some frozen fruit such as a banana, pineapple, strawberries or even blueberries for a creamy smoothie!
They come in five decadent flavors and for all you coffee drinkers out there like me they also have a coffee blend too!
I just had to try out the products for myself to see what all the rave was about over their products!
I couldn't wait to try the products I was sent for review especially the coffee flavor, I am such a coffee addict!
Very vani…

Skinny Crisps review!

Whether sweet, salty or savory snacks such as crackers are fantastic they go along great with fruit, cream cheeses, soups, or even crumbled on top of a salad for croutons! 
When browsing the web one night I came  across Skinny Crisps online I just had to try them! They are handmade in Boulder Colorado and have all kinds of flavors! 
Skinny Crisps facts:
All natural Gluten free Low in carbohydrates
Made with: chick pea flour Ground almonds Organic ground golden flax seed Psyllium husks Olive oil Sea salt Organic dehydrated cane juice 
Cinnamon crisps:

I couldn't believe at how good these cinnamon crisps were, they taste just like the cinnamon sugar pita chips from Stacy's! So good and you can add these crispy lightly sweetened cinnamon crisps to anything such as yogurt, fruit to add a crunchy sweet topping! They would go along perfect with a yogurt dip as well such as the famous fruit platters you buy in the store with the fruit flavored cream cheese that's out of this world amazing! Or …

Mama Francesca Cheeses Review!

Mama Francesca cheeses are aged to perfection with the right amount of spices for you not to only enjoy your food while eating it but experience it from your heart and soul! 
When I came across her sprinkled cheeses online I had to try them out, they don't have just Parmesan cheese either they have all kinds of flavors that are blended with other cheese or spices such as Parmesan and Asiago or Parmesan and garlic!
I was then sent their cheese products for review, with an apron which I'm totally rocking in the photo and also a t shirt! 
So what is your favorite dish that you can use some Parmesan cheese on?
Mine is spaghetti and meatballs, I haven't had it in forever!
Parmesan and garlic:
Robust cheese with garlic flavor works great on string beans, baked potatoes or even garlic bread to make your dinner pop with flavor!
Parmesan cheese:
I sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on some chili that I had for dinner tonight and it was the perfect touch to the dish! Flavorful and goes great on…

Annmarie Gianni skincare Review!

Ever wonder what's actually in our products that we use on our skin?
Annmarie Gianni  took a long hard look at the products she was using on her own skin and it was quite shocking, the products we use aren't safe for us or our skin.
Some products that we have used before claim to be organic skincare  but aren't and hide chemicals which can make our skin feel dried out, too oily etc.
She was on a mission to make her own skincare products that are safe and are in fact all natural, Annmarie Gianni skincare was born!
When I came across Annmarie's products online I started thinking of my own skincare regimen of when I was a teenager and how my skin was and thought wow it was seriously because of the product I was using which made me break out!
I couldn't believe that I never thought about the types of chemicals that was in the skincare products I would use for my skin back then such as face scrubs, moisturizers or even mud masks!
It got me thinking and I just had to try their…