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Influenster's #SparkleVoxBox

Pamper yourself with the latest products in the Influenster SparkleVoxBox from beauty products, to fun tasty treats to tea that will help put your mind at ease.

Here is what I received in my Influenster SparkleVoxBox

Numi Organic Tea Holistic Herbal Teasans
-MSRP:$7.99(16ct. box) Having a rough day? Pour yourself a soothing cup of new Holistic Herbal Teasans from Numi Organic Tea that helps lift your spirits and mood making you feel at ease with it's powerful mix of functional herbs made with real flowers, fruits and spices that cleanse the palate.

Balance :
made with organic moringa, organic lemon myrtle, organic blackberry leaf, organic chamomile, organic marshmallow root, organic chicory root, organic astragalus, organic nettle and organic anise. Numi Organic Balance Tea offers earthy moinga, a sweet lemony chamomile and blackberry leaf

Made with Fair Trade Certified Organic Hibiscus , organic rose petal, organic licorice, organic elderflower, organic limeflower, organic clo…

Forager Project Organic & Plant Based Foods

It all began with stepfather Stephen and stepson JC who shared the same love for plant-based, organic foods that weren't only healthy but tasty as well.

Stephen and JC both brought their expertise to the table where Stephen who was a skilled food pro that was thrown off by those other so called healthy products that didn't match up to their label by the overthrowing list of ingredients and JC who was a
rising entrepreneur that had trouble seeking those truthful foods he was in need of.

Stephen and JC founders of Forager started off with their pressed vegetable juice followed by nut-based drinks.

The Forager Project adventure had began taking the world by storm later releasing their vegetable chips which used the juices pomace.

Cashew milk  came soon after followed by creamy Cashewgurt which is made from culturing the nut milk.

Forager Projects products are made from

Organic nuts, seeds , ancient grains and vegetables

When I first tried Forager Project they only had their juice and sha…

Kite-Hill Artisan Almond Milk Foods !

It all started with a glimpse for plant based foods that would offer all of the superiority we rapture in artisan dairy cheeses.

Kite-Hill shares a passion for food and fellowship of a meal that's to be shared and they concocted products that those who are seeking a healthier lifestyle and or dairy-free can savor.

They gathered as a team and discovered how to make artisan cheeses with nut milk rather than milk from animals. Kite-Hill released all sorts of products soon after from artisanal delicacies, nut milk yogurts, pastas and dairy free probiotic drinks.

When I made the choice to go Dairy-Free I knew it was going to be tough since I love cheese and especially yogurt.

I searched through countless aisles at a grocery store just perusing yogurt and or cheese brands that were made with clean good for you ingredients but fell short until I came across Kite-Hill and fell in love with their creamy yogurt and spreadable cream cheeses along with their ricotta that made one delicious lasagn…

Sir Kensington's Condiments Review!

Sir Kensington was born to a family of merchants in Great Britain and went to Oxford university , his course for undergraduate study he received degrees in agronomy, culinary arts, and mercantile trade. His herbal curiosities took him on a journey west by sail where he navigated his sight on the orient.

Not long after Sir Kensington joined the National Geographic Society and Guild of peppers, he acknowledged a post in Constantinople in the service of her majesty commending the British East India Company in disregard of rare spices. His return to England he then illustrated and guarded his thesis A Most Seemly Union:Byzantine Gastronomy & The Delightful Marriage Of Greek and Roman Influence, 330-453, where he received his doctorate from Cambridge.

Later on he founded and created a reinsurance problem seized by  Lloyd's of London, where he was let go to focus in his true calling which was the evolution of cultural understanding where he then organized summits and salons with big n…

Meow Mix Simple Servings Single Serve Cups !

It all began with a remarkable bond you and your feline that you share. He's more than just a pet, he's a part of the family, your friend and Meow Mix has a strong belief that when it comes to meal time it's a special moment between your cat and you showing them how much you care for them.
Meow Mix has been making mealtime exceptional for cats for over 40 years giving them tastes that they love packed with wholesome nutrients in many flavors to choose from your cat will be pondering what you are going to serve next!
When I was younger we had cats in the home and I remember serving them Meow Mix brand cat food, they craved it from the dry to the wet food they were purrfectly happy savoring each bite from chicken, to tuna even beef they couldn't get enough of it!

Meow Mix Simple Servings cat food are meals that are perfectly portioned delectable tastes of what your cat craves. Meow Mix Simple Servings Single Serve cups are the purrfect meal ! 

It's made with chunks of re…

Super Charge your coffee with Coconut Oil Creations !

It all began with Founder of Coconut Oil Creations Debi Bryk who is a holistic nutritionist, certified health educator and also President of Holistic Nutrition 4 Health,LLC. She helps educate people how to enhance their lifestyle by making healthier changes with their diet which has made outstanding results and stimulates her daily. By adding in "booster foods" to our diets helps alleviate inflammation, boost our immune system, detoxify the body, increase our metabolisms, aid in balancing out blood sugar and help by nurturing the brain, glands, nerves , muscles and blood .

Coconut Oil Creations was born by finding simple ways to add booster foods to our diet.

Debi has numerous clients that approach her with thyroid disease, cardiovascular, weight and or gut issues. Coconut oil is know as a thermogenic food which it's medium chain triglycerides (MCT) helps digest swiftly that provided energy for the body. 

A study has found that 15-30 grams of MCTs per day which is 1-2 table…