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Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt alternative Crowdtap Sampling

Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt alternative is soy based but offers that same smooth creamy taste and texture as dairy style blends.
What makes Silk Dairy-Free yogurt unlike any other is that it contains a total of six grams of plant powered protein in each serving  combined with  live and active cultures.
Silk Dairy-Free yogurt is made without the following 
•High Fructose corn syrup  •Carrageenan  •Lactose •Cholesterol  •Dairy •Gluten •Casein •anything artificial like colors or flavors
Silk Dairy-Free is low in saturated fat and is vegetarian. 
Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt is a great source of calcium and Vitamin D.
Silk Dairy-Free has also been verified by the Non GMO Project's verification program.
Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt is available in these silky-smooth flavors; see what I did there? 
○Blueberry  ○Strawberry  ○Black Cherry ○Vanilla ○Tropical Pineapple  ○Plain ○Peach & Mango
I'm no newbie to Silk Dairy-Free yogurts in fact I've tried them before and have to admit they are luxuriously creamy taste jus…

Tampax Pocket Pearl SheSpeaks Program

Summer is here which means endless trips to the beach with the girls for a day of fun in the sun, tanning, laughing,  sipping on cold refreshing lemonade and swimming to cool off.

Going to the beach is fun but not when you have your period especially if you are in constant worry of your tampons or pad protection failing you.

Trust and believe me it's not fun plus can be quite embarrassing.

You're friends just texted you and told you that they were on their way over and that's when you notice Aunt Flo has arrived.

You start rummaging around you're purse for a tampon only to come up empty handed.

The girls show up and notice that worried look that you've got on.

Girl you've just got your period didn't you?

"Don't worry I've got you covered, it's new from Tampax."

*Tosses you the new Tampax Pocket Pearl.

Tampax Pocket Pearl fits easily and discreetly in any purse or bag that can go with you virtually anywhere whether it's a night out on the to…

Silk Nutchello Crowdtap Sampling

It all began in 1977 with the passion to come up with a healthier product that was free of dairy but still provided that creamy richness of milk in each glass of Silk milk providing us with a great source of calcium plus vitamin D for healthy strong bones and teeth!
Silk brand has concocted all sorts of delicious milks from soy, to almond even coconut free of lactose, gluten, casein, eggs and dairy without any MSG .
Discover the creamy taste of milk without the dairy in new Nutchello by Silk that provide a unique blend of toasted cashews, walnuts and almonds tantalizing your tastebuds with the sweetness of rich buttery caramel, coconut and decadent dark chocolate! 

Silk Nutchello is available in these three sweet, creamy and nutty flavors  Toasted coconut cashew Dark chocolate walnut Caramel almond cashew
Silk Nutchello provides a richness that is like melted icecream so creamy and nutty it's out of this world amazing! 
Silk Nutchello is a nut based beverage that is free of the following 

Cho'Nanga Herbal Chocolates with Benefits

Cho'Nanga Chocolates aren't your ordinary chocolate they are chock full of nutrients to provide not just our mind but our souls and bodies as well.

Cho'Nanga Chocolates is ignited by two words chocolate and the term N'anga or Nganga which stems from bantu cultures in Zimbabwe a N'anga is an herbal healer and spiritual leader to it's community.

Produced by superlative herbal healers, Cho'Nanga provides a delicious concoction with medicinal uses of herbs with major health benefits along with decadent chocolate that makes one unique yet tasty tantalizing experience for your tastebuds.

Cho'Nanga chocolates are Fair Trade certified and sourced by hand with the finest of organic ingredients that don't involve any of the following Ingredients.

○Soy Lechtin

And is non GMO

Cho'Nanga Chocolates are so unique with their blend of creamy smooth rich chocolate, the crunch of their sprouted nuts, a touch of sweetness from dried fruits and earthine…

Hill's Science Diet Healthy cuisine dog food crowdtap sampling

A pet's health is just as important as a humans making sure they get the right amount of exercise, visits to the vet and what kind of food works for them. 
It all began with a desire for pets to lead a long healthy adventurous life with their owners strengthening the bond between them.
If you are a pet owner then you would know that if they are healthy then they are happy which makes you happy as well because they are being taken care of properly.

Jack our Jack Russell and I recently received samples of Hill's Science Diet healthy cuisine dog food through Crowdtap to try out for review and he was so excited !
He was literally jumping with excitement!

I couldn't even get him to sit still for the above photo that's how excited he was it was like he could smell it through the can the moment it arrived.

Hill's Science Diet is veterinarian recommend and free from artificial flavors or preservatives which makes me happy knowing that he eats a well balanced diet.

Hill's Scie…