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Five Friends Food Fresh Bar Review !

It all began in Minnesota with twin brothers Ross Pomeroy and Will Handke that are passionate about eating healthy. 
It wasn't until 2011 where they began to wonder why there were limited choices of nutrition bars on the market which in fact contained many preservatives and were dry. Ross and Will were distraught rather than giving in to tasteless bars they put on their big boy pants and got to work and Fresh Bar was born! 
Fresh bar is an all natural bar that's made with healthy whole ingredients that taste great offering an out of the oven texture like a muffin ! So moist and tasty! 
In 2012 Will and Ross welcomed their childhood friends Austin Hinkle, Mike Steffan and Tom Johnson to the Fresh Bar team!
For better shelf life store your Fresh Bars in the refrigerator. Whenever I'm in a hurry I like something to munch on that's not only healthy, and convenient but delicious and that will satisfy my hunger throughout the day in which I usually reach for a bar because i…

Minerals by AnnMarie !

Health advocate, author and Founder of Annmarie Gianni skincare Annmarie Gianni started rethinking the products she used on her skin and began researching them and what she found was shocking. 
The skin care products she used were contained with ingredients that weren't safe and under regulated. The products that claimed they were either all natural or organic contained hidden preservatives and additives.
What she found from doing research lead her to find a better option because she wasn't the only one that were using these so called all natural products.
She then came to the realization that if she wanted an all natural skincare line that she would have to create it herself and so she did with AnnMarie Gianni skincare to provide a natural skincare cleaning experience giving you a good clean feeling using wild crafted ingredients.
 Minerals by Ann Marie is a multi-purpose foundation with a non toxic formula to enhance your existing skin care routine with natural minerals tha…

Zep microwave miracle foaming cleaner Crowdtap Sampling !

Cleaning the microwave just got easier with Zep Commercials microwave miracle foaming cleaner unlike other microwave cleaners this one works wonders and all you have to do is spray the foam throughout the microwave then activate your microwave and let cool for a few minutes then wipe away the mess! 
I've been quite busy lately and haven't had time to clean the microwave so when I was sent this bottle from Crowdtap of Zep microwave cleaner I was excited, yes I know what your thinking who gets excited to clean? Me that's who especially when it's with a new product!
At first I was skeptical thinking yeah right my microwave will come clean in no time without me doing all of the scrubbing, especially since there was a tomato soup explosion which got caked on in the heating process.
After I tidied up the house and washed the dishes I decided to give Zepmicrowave miracle foaming cleaner a try so I did as the bottle says.
Before cleaning here are some Important facts:
Rinse t…

Dial Boutique collection Sugar Cane Husk scrub Review and Giveaway!

Introducing the newest member of the Dial Boutique Collection Hand Soap line that enhances your hand washing experience due to it's luxurious scent that's mastered by freshly cut sugar cane.
The winter has been brutal and has done a number on my hands leaving them not only sore but cracked and dry and hand washing is the worst because they burn from being split! 
I've been a fan of Dial products for years so when I was sent their new hand soap to try out I couldn't wait to put it to the test on my dry hands. I loved the sweet scent of sugar cane and how it conditioned my hands making them feel soft and smooth.
Boutique Collection Hand Soap offers Refreshing moisture Gentle micro scrubbers Vibrant scents 
Boutique collection scents:
Yellow raspberry and black sugar Water blossoms Coconut lime verbena Sugar cane husk scrub 
Sugar Cane husk scrub from Dials Boutique collection is made with a moisturizing formula that not only cleans your skin but conditions it as well to …

Jackpot Candles Review

Sure candles can accent your home decor and add light to a room but what about when the flame goes out? 
With Jackpot candles they offer an experience of a lifetime long after the flame has burned out.
Jackpot Candle company makes their candles by hand with 100% natural soy which designs a long lasting scent inside your home from fresh mountain breezes to freshly baked goods that makes the house not only smell wonderful but a calming and welcoming environment. 
Candles are so much more than a decoration they not only add a bit of color to a room and make your home warm and inviting to guests but is a memory such as when you were baking cookies with your mom as a kid or of the summertime splashing in the waves at the beach.
After you have basked in the glow and scent of your jackpot candle it reveals a foil-wrapped jewelry item which you select making your experience last a lifetime. 
How does it work? 
Light the candle and enjoy the tantalizing scent until the foil wrapped pouch has …

Silk Cashew Milk Review

Silk milk just came out with a brand new product and to celebrate they hosted "The Perfect Match " giveaway which included free product coupons to try their irresistibly creamy cashew milk along with the cutest milk glass, a free product coupon for frozen fruit, recipes to try out using the milk and chocolate covered cashews! 
I've tried Silk products in the past and loved them they go great in cereal, smoothies and much more so when I heard they were coming out with their cashew milk I just had to try it! 
We know how almond milk is made but what about creamy cashew milk? Cashew milk begins with not only the cashew tree itself but the balm, apples and wood. The cashew nut itself didn't become popular until the 20th century. 
Silk selects their cashews that are not only great in flavor but quality as well then they carefully roast them which then is grinded into butter form that's then made into their deliciously creamy cashew milk. I made a strawberries and cre…

LyfeTea 14 Day Tea Tox Review !

Lyfetea is a company that strongly believes in feeling your best on both the inside as well as out. It's their objective to help their patrons by not only living a lifestyle that's healthy but creating one as well. Lyfetea products are made from quality ingredients that's filled with important body builders that help to eliminate fat all while improving one's overall body function. 
What's so great about Lyfetea?
Lyfetea is rich in antioxidants, rids the body of wasteful toxins while rejuvenating its cellular structure, the tea will help control your weight as well as aiding in circulatory function, it also helps you to focus while helping with physical endurance.

Skinny Lyfe Tea:
You should drink Skinny Lyfe tea every morning by measuring one tablespoon of your skinny Lyfe tea and putting in the tea bag, then drop into a mug of boiling hot water and steep for 5-10 minutes. Then take out your  tea bag and enjoy! This tea is delidious and offers a sweet taste so yo…

SweeTARTS Ropes Candy Smiley360 mission !

Have you heard of the website Smiley360 ? If not you should check it out, it's a website where you get to try out products for free and I've been a member for quite sometime and love it! 
I'm on the SweeTarts ropes candy mission on smiley360 and couldn't wait to try out the all new candy! 
I know you are probably thinking what is SweeTarts ropes? Well think Twizzlers but with a fun filled fruity center!  It's a rope of candy that's both Sweet and Tart bursting with a cherry punch core.
For as long as I can remember SweeTarts candy has been my number one candy of choice when I would go to the movie theater, there was just something about their fruity candy that I couldn't seem to get enough of! 
It was love at first bite with the chew of the licorice just bursting with cherry punch goodness I couldn't help it, I've been roped in!
I loved that it didn't offer a licorice taste that was overpowering and the fact that it wasn't tough to chew lik…

Square Bars Review !

It all began with husband and wife Sarah and Andrew Gordon inside of their San Francisco home. Sarah battled with asthma throughout her life and realized that eliminating inflammatory foods such as processed sugars, dairy, soy, and gluten freed her from medication. 
She hasn't had an attack since five years ago and no longer keeps an inhaler in the house. 
Square Bar began March 2012 at Natural Products Expo West which they distribute nationally. 
Square Bar believes that ingredients matter most which I couldn't agree more! They source only the most nutrient-dense organic and non GMO foods, working directly  with farmers to guarantee an ethical path from crop to bar. 

Square Bars Facts: Offers 12 grams of protein  Certified Gluten Free Non GMO  USDA organic Soy free Vegan Corn free Peanut free

Square Bar Flavors: Cocoa crunch Cocoa mint Cocoa cherry Cocoa coconut Cocoa almond 
I heard the word online that these bars are amazingly delicious and had to check them out for myself.

B-Up Peanut Butter Trio Bars Review!

B-Up bars are not only high in protein but are low in sugar, sodium and carbs. So what makes B-Up bars different from other bars on the market? They are made with the highest quality of ingredients as well as nutrients which means no junk is involved in these beauties ! 
They are soft, delicious and full of flavor. They taste great when you pop them into the oven or even straight from the wrapper!  
Awhile back I had done a review on B-Up bars and they came out with new flavors and I just had to try them so I went to their website and bought myself a box of their newest edition.
If you are a peanut butter lover trust me you'll love these bars, they aren't only packed with protein, delicious but they deliver with that creamy peanut butter taste in each bite! 

Vanilla Peanut Butter:
First you get that creamy peanut butter texture and then the sweetness from the vanilla!  Oops I might have added a thin layer of PB2 on this scrumptious bar but I don't care it was so good!   

BJammin Energy Bars Review !

BJammin Bars is a mix of protein and real fruit carbs which gives you the energy your body craves when it has a need for it. It helps you get through a workout. What's so different about BJammin bars than other bars on the market is they went where no bar has ever gone before with real mouth watering fruit carbs, fiber and high quality protein that happens that be made with no junk only real ingredients. 
BJammin health stats:
Each bar offers 12-15 grams of net carbs, 11-13 grams of fiber and 12 grams of protein.
Trust me when I tell you this you'll want to try these bars, they are so delicious and I'm not saying that just because they have a jam filling either! They are flavorful, moist and taste like dessert! 
BJammin comes in three flavors
Apple pie Ala mode Peanut butter and jelly Vanilla cherry pie 
I've tried their other bars also known as Bup and loved them so when I saw they were coming out with these babies I knew I had to try them, I mean come on now who cou…

Ocean Naturals Skipjack Chunk Light Tuna Review !

Ocean Naturals Tuna company starts off with simple and better ingredients which is skipjack tuna that has been responsibly caught thats free school fished without the use of FADS (Fish Aggregating Devices) to reduce the catch of non targeted species.  
Ocean Naturals is made from tuna, salt and water that's it, no additives or preservatives.

Ocean Naturals tuna is packed in either olive oil or water.
Ocean Naturals Facts:
Contains 19 grams of protein  Contains no preservatives  Contains no additives  Contains no fillers Contains 80 calories per serving 
Serve up Ocean Naturals on: Salads Sandwiches Crackers And more 
I love how convenient Ocean Naturals tuna pouch is there's no need for a can opener, all you do is tear open the pouch to satisfy your hunger and you get a boost of protein at the same time! 

The tuna went along perfectly on a sandwich which I made for lunch with crisp veggies and a sprinkle of black pepper to taste . 

Check out Ocean Naturals online to see where…