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O.B. Tampons with fluid-lock grooves for leak protection !

It all began in Mach of 1950 designed by a woman to offer women period protection that is specifically designed for our bodies made with custom fit protection without any applicators which means less waste that helps protect our bodies and the environment! I received a sample of O.B. Tampons to try out and I couldn't wait to see how they held up from my current brand of tampons that I was using .
For me personally I think O.B. is a great tampon brand for any young woman who is entering women hood because they protect against leaks and easy to use.
Be sure to wash hands before inserting tampons.
Make sure to check out each tampon to see if they are sealed and if not don't use it simply grab another one. Then find the colored tear strip and slightly pull. Remove both ends of the wrapper.
Find the string on the end of the tampon then grab the string and give it a pull from left to right and top to bottom to make the base of the tampon wider to create a pocket for your finger for inser…

Nautica Blue Cologne Spray For Men Skosay Sample

Be Sporty. Be Energetic. Be Timeless With Nautica Blue!

It all began in 1983 which is a lifestyle brand that went global inspired by h20 that offers a range of women's, children's and men's accessories along with a home collection.
Nautica merchandise ranging from clothing to fragrances offer not only high quality style but color and performance as well.
Nautica is passionate about the water and believes in loving and respecting it everyday and anywhere we may go.
Their Nautical heritage and great spirit is in each product making you perform at your best .
Nautica is one of the most important and most popular American brands around the world. To this day Nautica is available in over 75 countries with 265 full price Nautica brand stores over 3,000 Nautica Branded shop-in-shops across the nation.
Go on a fantastic voyage with Nautica Blue Cologne Spray that offers the earthy  scent of musk, sandalwood, a touch of basil, floral notes of jasmine and citrus burst of pineapple bring…

L'Oreal Paris Triple Power Influenster VoxBox!

Our skin ages in all sorts of ways as we do some may notice that their skins appearance doesn't appear as smooth, or others may notice wrinkles even sagging.

It can be a pain in the neck trying to find out what our skin needs and how to approach it just to feel beautiful and look more radiant.

What if I told you that you can with Revitalift Triple Power !

Revitalift Triple Power helps diminish wrinkles making skin look more radiant and youthful by not only firming it but repairing moisturize as well.

Being in my mid thirties I have noticed signs of aging and couldn't wait to try L'Oréal Paris Revitalift cream that I received for free through Influenster for testing purposes especially with Summer here and all I want to not only look radiant but feel it as well!

L'Oréal Paris Revitalift is both a moisturizer and a hydrant with tripe the power

Helps fight wrinklesrefirmredensify Revitalift should be applied every morning and evening to the face, neck and jawline by smoothing…

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Eventone SPF 30 Suncare DigItry sample

Ah, Summer has finally arrived!
When it's Summertime we go to great lengths in doing whatever we can to cool ourselves off whether sipping on lemonade in the shade, blasting the ac, indulging in a frozen treat or frolicking in the water at the beach.
Sure we love heading to the beach to cool off on a hot summer day but do we protect our skin from getting burned?
I remember a time when I was at a fieldtrip with my eighth grade class at a resort that had a pool and it was a scorcher of a day.
I wish now that back then I was more aware of protecting myself from getting burned because I ended up getting the worst sunburn ever to the point that it blistered all over.
I was having so much fun that day and only remembered applying sunscreen once maybe twice.
I can't stress enough  how important it is to apply sunscreen throughout the day.
Summer is here and the temperature skyrocketing this sample that I received from DigItry of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Eventone S…

Chrissy's Crumble Wicked Good No-Grain-Ola

It all began with Christine nicknamed Chrissy at a young age founder of Chrissy's Crumble Wicked Good-No-Grain-Ola when her fiancé John and herself decided to adapt a healthy lifestyle and went Paleo.

John the lover of cereal couldn't seem to part ways with it so he and Chrissy concocted their very own made up of a blend of dried fruits, nuts and seeds all carefully mixed by hand that contained no added sugar.

After nailing their recipe for their granolas they provided them to friends and family which they couldn't seem to get enough of Chrissy's Crumble Wicked Good-No-Grain-Ola was founded!

Chrissy's Crumble is

Grain-FreeDairy-FreeGluten-FreeSoy-FreeChrissy's Crumble Granola is the perfect snack for anyone who is following the Paleo lifestyle, vegan diet and those low carbers as well!

Chrissy's Crumble Granola is available in these sweet nutty delicious flavors to choose from!
Cranberry ChipApricot CashewDark Cherry ChipFiggy NutsRaisin Apple SpiceTropical Isl…

Jolly Rancher Watermelon Pop-Tart Skosay Sample

Take a slice out of Summer with a Jolly Rancher Watermelon Pop-Tart!

It's Summer, Summer time !
Nothing can be beat with the Summer time heat so cool off with a refreshing treat!
Whether you like to sip lemonade in the shade on a hot summer's day or treat yourself to some ice cream there is nothing more refreshing then a slice of good ol' watermelon! It's sweet, it's juicy and oh so refreshing!
When it comes to Summer watermelon is my all time favorite fruit not just because it's sweet, refreshing or juicy but because it's good for hydration and is perfect for a picnic lunch or cookout!
I recently received a sample of the Jolly Rancher Pop-Tart in Watermelon Flavor to try out for testing purposes through Skosay and being that Watermelon is my all time favorite Summer fruit not to mention Jolly Rancher flavor I couldn't wait to literally take a bite out of Summer!
Jolly Rancher Pop Tarts are available for a limited time only and come in these flavors.

May 2017 Pinchme Samples

I've been a Pincher on Pinchme for quite sometime now and have tried out all sorts of products for free ranging from beauty, pet products, household and even snacks.
Pinchme is free and easy to join if you like trying samples before you buy then head to their website now! You will not be disappointed !
To become a Pinchme member or Pincher I might add all you do is sign up, take the shopper survey sharing some information about yourself and they will find the samples that suit you.
Then on Sample Tuesday add samples to your Pinchme box but be sure to look out for an email ahead of time and hurry to log in because they go lightning fast! Then after you've got your samples in the box simply checkout without any credit card required .
When the samples finally arrive try them out and be sure to share thoughts on the products you've sampled!
Here are my latest samples that I received from Pinchme!

Purina One Smart blend True Instinct Grain Free Formula 
Jack couldn't seem to get e…

JERF Just Eat Real Food Bars

It all began with Co-Founders of JERF Bar Sean and Jon who shared a passion for healthy foods but were shocked to find that those so called healthy snacks on the market were anything but.
They were on a mission to create the perfect healthy snack that wasn't only good for you but convenient and tasted good too.
Not long after that they created JERF Food Bar made from plant based ingredients that consumers could feel not only happy about eating but feel great about eating providing your body with nutritional needs.
So called healthy snacks are loaded with genetically modified organisms, toxic food colorings, artificial sweeteners and also hidden ingredients that we can't even pronounce.
Jerf Food Bars are made with
Certified Organic Ingredients Minerals Vitamins Antioxidants Jerf Food Bar is free from
Gluten Dairy Soy Non-GMO
Jerf Food Bars come in these yummy flavors
Cinnamon Raisin Cherry & Seeds Chocolate Coconut When it comes to snacking I look for something that is not only healthy bu…

Frosted CherryJolly Rancher Poptart Skosay Sample

As a kid I shared a love for Poptarts they were the perfect breakfast to wake up to so warm and gooey with the fruity filling along with the icing on top!
My all time favorite hard candy were Jolly Ranchers especially cherry !

Poptarts came up with a brilliant idea creating Jolly Rancher flavored Poptarts.
For a limited time only you can find Jolly Rancher Poptarts in flavors like
Green Apple Frosted Cherry Watermelon I received a sample of the new Jolly Rancher Poptart in Frosted Cherry Flavor and it was like a cherry bomb exploding in my mouth!
Biting into the Frosted Cherry Jolly Rancher Poptart reminded me of the candy bursting with that juicy flavor of cherries but with a fun filled fruity center and frosting for a delightful treat!

I received a free sample of Frosted Cherry Jolly Rancher Poptarts from Skosay which started by Jasoon Kohrig and Justin Urso creating a company for consumers to engage with brands as well as their retailers and in 2015 their sampling program was born!
They r…