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Fair Trade

After coming home from work today I was very surprised to see this mail haul! I am member of Klout where I get to test and keep products. 
Being Fair Trade month I received this box full of wonderful organic snacks and drinks. I love coffee and chocolate. It works great together. 
Since I had coffee already today I tore off the candy wrapper as soon as I saw the Noir chocolate bar. I was hesitant at first to try it. Then I thought hey why not! 
So I did just that and I was shocked on how yummy it was! I loved how it didn't melt and most of all I loved the chocolate taste because it was sweet and not too bitter. I can't wait to try everything else!

Glade Expressions favorite scent!

I am in love with the Pineapple Mangostein Air Diffuer/room spray from the all new Glade Expressions line of products. It smells wonderful!

Chobani's Golden Deliciousness

My favorite fruit is Pineapple,so I figured I would give Chobani's Greek Pineapple yogurt a try. I am so glad that I did! From the first bite I fell in love with it. Ever since then I buy it all of the time! It's not too sweet, not watery and runny, thick,creamy, chunks on pineapple throughout the yogurt and it's not high in fat! It's high in protein for a quick snack after a workout and only 2.5 grams of fat, not bad at all for a healthy and affordable yogurt! I give them an A+!

Free Purex Coupons up for Grabs!

The Winner's have already been selected! I have to admit I've used many detergents in my life but never found one that I loved until now! I'm a Purex Insider and was selected to test this great detergent! I love using new Purex Oxi Clean Detergent. This is a great product because the laundry has never been fresher,cleaner or whiter than before! Fight tough stains with Purex Oxi today! Best thing is you can because I will be giving away a coupon for a free bottle by simply posting my name of the blog, and a short message saying Kelli Bliss sent me for a chance to win a bottle of free Purex Oxi!

BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers

BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers: Thx 4 the free #bicmarkit permanent markers. Enter the 36 Days of Color Sweepstakes NoPurNec,US,18+.Ends11/6/12. *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

Beauty Blogger Vox Box! I

Since I have a Blog and I talk about Beauty Products I was selected for a Beauty Blogger Vox Box from Influenster for testing purposes only. I love this box it came with some great stuff to test! 
I love the smell of the candle especially for this time of the year being Fall and all, it's called Cider Lane. It smells just like Apple Cider. During the Fall/Winter months my skin gets very dry and in the box came some face cream which is great! 
Who hates when their hair is in their face? Now you can pull it back with the all new spin spin from Goody! Having a long day and running out of energy? Try Eboost,all you do is mix it with water and go!
 Eye shadow color not right for you? These shades are perfect from N.Y.C. they aren't too dark or too light and make you look fabulous. Looking to spice up your night on the town? 
Then try these faux eyelashes, to make your eyes stand out! Hair not always styling the way it should,when you want it to? Try Not your mom's kinky moves …

Hooked on Glade

Since I received my coupons for Glade Expressions from Bzzagent I have been hooked! I love the scents, the new design and how they have refills in case you run out! Trust me you will because they smell that great! I often bring one of the cans to work with me!

Wallaby Organic Greek Cherry Yogurt

I have tried many yogurts and some weren't that great. This one right here from Wallaby is one that I love. I chose to try the Cherry Greek style. 
I love how it offers just the right amount of protein for those intense workouts. Not too much sugar or fat in it either! Just 2.5 grams of fat and only 16 grams of sugar! I also love how the fruit filling isn't already inside of the yogurt how others are.
 This one is on the side of the yogurt so you can flip it in or control how much or little of the filling that you want in your yogurt. It's so creamy and delicious! I have to say I will be buying more of these yogurts from Wallaby! 
They are that good! Go try them today. Interested in learning more about them? check out their website!