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Deliciously Healthy Nacheez dairy-free nacho sauce review !

It all began when Love and Joy Foods creator of Nacheez came up with the idea or concocting delicious vegan foods for everyone to enjoy!

Nacheez cheez sauce that's a product that you can use on nachos, broccoli, macaroni, baked potatoes and more is their first product created but not the last!

IIsa Hess creator of Nacheez who had gone vegan for about a year had gotten an urge to have some creamy nacho cheese, but she thought theres no way I'm going back to dairy so she created her very own inside her home kitchen in Auburn.

Linda Middlesworth vegetarian of twelve years and former board member of the Sacramento vegetarian society sat down and had a chat with IIsa and told her in her own words and I quote " you know the animals are still hurt even with dairy and eggs so why aren't you vegan". She thought to herself your right, but what if I decide to have Mexican food what ever am I going to have ?

Going out to eat with vegetarian friends were hard enough, so she …

Planet Rice Review !

Planet Rice is owned and run by LaGrande Family foods where they began on a small family farm in Sacramento Valley California and has grown into a company run by family of five generations that was built to produce the best quality of rice in the world!

The LaGrande family moved to Sacramento Valley in 1924 north of the Sacramento River Delta which is the most fertile agricultural region in the world, due to it's water quality, soil composition and geographical position make it able to grow medium grain and short grained rice known as sticky rice for sushi.

I came across Planet Rice foods online and became interested in not only the company but their products as well and I just had to try them!

I was sent their products in exchange for my honest options for review!

Here are some facts about their products.

Great source of protein
Gluten free

Quinoa Power Blend:

First time I've ever tried quinoa I was hooked! Its fluffy in texture, full of protein and fills you up which…

The YesBar review !

It all began in Laurel Canyon, California by Abigail who created The YesBar due to her younger sons sensitivity to foods although he craved them but she found herself saying no and so she whipped up her own snacks that were in fact healthy and found them in her own kitchen.

She stumbled upon ingredients that were free of gluten, dairy, soy and corn so she started off with seeds and nuts then sweetened them with  maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla bean powder and honey along with coconut butter and dried fruits. She then tossed in chia and hemp seeds for a nutritional boost and she thought why not toss in some chocolate too!

She tested out the recipe for months until she got the consistency that she was looking for but before that her sons, husband who'd take them on his long bike rides loved them and soon enough his buddies wanted them too as well as friends of the family.

Then they went to local stores who fell head over heels in love with the bars so much so they wanted to sell the…

SaveTheUndies with Ubykotex Crowdtap Sampling !

Ladies let's face it that time of the month can be brutal when our period comes around  what with the cramping, moods swings, and not to mention those cravings for sweet or salty foods.

When I was in high school I had the most brutal periods not to be gross or anything but they were really heavy, the pain was almost unbearable at times because I was also very overweight which made it all the more uncomfortable.

All that's changed now but  when I have mine I not only want to be comfortable whether I'm working out or just at home relaxing on the couch lounging in a comfy pair of sweats I also want to be protected with the type of product I use whether it's tampons or pads or even panty liners.

It's a hassle at times to run to the bathroom to see if our so called period protection is keeping us protected from leaks and such especially while we're on the go with our daily busy lives whether at work, the gym, school and other places and last thing we want is a pair…

Vichy Idelia life serum crowdtap sampling !

As a teenager my skin would often break out due to unhealthy eating, not getting enough sleep etc.

When I was that age I didn't really care about my appearance at all and to top it off I was overweight.

Now as an adult I've lost a lot of weight and treat myself every once in awhile to a food that I shouldn't eat which is fried food like fish and chips, pizza or even ice cream! My skin at times will break out but not like what it used to.

Don't you wish that you could still eat the foods you want at times or stay up late and not wake up with bags under your eyes or breakouts?

Now you can with Vichy Idealia life serum!

So what is Vichy Idealia life serum anyways?

Vichy Idealia life serum is a skin serum to moisturize your skin, refine pores, illuminates tone with a more youthful looking complexion!

As a member on Crowdtap I was hand picked for the Vichy Idealia life serum sampling and was sent samples for me and 5 friends to transform our skin in eight days to better fl…

Thinslimfoods Review !

It all began with founder Of Andrew Eckhardt, for over six years he made a brick and mortar diet food store that was lacking come to life into a booming diet food superstore.

He then noticed that there was very little products on the shelves that met the requirements he was looking for such as the low fat products offered way too many carbs that was in poor quality, the diet foods on the market were not appetizing and had a long list of additives, small in serving size and weren't accurate in the nutrition department.

He came to the realization that he wasn't the only one who wanted more from his food.

Andrew then began working with some of the best bakeries available and started crafting foods that fit new requirements and Thinslimfoods was born!

Love the Taste Plain Bread:

Whether toasted, made as French toast or as a sandwich this bread sure is tasty !  For a quick breakfast I popped a piece of the toast in the toaster and then spread on the rest of m…

Honey Stinger Review!

Are you an athlete or on the prowl for a snack that not only tastes good but is made with organic ingredients? Look no further Honey Stinger has you covered with all kinds of products to choose from such as protein bars, energy chews, gels and waffles to meet your needs whether your a biker, surfer, runner, lifter and much more these snacks are made for you!

It all began with Ralph and Luella Gamber in Steamboat Springs Colorado in 1946 which is now the largest honey company in the USA. Bill Gamber Sr. Operates and owns Dutch Gold honey and on the Honey Stinger board, his son  Bill Gamber is the co founder and CEO of Honey Stinger.

Then in 1954 they concocted their very own En-R-G Bar (En for energy R for Ralph and G for Gamber). They wanted a spin on the candy bars that were on the market. They wanted them to not only taste great but be made of all natural ingredients, with Ralph being a beekeeper they had just that, Honey!

In 1957 Luella and Ralph came up with all sorts of packagin…

Sendmeglutenfree subscription box review and giveaway!

With the kids in school now that means after school activities whether it be football, soccer, Girl Scouts and you have little time to yourself between going to work or even heading to the grocery store so you order pizza out and hand them money for school lunch or vending machine at school.
We tend to grab snacks from the vending machines whether we are at work or school because they are quick and convenient, but have you really thought about what's in our food we eat and other products we use such as personal care items?
With sendmeglutenfree you'll receive a box of 8-12 samples of both full size and sample size each month to test of both food, household items, supplements and personal care items for your gluten free or healthy lifestyle sent straight to your door! 
I came across their website through Instagram and had to check them out being that they sounded like a wonderful company that cares about their families, coworkers and consumers as well and created a nifty servi…