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WOW Baking Company

Don't you just love a good cookie that is made from the heart and baked with the finest ingredients?
I don't know about anyone else but I love a good cookie that taste like it just came fresh out of the oven. 
Well these cookies over at WOW have just that!
They are made from all natural ingredients giving the cookies/ brownies the fresh out of the oven taste.
They are also wheat and gluten free too!
Feel like making your own?
They also carry cookie dough that is ready for you to bake and cake mixes!
How awesome and delicious is that!
I know it's amazing right?!
I love how they don't have those added fillers in the ingredients such as artificial flavors, sugars that our bodies just don't need.

White Chocolate Cranberry
This cookie has Christmas written all over it.
 I love the tartness of the cranberries and the sweetness of the white chocolate chips inside every bite.
Super moist and has that homemade taste, you can tell they bake their cookies with love.
All I have to say is th…

Just Fruit

Gorge Delight Fruit Bars (Just Fruit)
These fruit bars are made with 100% fruit for a healthy snack, providing you with nutrients and vitamins that our body needs.
I love how convenient these snacks are. 
Watching what your family consumes for a snack?
Don't worry!
Just Fruit bars contain no added sugar, no preservatives, gluten free, no hidden ingredients and best of all they provide 2 whole servings of fruit for those picky eaters! 
Tons of flavors to choose from!
Apple Cherry
Was on my way out the door to go to work and quickly threw one in my purse for a healthy snack.
As I started getting hungry I grabbed the bar from my bag and peeled off the wrapper.
You know how when you open a wrapper and you can just smell the freshness and just know that it's going to taste good?
First bite I was hooked!
Here is why.
It was just what I needed for a healthy snack.
tasted great.
tasted just like an unhealthy fruity snack too!
Honestly to tell you the truth I don't miss unhealthy snacks any…

Time to Sweat it Out!

Time to Sweat it out in Style with my new active wear jacket from Old Navy thanks to Crowdtap!
So excited to have received this coupon for some free active wear for a friend and I.
Feels so comfortable and love the color.
Losing weight feels great, especially when I can buy great clothing that looks nice and is affordable!

I know it stated Active Wear but when I saw this hooded sweatshirt I couldn't pass it up. Not for only $8!
I love the color and how comfortable it is!
Upon being over weight I was limited to clothing sizes and they just didn't feel right or look right.
Most importantly that has changed!
Never did I ever think I would be down to a size that I am in now.
Still have more to go but it takes time. 
Whoa anyways, trying on clothes now is great and I've found clothing that I look fabulous in.

Bean Fields Chips

Chips made with navy and black beans.
These are chips you don't have to feel bad about eating!
They are all natural, vegan free and gluten free as well!
They are made from beans and taste oh so delicious!
They taste just like any other chips.
I don't miss real chips at all!
They come in many flavors from Nacho Cheese to Sea Salt.
Nacho Cheese- The flavor was phenomenal and tasted just like nachos!
Cheese taste was so delicious!
Not too salty at all.
Loved the crunchiness of the chips. 
Pico De Gallo-
Loved the taste.
Little sweet and spicy just the way I like it!


Great flavor and crunch.

Needed a little extra flavor like salsa or some cheese though.
Sea Salt

Liked the flavor.

Not too salty.

Crispy and great for nachos!

Salt and Pepper

Great taste, a little too peppery but works great with a little bit of melted cheese on top!

So yummy!

Amazing shades of Color

I'm a Bzzagent and got to try this cool new product from Cover girl for free for testing purposes.
I am not really a lip stick wearer but 
some of the shades looked great on me!
Even surprised myself at how amazing a little lip color can do.
The boldest or richest color can make your sexy lips really stand out!
Love how they are blend able shades, meaning 2 shades in one lip stick! 
If you want to get technical it's called a Flip stick!
You can switch between the colors depending on your mood or outfit of the day. 
How awesome is that?
So if you want a color that's not too dark then Vixen (light pink) is the way to go!
If your looking for a more darker pigment then go with the deep red or mocha looking colors!
Each flip stick is sure to please!

Brother's All Natural Review and Giveaway!

The winner is...
Deidre Coffey!

These snacks from Brother's All Natural are designed by two brothers Matt and Travis Betters.
Doesn't contain any nuts, soy, dairy and wheat.
Another great fact is that these snacks are portion controlled and healthy.

Oatmeal: made from Australian oats and freeze dried fruits for flavor

Strawberries and Banana
I chose to go with the Strawberry and Banana oatmeal this morning.
It has bits of freeze dried strawberries and bananas. 
(love freeze dried fruit)
So I read the label and poured the contents into the cup filled it with some water and gave it a stir, with the cutest little spoon that came with it!
Popped it into the microwave.
Took it out and stirred some more because it wasn't thick enough like I like it.
Didn't taste too bad but could of been a bit sweeter.
Popped it into the microwave again thinking it wasn't done yet.
Big mistake!
It poured everywhere into the microwave.
So I ended up getting a half of cup. 
Wasn't too happy with the end …

Grandy Oats

Grandy Oatshas been hand making their own granola since 1979.
They use the finest organic ingredients.
Such as apples, raisins,cranberries in their organic oatmeal with fruit. 
 Grandy Oats also makes
Trail mix and roasted nuts!

Organic Oatmeal with fruit
For breakfast this morning I wanted something quick and easy.
I grabbed the oatmeal and poured in some water, stirred it and popped it in the microwave.
To me it smelled like oatmeal cookies baking!
Took a bite and thought to myself pretty good.
Not too sweet, the fruit gave it a little sweetness to it.
To make the oatmeal cool down a bit I added in some unsweetened Vanilla Milk (Blue Diamond)
Loved how the oatmeal tasted, very good and just what I needed to start the day!

Toasted Coconut Almonds

I am in love with all things coconut.

Whether it's chocolate, coffee or yogurt.

These nuts are made with dark Maine maple syrup, coconut, brown rice flour and of course almonds.

When nibbling on the almonds there is a very light taste of coconut, but th…

Purex Baby

 Readers I want to take the time to talk to you about Purex Baby Detergent.
Do you want a detergent that won't leave your child's skin irritated? 
This one has just that! 
It's Dermatologist  tested and is guaranteed to remove those stubborn stains you just can't get rid of!
Makes your whites whiter and leaves a safe and gentle baby inspired fragrance. 
This detergent right here is outstanding.
The price is affordable and leaves your laundry smelling so fresh and clean looking! 
I know you love the sound of that!
You too can get the chance to try out this wonderful detergent, because it's Giveaway Time! 
Here's how:
Tweet about it on Twitter and Face Book or your own blog
By saying  Kelli Bliss sent me to win a bottle of  #PurexBaby  using the name of my Blog which is
The Winners will get one coupon for a bottle of Purex Baby. 
Good luck everyone!

Healthy Choice Baked

I was part of this opportunity on Crowdtap to try Healthy Choice Baked meals.
I used to eat this stuff all of the time, until I found out it's not all that great for you.
I prefer making my own food to control what goes in it.
I would like to try this to see if it's any different from their other meals, but the coupon isn't printing for some reason.

Mamma Chia

Mamma Chia Drinks
I am never afraid to try a new product whether it's a drink or food. I came across these drinks at Whole Foods last night and bought some to try.
I love learning how products come up with their names. 
Let me talk to you about Mamma Chia first.
What is Mamma Chia?
Mamma Chia is a drink with chia seeds and organic fruit juices in it.
Known fact that chia seeds were prominent in Aztec and Mayan diets in pre-Columbian times also a part of religious ceremonies. 
Chia seeds is one of the healthiest whole foods around!
These drinks are packed with nutrients, fiber, protein and calcium to keep you energized.
So if you are looking to dump the usual energy drinks that are no good for you, try a Mamma Chia today!
They come in a variety of flavors as well!

Coconut Mango- 
My first choice was the Coconut Mango to try because I am a huge fan of coconut products.
When twisting the cap off it smells amazingly delicious.
I took my first sip and was amazed at how good it was.
To m…

Lucy’s Gluten Free Cookies

First off I have to say I love the packaging that these cookies come in because they stand out like any other brand in their cute little boxes that look like boxes of presents!
 Genius idea! 
Do you have a sweet tooth and looking for a treat that’s not only healthy but tastes great too? 
 These Gluten Free cookies have just that! They are Guilt free as well , how awesome is that?! Craving something sweet and guilt free? 
 They are made with the finest ingredients without any peanuts, tree nuts, milk or eggs. 
Chocolate chip-   I was craving something sweet and chocolaty the other night and didn't want to feel guilty afterward. 
 So I grabbed the pouch of Lucy’s Chocolate Chip Cookies with a tall glass of milk and opened the bag up. 
 I reached in and snatched my first cookie and took the very first bite. 
 First thought to myself OH MY GOD! 
 These cookies are amazing! 
 They are sweet, crunchy and really do the trick when your craving something sweet!


I  liked this …

Two Mom's In The Raw Reviews

Almond Butter Cacao Truffles- 
 When it comes to eating healthier I still eat sweets, I am a woman who loves her sweets!
 I was a bit skeptical at first about these truffles, because how can a product that is good for you and made with all natural and raw products taste just as good as one that’s not? 
 Here is how let me tell you!
 These truffles are made with almond butter, agave (taste just like peanut butter only better) 
 Has Dark chocolate and has bits of almonds in them as well. 
 When I first bit into it I was hooked right from the start! It tastes just like a brownie, no joke!
 For those of you who love sweets healthy or not, you sure do need to try these! You sure won’t miss brownies I am telling you! These are so good and healthy too. 
 Pair these delicious treats with some coffee, or eat them just the way they are!
 What I loved about this sweet indulgence is that it’s a great snack that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating afterward.
 Go to your nearest Whole…


I absolutely love this site called Influenster. Anyone who isn't a member should join right away! You unlock badges and get to test out products when invited to a Vox Box, which is a box of wonderful products!

Some of the products I have gotten to try were Soyjoy, Not my Mother's,Bath and Body Works candle and so much more amazing products!

So join today and check out your badge score! It's so much fun unlocking badges and testing out the wonderful products!

Walk Away The Pounds

Are you tired of just walking around the block? With the Winter coming I've got you covered! These DVD's By Leslie Sansone are amazing! Walk Away The Pounds, you do just that walking! It's so easy and each walk is equivalent to a one mile, two mile or three mile walk! You can add in some free weights to get those muscles pumped up too! I love these DVD's, along with exercise regularly and watching what you eat they work. I have noticed a difference in myself not just from these but from being a Curves member and eating right, goodbye shortness of breath and hello hot bod!

Home Free

Even though I am eating healthy and exercising I still love to have something sweet, especially chocolate! I received these in my Healthy Surprise box and was craving chocolate so I grabbed a glass of milk and the cookies.
 Let me tell you, if you love chocolate and are watching your weight, or have any kind of Gluten allergy then these are for you! They are so good, it's unbelievable.
 They are bite sized chocolaty, crunchy cookies and really helps with the sweet craving! They are the best cookies I have had in a long time!